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Top 10 Shopify Fraud Protection Apps – [2023]

Last modified: May 13, 2023

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When it comes to online selling, there is nothing more worrying than fraud. There are many ways that fraud can happen. For one, you can have someone steal another’s identity and then claim items from you that are paid by a victim. Or, there can be return fraud that can claim refunds from you without returning items. To help prevent this from happening to your store, you need to have one of the many Shopify fraud protection apps available.

What Can Shopify Fraud Protection Apps Do For Your Business?

The cost of fraud isn’t just the cost of the goods. There are other charges that are made when a criminal targets your business in fraud. Staff time, processing fees and other charges have to be included. Therefore, it is often found that every dollar of a fraudulent order will cost your business about three dollars.

Shopify fraud protection apps will help lower that cost by preventing the fraud and possible hacking attempts in the first place. They can do that by identifying addresses that are wrong, identifying when payment details might be stolen and other things that can help protect your store.

There are significant benefits of being on top of fraud for your business, besides saving money. The first is your reputation. Customers who know you take security seriously will begin to trust you more and this can lead into more sales and better reputation all around. It can also be easier for insurance quotes. If you’re protected and you have no claims in the past several years, business insurance might decrease.

So, with this in mind, what are the best Shopify fraud prevention apps available?

Filter between free and paid

FraudBlock Fraud Prevention

FraudBlock Fraud Prevention

This app allows you to automatically cancel high-risk orders made on your site. The app can then send a notification to customers about the cancellation if you want. The app will also restock the inventory, refund/void a customer’s payment and save you time.

The app checks all orders made on your site through Shopify’s fraud analysis. If the order has been deemed high risk, then the order is automatically canceled and other actions taken. There is a free and a premium level of this app. The free plan is perfect for those who are on 30 orders or less per month. If you have a larger number of orders, then you will need to upgrade your plan.

FraudBlock Fraud Prevention Highlights:

  • Automatically checks and cancels fraudulent orders.
  • Works with Shopify’s fraud analysis.
  • Will restock your store for you.
  • There is a free plan for those brands with fewer than 30 orders per month.

Fraud Filter

Fraud Filter

The fraud filter can help add layers of protection to your store to help fight fraud and avoid chargebacks. The apps simple rule-based functionality allows you to set up easy warnings for any suspicious orders and can block orders completely.

You create a series of rules based on order details that you suspect might be suspicious. You can select whether orders that match these rules are blocked or reviewed by you. Once integrated into your store’s admin, the app will then check every order that is about to be placed onto your store against these rules you’ve set and determine whether or not action needs to be taken.

When action is taken, you’ll be able to see what filter triggered the action. So, for instance, if you have three filters like if the number of products is so high, if two certain products are added in at the same time and value of the order is at a certain level and you have an order match one of those, you’ll be able to see which of those triggers was activated. They don’t all need to be activated at the same time.

Adding a new filter is very easy. You can click on a more actions menu that allows you to create the fraud rule with ease. You can also edit or delete any rule at any time.

Fraud Filter Highlights:

  • Set a series of rules to identify potentially fraudulent activity.
  • Can set rules based on products, value of order, country of buyer, etc..
  • Can add, edit or delete rules with ease.
  • A free app.

FraudLabs Pro Fraud Prevention

FraudLabs Pro Fraud Prevention

This app allows you to protect your brand from fraud through various different means and technologies. There is a free option with this app and it applies to store that have less than 500 transactions per month. There is no upfront credit card information required for this, so you can be sure to protect your store for a low cost if you’re starting out or a low-volume store.

The app is easy to setup. It takes just minutes and all that is needed is the app and the API key to make it work. The actual app works by analyzing orders, looking for potential problems with the order and then scoring all orders. This can include IP address geolocation and proxy validation, email address validation, device transaction validation, transaction velocity validation and more that can help you build a reliable trust in orders. There is also a blacklist where orders are checked to see whether any details match a blacklist.

When a fraudulent order has been found, you get an email notification where you can take action. Alternatively, you can get a mobile app notification of the fraudulent activity.

FraudLabs Pro Fraud Prevention Highlights:

  • Checks against a wide range of data sources for fraudulent activity.
  • Can set custom rules.
  • Get instant notifications of fraudulent activities.
  • Free if you have less than 500 orders per month.

Final Word: Top 10 Shopify Fraud Protection Apps

Protecting your store from fraudulent behaviors is very important. There are numerous ways to do this and all of these have been covered in the list of Shopify fraud protection apps above. Which app will you choose to protect your revenues, reputation and brand? Let us know in the comments.

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