13 Best Shopify Return Apps [2024]
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13 Best Shopify Return Apps [2024]

Last modified: December 5, 2023

Shopify Return Apps
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# Image Name
AfterShip Returns Center
AfterShip Returns Center
Rich Returns
Rich Returns
Return Rabbit: Easy, Automated Returns
Return Rabbit: Easy, Automated Returns
Return Prime
Return Prime
ShippyPro - Labels and Returns
ShippyPro - Labels and Returns
Automated RMAs and Returns
Automated RMAs and Returns
Returnly: Returns & Exchanges
Returnly: Returns & Exchanges
Igloo Free Returns Protection
Igloo Free Returns Protection
Clicksit Return Center
Clicksit Return Center
Cricket Returns
Cricket Returns
ZigZag Global
ZigZag Global
Bold Returns
Bold Returns
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Customers like to know that if there is a problem with their order they can return the items. In some countries, like the UK, customers have the right to return items bought online up to 14 days after purchase, even if it is just because they’ve changed their mind. Rights for customers across the US can vary between states, but generally, customers can have up to three months to return goods if they are unworn, unused, and in good condition.

The easier it is for your customers to return unwanted products or exchange products, the more likely they are going to convert on your website. A key aspect of this is for the customer not to have to go through live chat or a complicated email system in order to book, or arrange, a return. Therefore, you need to use one of the Shopify return apps to meet this demand.

What To Look For In The Shopify Return Apps

You want to make sure that the Shopify return apps you’re choosing from don’t slow down your website, as this can negatively impact your SEO. In addition, you need to make sure that the customer experience is better than using other means of communicating with you.

In addition to helping you make it easier for customers to return items, you’re improving the trust between you and your customers. This can help improve order values and frequency of the number of orders placed by customers.

Key Takeaways
Customers appreciate easy and hassle-free return processes, enhancing their shopping experience and loyalty.
Ensure your return app doesn’t slow down your website, as site speed impacts SEO and user experience.
Implementing efficient return apps builds trust, potentially increasing order values and purchase frequency.

Best Shopify Return Apps – Here’s Our List:

Filter between free and paid

Igloo Free Returns Protection - Inactive

Igloo Free Returns Protection

Offer returns for your products with a great, low cost option. The app is free to install on your website. What this app does is that it acts as insurance. Customers can choose to have free returns protection by adding an insurance amount to their cart total, of about 1-3% of the product value. Then, if they want to return an item, everything has been repaid.

This solution that allows you manage returns can claims on different platforms. This makes the whole process easier and hassle-free for both you and the customer. This app is specifically for those retailers who operate domestically within Signapore. However, those who are outside can actually get a customized solution and there are plans for an international solution soon.

This solution is great because it allows the customer to choose whether they want to have free returns protection for a small fee. If they don’t it can lower costs of the order. However, what it allows you to do is to reduce overall costs for the customer as you don’t have to be calculate those average costs and add them to product prices. Therefore, your costs can be more competitive.
The returns have to be submitted through their platform.

Igloo Free Returns Protection Highlights:

  • Reduce the costs of your products by not having to include costs for returns into your product price over numerous sales.
  • Customers can choose whether they want to have free returns shipping protection.
  • Easy for the customer to organize and you to manage.
  • A great system that is going international.

Clicksit Return Center - Inactive

Clicksit Return Center

This is a completely free Shopify return app for your store. It offers you to process returns through the CollectPlus system in the UK. So if you’re not based in the UK, this isn’t an app for you. For those in the country, it is an excellent app to effectively manage the returns process, without having to do too much work.

Customers will use the self-service app to process returns. Then they can drop off returns at any of the CollectPlus return stations and then they will be collected automatically. You only get charged for the returns that are processed.

In addition, you can track all returns that have been processed and email the tracking code to customers, so they can be reassured that the return is being processed.

Clicksit Return Center Highlights:

  • A free Shopify return app that works great for UK based shippers.
  • Only get charged when there is a return, and that is to CollectPlus.
  • Track all returns and send tracking information to customers.
  • Use standardized returns policy, customize or use your own.

ZigZag Global - Inactive

ZigZag Global

Another app that only works with retailers in the UK, this app does allow for those in their service area to manage returns with a global audience. The platform connects retailers to a global network of over 220 warehouses, 100 carrier services, 26 marketplaces and more than 130 countries. This is all done from a single point of interaction.

The software uses complex systems to calculate the most cost effective way for retailers to bring back products from customers.

ZigZag Global Highlights:

  • Helps to save costs on returns.
  • Speeds up the returns process.
  • Works in 130 countries.
  • Uses over 100 carrier services.
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Key Features of Shopify Return Apps

Seamless Integration

Shopify return apps are known for their seamless integration with online stores. They effortlessly sync with the existing setup, ensuring that the return and exchange processes are streamlined.

The integration is designed to be user-friendly, requiring minimal technical knowledge, and offers a cohesive experience for both merchants and customers.

Automated Return Processing

One of the standout features of these apps is automated return processing. This automation facilitates a quick and efficient way to manage and process returns.

Customers can easily initiate return requests, and the system automatically validates and processes these requests, reducing the need for manual intervention and speeding up the entire process.

Customizable Return Policies

Flexibility in crafting return policies is another essential feature. Merchants can customize return policies to fit the specific needs of their products and customers.

This customization ensures that the policies are not only compliant with legal requirements but also aligned with the brand’s values and customer expectations, striking a balance between flexibility and control.

Data Analytics and Insights

Data analytics is integral in optimizing the return process. Shopify return apps provide detailed insights into return trends, patterns, and behaviors.

Merchants can analyze this data to identify areas for improvement, optimize return policies, and enhance the overall customer experience, leading to increased customer retention and reduced return rates.

Customer Communication

Effective communication is at the core of a positive return experience. These apps facilitate timely and transparent communication with customers throughout the return process.

Automated notifications, status updates, and easy access to support ensure that customers are informed and engaged, leading to increased satisfaction and trust.

Benefits of Using Shopify Return Apps

Enhanced Customer Experience

Shopify return apps play a crucial role in enhancing the customer experience. By streamlining the return and exchange processes, customers enjoy a hassle-free, intuitive, and quick return experience.

The ease of initiating returns and the transparency in the process significantly boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency is markedly improved with the automation features of these apps. They minimize the manual tasks involved in processing returns, reducing errors and saving time.

The automation ensures that return requests are handled promptly, refunds or exchanges are processed quickly, and inventory is updated in real time.

Customized Return Solutions

The ability to customize return policies and processes to fit specific business needs is another significant benefit. It allows for the creation of dynamic and flexible return solutions that cater to a variety of products and customer preferences.

This adaptability ensures that the return process is both efficient and customer-centric.

Data-Driven Decisions

With the analytics and insights provided by Shopify return apps, businesses can make data-driven decisions to optimize their return policies and processes.

The detailed data on return trends and patterns is instrumental in identifying areas for improvement, enhancing customer service, and reducing return rates.

Cost Reduction

By automating and optimizing the return process, these apps contribute to a reduction in the operational costs associated with handling returns.

The efficiency in processing returns, coupled with data insights for preventive measures, ensures that businesses can manage returns effectively while minimizing associated costs.

Conclusion: 13 Best Shopify Return Apps

When it comes to offering returns on your stores, you’re spoilt for choice with the 13 Shopify Return apps that we’ve featured in this post. However, some of them will only work in certain territories. So always be sure that you’re looking for the best app for your store that will work where you operate. Which app will you choose?

  • How do Shopify return apps integrate with my online store?

    Shopify return apps are designed for easy integration, often requiring minimal technical knowledge. They seamlessly blend with store interfaces, automating the return process efficiently.

  • How can I reduce the return rates for my online store?

    To cut return rates and boost customer retention, adopt clear return policies, optimize based on feedback, and offer self-service returns. Continuously analyze return data for better shopping experiences.

  • How do Shopify return apps handle international returns?

    Shopify return apps often include features to manage international returns, accommodating varied return laws and logistics. They streamline the process, making it efficient for both the seller and the international customer.

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  1. Avatar for Shannon Shannon says:

    Returnly…. You left off one of the best features of Returnly… it will give you customers their refund before they even send back the item. I loved that for my very honest and loyal customers but the interface for returnly was very unintuitive on the customer side! Did not continue using it for this reason. Customers couldn’t figure out the interface on desktops but worked great on mobile.

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