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How to Protect Your Shopify Store from Hackers

Last modified: May 2, 2023

How to Protect Your Shopify Store from Hackers
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Hacking is unfortunately a major part of the online environment nowadays. There are lots of small businesses that suffer some kind of attack every year. Some research has shown that half of all businesses have some form of attack during the year. Those that suffer a serious breach are unlikely to survive the next 12 months.

There are numerous dangers from having your Shopify store attacked by cybercriminals. Some will change the design, which can be infuriating. This can include your website having all the product data deleted from your website.

While the actual cost to your business isn’t too much, as you can use a backup to protect your data and recover quicker, the biggest problem that you will have is that your website has the customer data stolen.

This is a big threat to your business. Stolen data can harm your reputation with customers and they can leave your brand to go to a competitor. At the same time, authorities can fine you.

So here are some of the things that you need to do to protect your Shopify store from hackers.

Install an App

To help you protect your Shopify store from malicious activities you can add an app that can help you protect your store. One of these is the Ellipsis that can help you protect your store from bot registrations and actions on your website that can open it up to hackers.

The cost of this app is much lower than the costs that can be associated with the recovery from an attack.


Your password can be one of the most important things that can prevent a hacking incident. There are lots of ways that you can create a password for your store. Many browsers and computers can now auto-generate these codes to protect your website. They’re stored locally on your machine to help you remember them. This can be a great way to build a secure password for your website.

Another option is for you to create your own password. But this should not be something that can be associated with you. It should be a random assortment of characters and numbers. You can also include at least one special character.

Never use the same password twice. So never use your Shopify password on your Facebook or Twitter account. And be careful when customers request for their password to be reset. Be sure that they’re legitimate.

IP Blocker

Many attacks do not come from the US. Research has found that about a third of attacks come from China. Therefore, you can use Geo-location apps to block IP addresses in that region. Or you can block customers from accessing your website. To help protect your store further, you can use the apps to only allow traffic to your website that you want to sell to. This can also improve your website’s speed and conversion rate.

There are numerous apps that can help you with this.

Has Shopify been Hacked?

Shopify hacked stories are often cited in news, so the number of times it has happened is low. It would reduce the confidence in the platform. Shopify is a legit company who spends lots of time and efforts to educate online shop owners about how they can secure platform, shopify account and shopify stores with ease.

Final Word: How to Protect Your Shopify Store from Hackers

Protect your Shopify store from hackers by using the three simple tips above. Be sure that you’re wise to security. While Shopify is a good platform for security, nothing is foolproof, so you must ensure that you do your part in protecting your store.

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