Why Use a Shopify Abandoned Cart Discount? [2024]
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Why Use a Shopify Abandoned Cart Discount?

Last modified: June 27, 2024

Why Use a Shopify Abandoned Cart Discount?
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Somewhere between 80% and 90% of the carts that are created on your website will be abandoned. There are numerous reasons why someone might want to abandon a cart. One of the top reasons that customers cite is that there were unexpected costs that made the purchase too expensive. If this is the case, then you might want to consider offering customers a discount or looking at your pricing structure.

Key Takeaways
Abandoned cart discounts can recover up to 20% of lost carts, significantly boosting online income.
A well-crafted email series, including discounts, can earn $5-$6 per email in recovered carts.
Offering discounts addresses key issues like unexpected costs, enhancing customer retention.

How Does Shopify Abandoned Cart Discount Support Sales?

An abandoned cart email series is a great way for you to improve the conversions of your website. Numerous statistics show that a good series can earn you about $5-$6 per email and can recover up to 20% of your abandoned carts. Some email experts that have claimed that they can recover about one third of abandoned carts as well.

When looking at general conversion rates, this can mean that you have the potential to double your income online from your abandoned carts. This can make a massive difference for your website.

Abandoned Cart Series Tactics

The best tactics for abandoned carts are always to send between two and three emails. Statistics have shown that sending more than three can harm the brand and the campaign.

The first email should be sent about one hour after the cart has been abandoned. The second email should be sent 24 hours after the cart has been abandoned, and the third email should be sent about 72 hours after the cart has been abandoned.

However, each of these three emails needs to be different. The first one should be an invitation to get the customer to come back and complete the purchase. There should be no Shopify abandoned cart discount here because the customer might simply have been interrupted or not trust your site. Instead, you should build trust here.

In the Second and Third Emails, You Should Offer a Discount.

There are numerous ways that you can discount to your emails. You can use some abandoned cart apps that can include a personalized discount code for a discount for that customer. One of the apps that you might want to try for this is Recover My Cart app. It allows for customers to have discount codes, and you can send three emails to customers.

Or you can use a discount app where you can create a generic code that you can track the use of. You can promote these discount codes through social media or digital marketing to reach a wider audience and encourage more customers to take advantage of them.

You might want to consider using the second email to offer free shipping and the third email to offer a 5-10% discount. There are always options to test what is best for your audience.

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Conclusion: Why Use a Shopify Abandoned Cart Discount?

More people are going to abandon carts on your website than are going to convert. That doesn’t mean; however, that these customers are lost. With a good Shopify abandoned cart discount email series, you can recover them with ease. Just use a great app and some good email copy.

  • Can abandoned cart discounts improve customer loyalty?

    Yes, offering discounts to customers who have abandoned their carts can improve loyalty. It shows the business values them and is willing to provide incentives for their return.

  • What is the best time to send an abandoned cart discount email?

    The best time to send an abandoned cart discount email is within 24 hours of the cart abandonment. Prompt communication increases the likelihood of cart recovery.

  • Should the discount in an abandoned cart offer be substantial?

    The discount should be enticing enough to motivate a return purchase, but it also needs to be balanced with the business’s profit margins. A moderate discount is often sufficient.

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