9 Best AMP Shopify Apps - [2024]
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9 Best AMP Shopify Apps – [2024]

Last modified: November 15, 2023

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# Image Name
AMP by Shop Sheriff
AMP by Shop Sheriff
AMP by Ampify Me
AMP by Ampify Me
Superchargify AMP, PWA & more
Superchargify AMP, PWA & more
Fire AMP
Fire AMP
PWA, Mobile app & Web Push
PWA, Mobile app & Web Push
AMP by Webkul
AMP by Webkul
PWA IOS and Android Mobile App
PWA IOS and Android Mobile App
Accelerated Mobile Pages
Accelerated Mobile Pages
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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are an important part of the internet. They are instrumental in the success of so many brands because they help them to create a better user experiences for those visiting sites using mobile technology (desktops and mobile phones). To get this on your Shopify store you need two things, a good Shopify theme like Booster or a similar theme and one of the AMP Shopify apps.

What Do AMP Shopify Apps Do?

AMP Shopify apps make your website pages faster to load and complete actions on mobile devices. This is both beneficial for the customer as it provides a better experience to them when shopping and can help build revenues, as a one-second delay can cost you 7% of your revenue.

It can also improve traffic levels and also your ranking on Google. Google and other search engines include speed in their ranking algorithms, therefore, the faster your pages, the better ranked you will be. And it isn’t just desktop versions that they look at. They’re also looking at your store’s performance on mobile devices, which is why AMP Shopify apps are so important.

Key Takeaways
AMP Shopify Apps speed up page loads for mobile users, boosting revenue and improving Google rankings for Shopify stores.
Selecting the right AMP Shopify Apps involves considering integration ease, support, and customization options.
Choose apps that seamlessly integrate with your theme and support creating AMP versions for multiple pages.

Best AMP Shopify Apps For You to Choose:

Filter between free and paid

AMP by Ampify Me

AMP by Ampify Me

This app is used by more than 15,000 stores across Shopify. It has been built by a team of experts who have worked on eCommerce stores for years and they offer free and paid plans. Their offering is a range of AMP themes for your store that can take the content you have and have it in a specific theme for your mobile users. There are more than 7 AMP themes in the free tier and more than 100 in total.

When you’re using one of their themes, your site will have faster loading times which will result in more conversions and better engagement with audiences. Therefore, profits for your business will increase whether you’re a small dropshipper or a large, multi-vendor marketplace.

As pages are loading faster you will also experience more traffic through a better rank on search engines like Google. Customers will also have a more enjoyable time on your website, which will reflect positively on you as a brand. This will build trust and increase the value of orders placed on your store.

To edit the AMP pages, there is an editor which looks exactly like the Shopify editor, so you can feel comfortable using the app. There are also validation checks to ensure that whatever pages you’re giving the AMP treatment too, whether it’s products, collections, blogs, Shopify pages, etc. are going to work and be fast.

The app can integrate with the most popular apps that are used on Shopify, so you can have speed and functionality on your website. Plus, to check the success of your store, there are analytics included so you can check results and run tests.

AMP by Ampify Me Highlights:

  • A Shopify style editor to make editing pages easier for you.
  • Speeds up your website for mobile users, improving conversions and increasing profits.
  • Works for your store regardless of size, whether you’re a dropshipper working from a home office to a multi-vendor marketplace in a large warehouse.
  • Improves the rank of your site on search engines like Google and others.

PWA, Mobile app & Web Push

PWA, Mobile app & Web Push

PWA is a complimentary app for those what want to use another one of the AMP Shopify apps that are mentioned on the list. This helps you to make more mobile sales. What this app does is to make your site a PWA which can be saved to the home screen on the mobile devices of the customers. This allows them to shop at any time on their phone.

The app allows for analytics to track useful insights. And you can add push notifications to your store’s marketing strategy. This therefore allows you to increase customer retention with unlimited campaigns.

PWA, Mobile app & Web Push Highlights:

  • Make your store into a PWA for improved user experience.
  • Allows you to track performance of useful insights.
  • Have an unlimited number of push notifications.
  • A free plan is available.

PWA IOS and Android Mobile App

PWA IOS and Android Mobile App

For those looking for a free alternative, this app could be the solution. It is not an AMP app, but it does offer PWA for IOS and Android. Therefore, customers can download a version of your store onto their phones which they can then use to shop online and offline.

You can add Google and Facebook tracking, so you can remarket to your audience when they go back online and visit other sites. And you can see the performance of your new app with 30 day analytics.

However, it will have limited impact on the speed of your store, the rankings or anything else, unlike other apps on this list.

PWA IOS and Android Mobile App Highlights:

  • Installs a copy of your site on your customer’s phones.
  • Can see the performance of the app with 30 day records.
  • A free app that can be installed within one click.
  • Can remarket using Google and Facebook tracking.
Keep Reading

Enhancing Your Shopify Store with AMP

Importance of AMP in E-Commerce

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are crucial for e-commerce success, particularly for Shopify stores. With mobile shopping on the rise, AMP’s role in e-commerce cannot be overstated.

They ensure faster loading times on mobile devices, enhancing user experience and potentially increasing conversion rates.

AMP and SEO Benefits

AMP not only improves user experience but also boosts your store’s SEO. Faster page loads lead to better search engine rankings, as speed is a key factor in Google’s algorithm.

This results in higher visibility and potentially more organic traffic to your Shopify store.

Choosing the Right AMP App

Selecting the appropriate AMP app for your Shopify store is vital.

Consider apps that offer seamless integration with your store’s theme and provide comprehensive support for creating AMP versions of various pages, including home, product, and collection pages.

Optimizing Your Shopify Store Performance with AMP

Enhancing Mobile Page Speed

Improving mobile page speed is essential for keeping potential customers engaged. AMP apps help in significantly reducing load times, thereby decreasing bounce rates and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

AMP for Better User Engagement

AMP can lead to higher user engagement and retention. A fast-loading site encourages users to explore more, increasing the chances of purchases.

This is particularly important for mobile users who expect quick and efficient browsing.

Support and Customization

When implementing AMP, look for apps that offer robust customer support and customization options.

This ensures that any issues can be quickly resolved and that the AMP pages align well with your brand’s aesthetic and functional requirements.

Conclusion: 9 Best AMP Shopify Apps

When you want a faster mobile experience for your customers, you need to start using one of the top AMP Shopify apps that are available. We’ve listed the best on this list. There aren’t that many of them, so the choice is easier than it is with other functions that need apps. The choice of which app you install is up to you, so what will your decision be?

  • Do AMP apps support all types of content on Shopify pages?

    AMP apps generally support a wide range of content types, but some complex elements may not be fully compatible. It’s advisable to check specific content compatibility with the app.

  • Are there any costs associated with using AMP apps on Shopify?

    Some AMP apps offer free versions with basic features, while others may require a subscription for advanced functionalities. Costs vary depending on the app and its feature set.

  • Can AMP apps handle high traffic volumes on Shopify stores?

    AMP apps are designed to optimize page loading speeds, which can help in handling higher traffic volumes more efficiently. This ensures a stable performance during peak traffic times.

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