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How to Retain Customers on Shopify

Last modified: December 2, 2021

How to Retain Customers on Shopify
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If you’re looking to grow sales, your best option is to retain your current list of customers. This is a sure way to improve sales for a far lower cost. In this article, we look at ways that you can retain customers so you can grow your business.

Why Retain Customers

Often marketing is about attracting new audiences and selling to new customers. This is a good option and a worthy option to grow your business. However, it is also costly. The cost of attracting and selling to new customers is much higher than selling to those who are already with your business. Research has shown that as much as a 1/3 of the cost can be eliminated when converting existing customers.

In addition, existing customers are more likely to spend more on your store. So the cart value goes up, the costs go down and you make more money.

However, there aren’t as many articles available that allow you to find out how to retain your current set of customers. There is a general assumption that you will just do this naturally with good business ethics. The problem is that in some niches, there is a lot of competition and some competitors might market at just the right point to poach your customers away.

So you need to retain loyalty and then ensure you’re retaining customers.

Delivery on Promises

Businesses need to deliver on promises that they make to customers. If you say that you’re going to deliver a product within 3 days, be sure that you do that. If you can, deliver it within two days and delight the customer.

If you can’t make a promise, then it shouldn’t be included in your marketing.

Build a Loyalty Scheme

Whether you offer customers who return to you a regular discount, points they can use on future purchases or something else, you should always look at building a loyalty scheme. Loyalty schemes are very easy to build on Shopify. Here are some apps to choose from that you can use to help you.

Use Email

Email marketing is one of the best ways to keep in contact with customers and be sure that you are selling to them. Email marketing is non-intrusive, cost-effective and trackable. When customers purchase on your website, you should encourage them to subscribe to your mailing list.

Then you should send emails about two or three times per week to get the customer to keep you in their minds. But don’t send too many emails, this can get customers to unsubscribe.

Final Word: How to Retain Customers on Shopify

You should look to retain customers on Shopify regularly. Regular customers are those that are going to cost you less, spend more with you and be more likely to leave positive reviews. Regular customers can also be a way to market, with word of mouth one of the most effective ways to increase sales on your website with new customers as well. So start your customer retention program and see the benefits to you.

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