Shopify Name Generator [Sep, 2023]
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Shopify Name Generator [Sep, 2023]

Last modified: September 3, 2023

Shopify Name Generator [Sep, 2023]
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Starting a new eCommerce store is going to be an exciting time for you. You’ll need to maximize your chance of success because many new businesses fail. You’ll need a clear strategy to make sure you have the greatest chance of success.

You’ll need to decide on what type of eCommerce store you want to run and the type of products you want to sell. Do you have any expertise you can utilize? There are lots of options for Shopify stores. Perhaps you plan to create your products and be closely involved in all aspects such as logistics. You might wish to have minimal involvement with products, such as dropshipping. You might produce your own artwork and wish to set up a shop selling products from a print-on-demand supplier with your designs on.

To make a lasting impression on customers, your Shopify store's branding should be both visually appealing and memorable.. You can use the Shopify name generator to help you come up with lots of great, memorable names for your brand. In this article, we go through some steps including the use of the Shopify name generator and some tips to help you come up with an original name.

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Why Use a Shopify Name Generator?

There are lots of great reasons for using a Shopify business name generator like the previous link which is our very own sister site. Your name is what is going to give the first impression to your audience. A catchy name will help you be remembered and make it easier for previous customers to return to your brand. It will also help with word-of-mouth marketing as an easy-to-pronounce and easy-to-remember name will mean that happy customers are more likely to pass on information about your brand to other potential customers.

If you’re just an online eCommerce store without a local presence, it’s important to rank well and compete with all the other Shopify stores out there. So getting your branding and marketing right can make or break your Shopify store.

You’re also going to want to choose a name that works well on social media and other marketplaces. It can take potential customers between five to twelve interactions with your brand before they make an order so you need to be visible in a wide range of places.

You’re likely to be working closely with suppliers and logistics companies so you will need to make sure your Shopify store name sounds professional.

It’s also a requirement that you register your brand on state business registers and this is a legal requirement in some states. You cannot register a business name that is the same as another so you will need to have an original name for your Shopify store. You also don’t want to risk legal action from a brand with the same or similar name.

A name generator can help you work through the process methodically which can save you time. It will also help you make sure you go through all the necessary checks to give you the best chance of coming up with a great, original name.

Tips for Choosing a Great Shopify Name

Shopify name generator

Below are some tips to help you choose an original name for your new Shopify store to help you connect with investors, customers, and suppliers.

Tip 1 – Your name needs to be unique

As mentioned above your Shopify store name must be unique. This is so you can register with US state business registers for the states you wish to operate in. You’ll also want to have the best chance of ranking well on Google and other search engines and this is going to be an easier task if you are not competing with an established brand with a similar name. You also don’t want to compete with another brand on social media or have any legal complications from another brand.

Ideally, you’re looking for your brand to become well-known and have longevity. You’ll want a unique name for your store to give you the best chance of achieving this but you’re also going to need a great business strategy for your store. This includes great marketing, good products, and happy customers!

Tip 2 – Think about the Future

You’ll need to choose a name for your Shopify store that will enable you to expand in the future. You’re going to need to make sure your name identifies what you sell but also enables you to expand your offerings in the future. A great example of this would be starting as a camping store and choosing a name like Benny’s Camping Supplies. In the future, you might decide to also sell outdoor activity and sports items from your Shopify eCommerce store, so a name like Outdoor Adventure Supplies might be more useful for future expansion.

This is something you’ll have to give some thought to because it’s a balance to keep your options open but not limit your future as you don’t want to get advertising that you sell more than you do currently.

Tip 3 – Consider a Short Name for your Shopify Store

A short name will help it be more memorable. Consider Pepsi and Nike for example. If you have a few words you’d like to use as your name you could always consider using the first initials of the words to make a name, like KFC.

Tip 4 – Ensure Social Media Accounts are Available

You’ll need to do well on social media for a successful Shopify store. You’ll want to make sure you’re growing your following and producing great contact to attract followers and retain your current ones. Social media is a great way to keep past customers in contact with your store.

So you’ll need to make sure you have secured a wide range of social media accounts so you can reach a wide audience.

Tip 5 – Ensure the Domain is Available

You’ll need to make sure that any names you are considering are available as domain names with all the extensions. Don’t be tempted to go with a name that only has an obscure domain available with it, you need to make sure you get a well-known domain, like .com or .org so you look professional.

Another aspect to consider is that some people purchase a domain and just never get going with their business and they sit on the domain so this is one of the reasons why it’s important to use a free domain name checker to choose your domain name to make sure that the name you would like to use for your Shopify store is available. Some people also buy up domain names to sell on as well.

Domain checkers are free to use and straightforward to use too. You can also use the domain checker on the Shopify name generator for any names you generate that you would like to consider using.

How to Produce a Great Brand Identity Using the Shopify Name Generator

Shopify name generator

You can use the Shopify name generator to help you come up with lots of new name ideas for your new Shopify store. You can take as little or as much time over this as you would like.

Step 1 – Create a List of Important Words

First of all, you should come up with as many words as you can that describe your USP, unique selling point. These words should describe what makes you special, and what makes your store stand out from others. These words might describe the products you sell, your ethics, or even just something personal, like your name. You can use a keyword checker to get some ideas, these are free online tools to use. This should be quite a long list to give you plenty of options.

Step 2 – Reduce the List to the Best Options

Now you should get this list down to the best ten words that you think would work well as part of your brand name. You might want to ask friends and family what they think.

Step 3 – Add your Names to the Shopify Name Generator

You can now add the words on your shortlist one at a time into the Shopify name generator. This is a free tool to help you come up with lots of name ideas. Here are some of the kind of names that you can get.

impressive Online Store definite Online Store
ripe Online Store empty Online Store
costly Online Store joint Online Store
distinct Online Store emotional Online Store
thirsty Online Store provincial Online Store
elegant Online Store quick Online Store
ministerial Online Customer Store required Online Customer Store
smart Online Customer Store attractive Online Customer Store
favourite Online Customer Store thoughtless Online Customer Store
managing Online Customer Store invisible Online Customer Store
inland Online Customer Store eager Online Customer Store
wild Online Customer Store anxious Online Customer Store


Shopify Name Generator

Shopify name generator

Now you can try the Shopify name generator yourself. This is a free tool that is easy to use. Each time you click on the ‘Generate’ button, you get a list of new names to consider. Collate the names in a list to go through later. You can even click on any names you like to see if the domain is available.

Step 4 – Reduce Your List Down

Now you will have lots of potential names for your Shopify store. Go through the list and cross off any that don’t match your store. You need to get this list down to about ten to twenty options. Don’t be tempted to just pick one or two names that you like, they may already be taken and there are lots of checks still to do to make sure the name you choose for your Shopify store is original and not already in use as an established brand.

Step 5 - Business Name Search

For the names on the list, you will need to check to make sure they are not already registered with US state business registers. You will need to do this for every state you wish to operate in. You might also wish to register as an LLC as this provides additional protection and benefits.

Step 6 – Check for Use by Other Brands

You should do an initial check on Google to make sure the names left on your list aren’t already a brand both in the US and worldwide. You will want as little competition on search engines as possible so a completely unique name option is a really good way to get your business off to a good start.

Step 7 – Check Social Media

Make sure the names left on your list have not already been secured as a brand on any social media platform. It is quite possible for a brand to be established without a website so don’t assume that a name is available just because you haven’t found it on Google. Also, don’t be tempted to use a name if a company a[[ears to have stopped trading. Many businesses don’t keep up with their social media schedules, but it does not necessarily mean they aren’t active brands.

Step 8 – Check Domain Name Status

It’s important to make sure the domains are available for any of the names left on your list. You’ll need to make sure you can secure a standard extension and also purchase other extensions to redirect to your main store. Make sure your name isn’t similar to other stores as a typo could send them to a competitor.

There is a domain checker that is free to use on the Shopify name generator so you can check the domain availability of any names that you generate. Other domain name checkers are available and they are free to us as well.

Step 9 – Choose your Name!

Now is the most exciting part, you can now choose the name for your Shopify store. You should have a smaller number of name options on your list. You might have a clear winner, or if you are unsure, then you can ask colleagues, friends, and family what they think about your potential name options.

Step 10 – Register Your Shopify Name Everywhere

You should now register your Shopify name everywhere. Register your domain, on social media, US business registers, etc. Don’t delay at this point, register everywhere all at once.

Shopify name generator

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Final Word: Shopify Name Generator

The steps above will help you use the Shopify name generator to come up with an original name that is memorable and catchy. You can take as little time or as long as you like over the process but with some due diligence and careful checks, you can come up with the ideal name for your Shopify store. Good luck with your new venture!

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