How To Limit Quantity On Shopify [2024]
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How To Limit Quantity On Shopify

Last modified: October 27, 2023

How To Limit Quantity On Shopify
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When you have a store, you can only sell so much. This is known as your stock or inventory. You have to be sure that you don’t oversell this as it can cause significant disruption to your business and upset customers.

You should also be sure that you don’t store too much inventory. Often holding too much stock can cause the stock to degrade over time, and after a certain period, it can become useless. In addition, it costs a lot of money to store a large inventory.

Key Takeaways
Log into your Shopify store using your login credentials.
Click on Products, then Inventory in the Shopify admin.
Add option adjusts current stock, while Set overwrites stock count.
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# Name Image
Stockie Low Stock Alert
Stockie Low Stock Alert
Low Stock ‑ Back in Stock Pro
Low Stock ‑ Back in Stock Pro
EasyStock: Left in Stock badge
EasyStock: Left in Stock badge
STOCK LEVEL inventory quantity
STOCK LEVEL inventory quantity
Scarcity: Low Stock! Countdown
Scarcity: Low Stock! Countdown
Merchbees Low Stock Alert
Merchbees Low Stock Alert
Stock Countdown Timer Bar
Stock Countdown Timer Bar
EasyEcom Inventory Management
EasyEcom Inventory Management
Low Stock & In Stock Notifier
Low Stock & In Stock Notifier
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How To View Product Inventory

When it comes to managing your product inventory, you should know how to view your product inventory.

To see the quantity of stock you have for any product or variant of product, you can look on the inventory page of Shopify. Or you can view this information on the Product page on Shopify. There are some apps that will also show the level of stock on the store, mostly on FOMO apps.

How To Manage Inventory On Shopify

Step 1: Log Into Your Shopify Store

Log into your Shopify store using your login credentials.

Step 2: Inventory Page

Click on the ‘Products’ option in the Shopify admin and then find and click on the ‘Inventory’ option.

Step 3: Set A Quantity

In this section you will find a title that is titled ‘Update Quantity’. This is where you can set the level of stock you have.

There are two options here ‘add and set’.

The add option allows you to add a certain number of products to the current stock level you’ve set in your store. This is a great option when you know the stock level already in your store is accurate and you’ve had a new delivery.

You can also use negative numbers in the ‘add’ option. This allows you to decrease the amount of the stock held in storage. This is good if you have a physical store as well and sell items throughout the day.

The ‘Set’ option is when you write a number in that overwrites the previous number and is the total count that you have. This is a great option for those starting out or who have just done a stock check.

Step 4: Save

Once you’ve added the details into the inventory, you can then press the ‘Save’ option to confirm the changes to your stock levels. Some apps, like those when you want to sell on Amazon as well, will make automatic changes to stock levels as you sell products.

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Why Limiting Quantity is Essential

Balance in Inventory Management

Managing inventory is a balancing act. Too much stock can lead to high storage costs and potential obsolescence. Too little, and you risk missing sales and market share. Setting quantity limits helps strike the right balance.

Preventing Overselling

Limiting quantity ensures you don’t sell more than you have. It prevents overselling and subsequent customer dissatisfaction when you can’t fulfill an order.

Special Promotions and Offers

For special deals or free shipping offers, setting a limit can prevent abuse. It ensures fair distribution and prevents stock depletion from a few bulk orders.


Things to Consider When Limiting Quantity on Shopify

Customer Experience

While limiting quantity can be beneficial for inventory management, consider how it impacts the customer experience. Setting too strict limits might deter bulk buyers or wholesalers.

Product Type and Demand

Not all products require quantity limits. High-demand items or limited-edition products might benefit from limits, while regular stock items might not need them.

Monitoring and Adjustments

Setting a limit isn’t a one-time task. Regularly monitor product performance and adjust limits as needed. Seasonal demand or promotions might require temporary changes.

Pros and Cons of Limiting Quantity on Shopify


  • Inventory Management: Helps in maintaining a balanced inventory, avoiding overstocking or understocking issues.
  • Special Promotions: Ensures that limited-time offers or discounts are not exploited, making promotions more effective.
  • Prevents Overselling: Reduces the risk of selling more than what’s in stock, ensuring order fulfillment and customer satisfaction.


  • Potential Lost Sales: Strict limits might deter bulk buyers or those looking to purchase more than the set limit.
  • Customer Dissatisfaction: Some customers might feel restricted and could look for alternatives where they can buy in bulk.
  • Requires Monitoring: Regular adjustments are needed based on product performance, demand, and other factors.

Conclusion: How To Limit Quantity On Shopify

Make sure your customers stay happy. Always show your customers what stock you have and what is out of stock. Plus, when stock is low, you might convert more visitors into customers.

  • What happens when a customer tries to purchase more than the allowed quantity?

    If a customer tries to purchase more than the set limit, they’ll receive an error message. You can customize this message to inform them of the quantity restrictions.

  • Is there a way to show customers the maximum quantity they can order?

    Yes, you can customize your product page to display the maximum quantity available. This provides clarity to customers and prevents overselling.

  • What should one consider when deciding on the quantity limits?

    Set strategic quantity limits by assessing product demand, audience type, storage costs, and product lifespan. Regularly adjust limits based on performance and demand changes.

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