Shopify Support: A Full [2024] Guide
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All the Ways to Get Shopify Support [2024]

Last modified: February 6, 2024

All the Ways to Get Shopify Support [2024]
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Shopify’s customer support plays a crucial role in providing a seamless user experience. Despite Shopify’s ease of use, there may be times when you encounter challenges or have questions. This is where Shopify’s customer support team comes in to play. One very common issue that we have seen many clients encounter – is having to contact Shopify customer service because they couldn’t figure out how to log in to their site (forgot their email address, for example), or wanted information about cancelling an app subscription.

Key Takeaways
Shopify’s Help Center is a comprehensive resource for immediate answers.
Direct support options include live chat, email, and callbacks for tailored assistance.
Engage with Shopify’s community forums and social media for peer support and expert advice.
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# Name Image
Live Chat by Combidesk
Live Chat by Combidesk
WhatsApp Chat - Live Chat
WhatsApp Chat - Live Chat
Tidio Live Chat
Tidio Live Chat
Gorgias - Support & Live Chat
Gorgias - Support & Live Chat
Re:amaze Live Chat & Helpdesk
Re:amaze Live Chat & Helpdesk
Help Center HQ / FAQ HQ
Help Center HQ / FAQ HQ
FAQ Accordion | Help Center
FAQ Accordion | Help Center
Atlas ‑ Help Center / FAQ
Atlas ‑ Help Center / FAQ
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Shopify Support - The Different Ways to Get it

Shopify offers a variety of channels that the customer support team can be contacted. Here’s a detailed look at each one:

Shopify Community Forum

  • Shopify Community Forum – A large online forum with over 900,000 members and 1.15 million posts
  • Discussions about Shopify’s apps, designs, and API integrations
  • A great resource for self-service inquiries, giving comprehensive insight to any issue you might have
  • Ideal for learning experiences or brushing up on a range of topics related to e-commerce and selling on Shopify
  • Many Shopify stores related questions asked and answered. Just need to search well enough.

shopify forum

Shopify Help Center

  • Shopify Help Center – An online self-service knowledge base resource
  • Enter your query into the search bar to generate a series of FAQs the Shopify support team have already answered
  • Also provides ‘Related Articles’ similar to Google’s search results
  • Ideal platform for finding quick answers to common questions, a self-service support if you will
  • Not only technical – you can even find answers on the Shopify website to questions regarding your dropshipping brand

shopify help center

Shopify Live Chat

  • Shopify Live Chat – get Shopify support 24/7
  • Fast, easy to use, and provides human live chat support
  • Ideal for all types of inquiries. The Shopify team can help not only with technical issues, but Shopify store owners can get support from Shopify on a wide range of topics that they are fully equipped to solve.
  • Shopify customer support reps may also provide links to relevant articles on the subject that you are inquiring.

Shopify Email Support

  • Reach out to [email protected] or access the webform through the Help Center
  • Allows you to provide detailed information about your issue, including screenshots
  • Ideal for non-urgent inquiries or for those with an unstable internet connection. Consider the fact that the response will take longer than the chat since they’ll take their time responding due to you not actually being online waiting.

Shopify Phone Support

  • Shopify Customer Support Phone Number – Agents are available 24/7
  • Toll-free phone number for US customers and international numbers for customers abroad
  • Ideal for business-critical emergencies that require immediate intervention
  • The Shopify customer service number can be called from world-wide
Country Phone Number
United States 1-888-746-7439
United Kingdom 0800-808-5233
Australia 03-8400-4750
New Zealand 07-788-6026
India 000-800-100-5786
Malaysia 1800-80-6678
Singapore 800-181-1121
Indonesia 007-803-651-0008

Shopify Social Media Support

  • Facebook – Live chat available through the Shopify Facebook Page
  • Twitter – You can tweet @shopify with your query on Twitter
  • Instagram – tag Shopify in posts or stories on Instagram

Additional Shopify Support Resources

In addition to the above channels, Shopify also offers the following resources:

Tips for Contacting Shopify Support

When reaching out to Shopify Support, consider the following:

  • Use the Shopify Community for self-service inquiries
  • Try the Help Center for quick answers to common questions
  • Use live chat for immediate assistance
  • Email support is best for non-urgent inquiries
  • Shopify Phone Number support is ideal for business-critical emergencies
  • Use social media for real-time support or to make your request public

Effective Shopify Customer Service Stories

Customer support has helped many users overcome challenges and improve their e-commerce online stores. Here are a few examples:

  • A merchant was struggling with integrating a third-party app. After reaching out to Shopify Support via live chat, Shopify experts offered a step-by-step tutorial and successfully integrated the app.
  • Another user had a technical issue with their store’s design. They posted their question on the Shopify Community Forum and received helpful suggestions from other users.
  • A user was unsure about choosing a payment provider. They watched a guide on Shopify’s YouTube channel and were able to make an informed decision.
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Maximizing Shopify Support

Accessing Help

When you encounter challenges or have questions, don’t worry. Shopify’s Help Center is your reliable resource for accessing a vast library of comprehensive, step-by-step guides.

Direct Support

If you prefer personalized assistance, Shopify offers several direct support options. You can opt for live chat, email, or callback, ensuring you get the help you need in a way that suits your preferences.

Community and Social Media

Take your support journey a step further by becoming an active part of the Shopify Community. Join the forums and extend your reach through various social media platforms.

Enhanced Support Channels

Shopify Experts

For more specialized assistance, consider connecting with Shopify Experts. These professionals excel in various aspects, from helping you set up your store to crafting effective marketing strategies.

Learning Resources

Dive deeper into your Shopify journey by exploring the platform’s extensive collection of blogs, tutorials, and YouTube channel. These resources offer troubleshooting guidance and invaluable insights.

External Communities

Expand your network and broaden your knowledge base by participating in Shopify-related discussions on external platforms like Reddit and Facebook groups. These communities provide a space where you can share experiences.

Conclusion: All the Ways to Get Shopify Customer Support

Shopify’s support is a vital resource for all Shopify users. With a variety of channels and additional resources available, you can find the help you need, when you need it.

The important thing to realize is that when you need help, you have many different options. Shopify’s customer service is not only the actual contact details, there are many ways to get the answer to the question you’re looking for. Shopify’s Twitter is a great example of that. “Twitter support” would not necessarily be our first choice for any brand – but it works.

When you need real time assistance, you can always choose the live chat option or the toll-free number to contact them directly,

So, don’t hesitate to reach out to Shopify Support for your needs. Your success is their success.

  • Is there a cost associated with Shopify Support?

    Shopify offers different support options with varying levels of cost. Basic support through the Help Center and community forums is free. If you require specialized services, there may be associated costs.

  • Are there video tutorials available for Shopify support?

    Yes, Shopify offers an extensive library of video tutorials on various topics, ranging from store setup and product management to marketing and design. These video tutorials provide visual guidance.

  • What languages is Shopify support available in?

    Shopify provides support in several languages to accommodate its global user base. Some of the languages commonly supported include English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and more.

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    i cant verify my email address

  2. Avatar for Elaine Allen Elaine Allen says:

    A company I ordered from had order fill with my incorrect last name. The company said it was probably incorrect information from a previous order elsewhere and that I needed to contact support at Shopify.

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