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How To Put Products On Sale In Shopify

Last modified: May 13, 2023

How To Put Products On Sale In Shopify
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At some point in your eCommerce career, you will want to have a sale. It is a great way to increase revenues, get rid of stock you no longer want and attract new customers. Most eCommerce stores, from large multinational brands to small one-man brands have sales and some will have the products on sale change weekly.

When you put a product on sale on Shopify, the customer will see not just the sales price, but also the original price. You will also need to have both of these fields entered into the product details, and this is known as the ‘compare at price’.

To help you manage your sales, you can use this app to help.

How To Set A Compare At Price

Use these steps to set a ‘Compare At Price’.

Step 1 – Login

From your store’s login page, sign into your Shopify dashboard using your login credentials.

Step 2 – Products

Go to your ‘Products’ tab and then find the product you want to put on sale. Click on that product to go into the product.

If you want to put a variant on sale, then you will also need to find the variant that you want to put on sale from the ‘Variant’ section.

Step 3 – Pricing

Within the pricing section, set the ‘compare at price’ to the product’s original price. Then you want to enter the ‘Price’ to the sale price you want to sell the product at. When done, click on the ‘Save’ option.

Tips For Having Items On Sale

It is important that while having products on sale is important for business, it isn’t always the wisest choice to have prices too low. Customers are willing to pay a premium for good service. So you might be better of in the long-term from having lots of reviews on your site than relying on low discounted prices for your products.

In addition, regularly changing sales prices will keep customers coming back to your store. Sales should be changed every three to seven days to ensure that customers feel that you’re being responsive and not saying a product is on sale when really it is the full price you want to charge.

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