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How to Reduce Fraud on Shopify

Last modified: December 29, 2021

How to Reduce Fraud on Shopify
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Fraud is one of the biggest issues you’re going to face when you’re selling on Shopify. There are many ways that fraud can appear on your Shopify store. For one, you could get fake orders where you think money has been paid or a customer has made an order and you dispatch the order to them. Then you find out the payment has failed and the customer doesn’t exist.

Or you could face the problem that there is a criminal who uses the details of a legitimate person to make an order and then intercepts the goods to make off with them. These kind of scams and fraud can be really hard. It will cost you emotionally, financially and may even result in your business failing.

There are plenty of ways in which you can prevent your store from being a victim, however. Here are some options on how you can reduce fraud on your Shopify store.

1. Read the Fraud Analysis

The first option is free and provided by Shopify. This is the fraud report. This is a report done on all transactions that are made on Shopify to help you identify risky transactions. Then you can wait to ensure that the payment is made or verify the order from your customer. There are some apps that can help you analyze the fraud report with more accuracy to make it easier to find possible bad orders.

2. Fraud Apps

Some apps can help you detect and protect yourself from fraud. These apps are easy to use and can use many different indicators about the purchase to determine what the problem might be. These apps can also take different action. They can cancel any orders that look fraudulent or they can highlight orders that look problematic.

Fraud apps also run in different ways with some of them having orders manually checked by operators and others using automation to check orders. Therefore, it is up to your preference for how you protect your store.

3. Address Verification

Another option is to have address verification of buyers. Address verification is not foolproof, but it can protect your website from fraud from simple scams.

4. Order Verification

Another option is to have order verification options. These are when the customer might receive a text or email that requests their confirmation of the order. If they don’t enter the right code or submit their acknowledgment within a set period of time the order is held until they do or it’s canceled. There are lots of order verification apps that you can use to help you protect your store from fraud.

Final Word: How to Reduce Fraud on Shopify

It is easy to reduce fraud on your Shopify store. By using one or two of the options above you can prevent yourself from being a victim of fraud on Shopify. This will protect your profits and business and allow you to sell with confidence.

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