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12 Best Toy Store Shopify Themes – [2023]

12 Best Toy Store Shopify Themes – [2023]

Last modified: February 15, 2023

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If you run a toy store, you will know that competition from online retailers is getting tougher. Shops like Amazon and other retail giants are selling baby toys online because more people are now shopping via the internet. If you haven’t yet, you are probably thinking that you need to establish an online store. Using Shopify is a great idea, as it is a ready made eCommerce solution that allows you to have a presence online, as well as sell your toys to parents and children at your store.

To make a great success of your new venture however, you will need one of the top-notch toy store Shopify themes. There are lots available and each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

What Are You Looking For In The Toy Store Shopify Themes?

There are many things to look for when choosing between toy store Shopify themes. For instance, you need something that will load fast. Research has found that for every second it takes your website to load, you’ll lose 7% of your revenue. This can be a big difference on your profits. Just a four second delay can cost you more than a quarter of your online revenues.

Speed is also an important factor for your website’s ranking. Getting to the first page of Google is vital for traffic. Being in the top spot can help you earn 33% of the search traffic. If you’re on the first page, but between 6th and 10th, you will have just 1% of the traffic. The conversion rate for your website is also lower when you’re ranked further down the results page.

A poor performing website will also ruin your physical store’s reputation. So, always be sure that you’re choosing one of the toy store Shopify themes to improve your brand’s identify.

In addition, you want to have a theme that can emulate your current branding. Some of the people who are coming to your website will have visited your physical store. They will want to see continuity between the two different elements of your business. Aspects to consider include coloring, font and style of the purchasing process.

You also have to choose whether you are going to offer a lot of products on your site or just a few. Some themes are perfect for small, independent stores that only have a few products while others are better suited to larger brands with hundreds of products.

It is important to take time to choose your website’s theme. The cost of changing a theme on Shopify can be expensive. The new theme alone can cost between $140 and $180. However, there are 9 free themes you can select.

With these points in mind, what are the best toy store Shopify themes?

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Pop - Inactive


Pop is a free Shopify theme available directly from them. There are two styles that are available with the theme: bone and toy. Toy is a nice style that is elegant and basic with natural colors that emulate younger years.

The theme has a few functions that make it a great choice for your online store. Firstly, it has a sidebar menu option, allowing you to maximize space at the top of pages. Another fantastic function is the slide-out cart that allows visitors to see what they’ve placed into their basket without leaving a product or a shop page.

You can also add a homepage slideshow to showcase your best products, deals and information, to help build trust with your audience. Finally, you can display your products in the best detail with product zoom functionality.

Pop Highlights:

  • A free theme available direct from the Shopify theme store.
  • Mobile friendly design, so will look good on any device.
  • Optimized for search engines to help you rank.
  • Social media icons are included with the theme.

Final Thoughts: The 12 Best Toy Store Shopify Themes

When you own a toy shop, you should use one of the best toy store Shopify themes or a Shopify doll theme for your website. These often include lots of functions to help you sell your products and generate interest in your brand. We’ve featured a lot of different options for you in this article, and there are others like the default dawn theme. Each is great, so which Shopify e commerce toy template will you choose?

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