How to Get Shopify for Free? [2024]
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How to Get Shopify for Free?

Last modified: May 29, 2024

How to Get Shopify for Free?
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Who doesn’t love getting free stuff, right? When you get something for free it feels like winning the lottery; you’re on cloud nine. Well, there kind of is a way to get Shopify for free. Shopify offers people who are interested the opportunity to use the site for a three-day free trial. This gives people some time to play around with it and start getting their eCommerce set up so they can see if they like working with Shopify and would like to continue. Sound interesting? Keep reading to see how you can get your free trial and see if Shopify will be what you need to grow and increase your online retail business.

Key Takeaways
Shopify offers a three-day free trial for interested users.
Choosing the right Shopify plan is crucial for scaling your business.
The trial helps determine if Shopify suits your online retail needs.

Are There Any Downsides to Signing Up for the Free Trial?

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During this three-day time period, Shopify lets you try out all of the different plans they have. You can try Shopify Lite, Basic, Advanced, etc, so you can see all of the different features that would be available to you for your business when you use Shopify. This will help you to make a very informed decision once the trial period is over to see if you would like to continue and subscribe. Best of all, if you have not yet subscribed for an active plan you will not need to cancel your account.

How Can I Make the Most of These 3 Days?

To help make sure you get as much out of this trial run as possible here are some thing you can follow:

  • Add a few products to your site so you can see how the products and descriptions would look when your site is live
  • Build a few collections to see how your products look when they are organized
  • Configure and familiarize yourself with your setting page in your Shopify admin
  • Check Shopify payments and any third party payment provider that you’d want to use to see the compatibility
  • Look at the Shopify App and Shopify Theme stores. The Theme store will allow you to choose a theme for your site and the app store offers tons of apps that can help your business thrive
  • Explore the Shopify FAQ page to find answers to common questions and learn more about the platform’s capabilities.
  • Sign up for the Shopify free trial and set up a store to experience the process firsthand.
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Key Considerations for Getting Shopify for Free

Duration of the Free Trial

When considering a free trial, it’s essential to understand its duration. While Shopify typically offers a 3-day free trial, there have been instances of extended trials, especially during special promotions or events. Being aware of the trial’s length helps in planning the store setup and launch effectively.

Limitations of the Free Version

Even though the trial is free, there might be certain limitations. For instance, some features or apps might be restricted, or there could be a cap on the number of orders one can process.

It’s crucial to be aware of these limitations to ensure smooth operations and avoid unexpected roadblocks. You can also explore the option of selling on the Shopify trial version for a limited period to test the platform’s capabilities before committing to a paid plan.

Transition to a Paid Plan

After the trial ends, the store won’t remain active unless transitioned to a paid plan. It’s essential to understand the different plans available, their costs, and the features they offer. This ensures a seamless transition from the free trial to a paid membership without any disruption to the business.

If you’re considering hosting your Shopify store on another web hosting platform or hosting a blog on a separate platform while keeping your store on Shopify, it’s crucial to understand the implications and ensure compatibility.

Why Opt for Getting Shopify for Free

Test the Waters Before Committing

Using Shopify for free allows individuals and businesses to explore the platform’s capabilities without any financial commitment. It’s an opportunity to understand its features, ease of use, and how it aligns with business needs.

Financial Savings for Startups

For startups and new entrepreneurs, every penny counts. By starting with a free version of Shopify, they can save initial costs, which can be invested in other critical areas like product development or marketing.

Flexibility to Experiment

A free trial provides the flexibility to experiment with different store setups, themes, and apps. This experimentation phase can lead to a better understanding of what works best for the business before investing money into the platform.

Build Confidence in the Platform

Using Shopify for free can help build confidence in the platform. By the end of the trial, users will have a clear idea of whether Shopify meets their requirements, ensuring that any subsequent financial investment in the platform is well-informed.

Shopify also offers excellent support during the trial period, allowing you to familiarize yourself with their customer service and technical assistance.

Conclusion: How to Get Shopify for Free?

Are you excited to start your free trial with Shopify? If you are hesitant just remember this trial is completely free and you will be able to see everything Shopify has to offer to help your business succeed.

  • Will I lose my store data after the trial ends?

    No, your store data remains intact even after the trial. However, you’ll need to choose a plan to continue accessing and operating your store.

  • Can I change my store’s theme during the free trial?

    Absolutely! During the trial, you have full access to Shopify’s theme store and can change or customize your theme as you wish.

  • What happens to my online store if I don’t choose a plan after the trial?

    If you don’t select a plan after the trial, your store will be paused. You won’t lose any data, but customers won’t be able to access or purchase from your store.

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