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The 11 Best Shopify Dashboard Apps

Last modified: April 25, 2021

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When it comes to managing your Shopify website, data is the most important asset you can have. There are several different ways that you can collect and show this data on your website, but one of the ways that this can be done is with one of the best Shopify dashboard apps.

What can the Shopify Dashboard Apps Show?

There’s plenty of data that can be shown for your Shopify store. Some of this data can help you with conversions or improving profitability on your store. Other data can help you decide which products need better promotion or different price points. All of this data needs to be showcased within a dashboard for better analysis and access to your website.

A dashboard can show all kinds of data from your marketing results, budgeting and even at which stage of the process orders are. In addition, Shopify dashboard apps can be used to showcase user behaviors on your website with ease.

To help you improve your website’s performance, you can also use a dashboard as a way to control many aspects of your website. For instance, it can be used to mark orders as completed or add additional notes that are easy to see.

Therefore, any of the numerous Shopify dashboard apps can offer your business improved productivity and cost-effectiveness. So, what are the best apps to consider: here is a list of the potential options.

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The Canary Sings

The Canary Sings

This is a free app that can help you improve the profitability of your Shopify store. The app will collect data from across your Shopify, Facebook and Oberlo accounts to provide you with a real-time overview of your website within a dashboard that can give you more details about the health of your business.

The app works by giving you a numerical representation of the profitability of your website. This can be changed during the day and is renewed all the time. The app allows you to set a minimum clear point where any more orders for the day allows you to build your profits for the store.

The Canary Sings Highlights:

  • A free app that is great for those that are on a tight budget.
  • Can collect information from Shopify, Facebook and Oberlo.
  • Allows you to see at what point you’re profitable on a day.
  • Can reset the number.

Better Uptime ‑ Web Monitoring

Better Uptime ‑ Web Monitoring

This app isn’t about finding the profitability of your website but rather it is more about ensuring your website is up. This app monitors your website and will tell you whenever your site is down. It has a free plan that allows you to have voice call alerts if your website goes down and there are checks every 30 seconds to ensure your site is active. And there’s incident management that can help you get your website come back up quicker, therefore, you won’t lose too much money from your website being down.

The app will also send you a screenshot whenever your website is down with the error logs. You will also get an event timeline to ensure that you know what happened and for how long.

Better Uptime ‑ Web Monitoring Highlights:

  • Improves your website’s uptime monitoring.
  • Tells you when your website is offline.
  • A free app.
  • Can show you what happened and when.

Final Word: The 11 Best Shopify Dashboard Apps

If you want to improve your website’s profitability, then you should be using one of the best Shopify dashboard apps. Above are the top 11 apps that you can use, which one you use will be dependent on you.

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