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Top 10 Shopify Low Stock Alert Apps – [2023]

Last modified: April 23, 2023

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Low stock for an eCommerce business can be a significant problem. At a certain point it creates a sense of FOMO, this is where the customer worries they won’t be able to buy the product later and so complete the transaction. However, in the long term it can also create problems when popular products aren’t available and so customers abandon your store for a competitor who has the product in stock. This is why you should continuously keep your inventory levels stable, that is why you need one of the Shopify low stock alert apps.

What Can Shopify Low Stock Alert Apps Do?

Shopify low stock alert apps will help you to maintain consistent and good levels of stock that allows your store to continuously sell online. Some apps can help you make purchase orders so that stock is reordered for you, making the process automated, saving you time and money.

Some apps will also predict how long you have until you will not have any no stock, based on consumer behaviour. Then using data it can predict when you need to order more stock to ensure that it arrives just in time. This can be vital for stores with limited storage space and goes with the just in time methodology.

Other apps might able to push low stock items to lower on the collections page or push them to the top, depending on your specific needs. There are numerous Shopify low stock alert apps that can be used on your store, here are some of the best.

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Final Word: Top 10 Shopify Low Stock Alert Apps

One of the biggest disasters when it comes to eCommerce is that you don’t have the stock to sell. No stock, no sales. That is why it is useful to use one of the Shopify low stock alert apps on your store to help you manage your inventory. These will save you time and ensure you can continue to sell to customers. The choice of which app you install is up to you.

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