10 Best Shopify Edit Order Apps - [2024]
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10 Best Shopify Edit Order Apps – [2024]

Last modified: November 21, 2023

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# Image Name
Edit Order by Cleverific
Edit Order by Cleverific
Edit Orders ‑ Cart Pencil
Edit Orders ‑ Cart Pencil
Order Merger | Combine orders
Order Merger | Combine orders
Parachute by Cleverific
Parachute by Cleverific
OrderEase: Edit‑Cancel‑Reorder
OrderEase: Edit‑Cancel‑Reorder
Exportible ‑ Order Export
Exportible ‑ Order Export
Orderhive Inventory
Orderhive Inventory
Ordersify: Order Exporter
Ordersify: Order Exporter
Magic Order Lookup
Magic Order Lookup
Lopster ‑ Edit order by .Brick
Lopster ‑ Edit order by .Brick
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When a customer places an order, that’s it, isn’t it? Well, sometimes customers change their minds and you, or they, might want to edit the order. This can be challenging with the current Shopify system. You probably would need to cancel the first order and then place a new order. Or you could have to issue a partial refund and then offer them the new product on a new order. This can be time-consuming. Luckily there are some Shopify edit order apps that can help you avoid this mess.

What can Shopify Edit Order Apps Help your Store with?

Shopify edit order apps are great for helping you manage orders across your store when customers have made a mistake or want to merge orders. This can happen in one of two ways. The first is that you can go into the order and make the necessary changes. Another is that the customer can make changes to the order.

Allowing this process makes your brand more flexible and customers will appreciate it. It can also help you build strong customer relationships.

You can also make changes to other elements of the customer order. For instance, if a customer has entered the wrong address, telephone number, or delivery date then you can use some of the apps below to make those changes.

Key Takeaways
Shopify edit order apps allow changes to orders post-purchase, enhancing customer flexibility and satisfaction.
These apps enable modifications like merging orders, changing addresses, or adjusting delivery dates.
The apps offer features like secure payment options for additional charges and detailed order tracking.


Shopify Edit Order Apps – Here’s our List:

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Orderhive Inventory

Orderhive Inventory

Orderhive allows you to automate your inventory, order and shipping by integrating your Shopify store with Orderhive. This app will import all your products, orders, and customers from your Shopify dashboard within seconds of signing up. And you can get all your sales across all channels integrated into one place, allowing you to manage it all at once.

Once in Orderhive there are lots of things that can be done. For instance, there is autofulfillment, auto inventory updates across sales channels, shipping labels and more.

In addition, you will have the power to make changes to orders as you need to. For instance you can create and manage wholesale orders through the commerce portal. You can also assign dropshippers and assign orders for them to complete. You can also track parcels with more than 300 shippers across the world.

Everything you need is included with this app that allow you to build a successful, automated business that gives you more time to sell on other channels. And you can reduce errors and avoid scenarios that are going to cost your business in the future.

Orderhive Inventory Highlights:

  • A free app that can help you connect all your sales channels into one neat interface.
  • Can manage dropshipping as well as other business models.
  • Create product bundles and manage the inventory for all products with ease.
  • Edit orders.

Ordersify: Order Exporter

Ordersify: Order Exporter

If you want to make changes to your orders manually, or process your orders automated, then you might need to export orders. Ordersify is a simple way that you can export orders to a file and then make changes there. You can also import the orders back into Shopify to make the changes.

You can customize the template fully and create the ideal style for your business. There are lots of features with the drag and drop builder that helps you do this. You can also export your orders on an hourly or daily basis.

Ordersify: Order Exporter Highlights:

  • Allows you to quickly export orders on an hourly or daily basis.
  • Can edit orders once exported.
  • Can be used to automate certain processes of your business.
  • Not ideal, but a free app so good for those who are on a budget.
Keep Reading

Enhancing Order Management on Shopify

Streamlining Order Processes

Managing orders efficiently is crucial for any Shopify store. Streamlining order processes not only saves time but also enhances customer satisfaction.

By leveraging the right Shopify edit order apps, store owners can significantly reduce the time spent on order processing and management.

These apps offer functionalities like order modification, cancellation, and reordering, which are essential for smooth operations.

Key Features of Edit Order Apps

The key features of these apps include customer self-service options, allowing customers to make changes to their orders with ease.

This feature is particularly useful as it reduces the workload on customer support.

Additionally, intuitive user interfaces and flexible editing options make these apps user-friendly and adaptable to various business needs.

Features like order merging and automated notifications further streamline the order management process.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Cost-effectiveness is a critical factor when choosing an edit order app.

Many of these apps offer free trials and affordable monthly plans, making them accessible to businesses of all sizes.

By selecting the right app, Shopify store owners can manage their orders more efficiently without incurring significant expenses.

Optimizing Customer Experience with Shopify Edit Order Apps

Improving Customer Self-Service

Enhancing the customer experience is vital for any online store.

Edit order apps contribute significantly to this by providing customers with the autonomy to manage their orders.

This self-service capability not only improves customer satisfaction but also reduces the burden on customer support teams.

Advanced Editing and Automation

Advanced order editing and automation are other critical features of these apps.

They allow for multiple changes to orders, including shipping charges, billing and shipping addresses, and line item properties.

Automation features like AI algorithms for gift with purchase information and bundle SKU expansions add to the efficiency of order management.

Comprehensive Customer Support

Providing comprehensive customer support is essential for any Shopify store.

Edit order apps often include features like sending payment requests and abandoned cart notifications, which enhance the overall customer experience.

Additionally, some apps are planning to introduce customer self-service features, which will further empower customers and streamline operations.

Conclusion: 10 Best Shopify Edit Order Apps

Not every order is going to be completed right the first time. Customers might need to make changes to the order they’ve made. The apps above can help you with that. Some allow the customers to make the changes, some need your interaction and others require a lot of work. Whichever of the Shopify edit order apps you use, be sure that it matches your needs. So, which of the list will you use?

  • Are there any security concerns with using Shopify edit order apps?

    Top Shopify edit order apps prioritize security with robust measures, including encryption and secure API connections. Always review the app’s security policy to ensure compliance with your store’s privacy standards.

  • How do Shopify edit order apps handle changes in order pricing?

    These apps typically allow for adjustments in order pricing, including adding additional charges or issuing partial refunds, and they often facilitate sending updated invoices to customers.

  • Are there any limitations on the types of edits that can be made with Shopify edit order apps?

    While Shopify edit order apps are versatile, they may have limitations, such as restrictions on editing completed or shipped orders, depending on the specific app and Shopify’s own platform rules.

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