10 Best Announcement Bar Shopify Apps - [2024]
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10 Best Announcement Bar Shopify Apps – [2024]

Last modified: November 9, 2023

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# Image Name
Multi-Annoucement Bar Maker
Multi-Annoucement Bar Maker
Welcome Header Bar
Welcome Header Bar
Easy Announcement Bar
Easy Announcement Bar
Quick Announcement Bar
Quick Announcement Bar
Announcement Bar + Web Push
Announcement Bar + Web Push
Powerful Announcement Bar
Powerful Announcement Bar
Multi‑Announcement Bar Maker
Multi‑Announcement Bar Maker
Announcement Bar & Header Bar
Announcement Bar & Header Bar
Happy Store Header Bar
Happy Store Header Bar
Simple Header Bar
Simple Header Bar
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Announcement bars are great way to provide key information to your customers. This can include information about sales, disruptions to services or promoting key products to your audience. You can also use announcement bars to sign up people to your email marketing lists. Shopify software doesn’t come with an announcement bar in itself, you will need to use one of the announcement bar shopify apps.

What Are The Benefits Of Using One Of The Announcement Bar Shopify Apps?

There are many benefits for you to use one of the announcement bar Shopify apps. Firstly, they give your site a focus point which customers can see and be directed to. Therefore, you can put vital marketing pulls right at the top of your website. This is prime real estate on your website as it is where most people read.

There are numerous messages you could put there, including what products are currently on trend or what the latest sales coupon is. These announcement bars can even have clickable sections that can point to any part of a website.


Key Takeaways
Announcement bars effectively highlight sales, service disruptions, or key products to customers.
They can be used to encourage sign-ups to email marketing lists, enhancing direct marketing efforts.
Strategic placement of announcement bars, including the footer, can tailor the customer experience on your site.

Top Announcement Bar Shopify Apps – Here are Our Picks:

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Multi‑Announcement Bar Maker

Multi‑Announcement Bar Maker

This one-click install announcement bar app is really simple to use and offers you the chance to communicate discounts and promotions to customers as soon as they arrive on your site. It takes just a minute to get your first bar up and running on your site and you can customize this to your exact needs. If you have more than one announcement, you can have these rotating too and each one can have a call-to-action button added to it. This call-to-action button can take the visitor directly to the page of your choice.

This app is fully responsive and will work across all screen sizes and devices. This makes it a great option for those who are concerned with SEO, as mobile friendliness is important for Google. The search engines will rank you better for having a responsive announcement bar.

Multi‑Announcement Bar Maker Highlights:

  • Lots of customization options for you to use to make your bar match your branding.
  • Rotate numerous announcement bars within minutes.
  • Each announcement can have a unique call to action.
  • Get your first announcement bar up and running within minutes.

Happy Store Header Bar

Happy Store Header Bar

This is another free notification bar Shopify app that allows you to have all the benefits of the notification bar, but at a price that is right for those on a tight budget. This app does have lots of useful features that allow you to market more information to your potential customers. For instance, you can offer free shipping to your customers or give free gifts when they spend over a specific amount. There are so many options, you’re limited only by your imagination.

The app has no affiliate links, developer apps or restrictions. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider this app due to the price alone. But there are also customization options that make this a great choice. For instance, you can change the background color, the text color, size and position. Plus, you can make the bar sticky, so it is constantly visible on the page.

And if you want to make your notification bar more functional, you can do with HTML/CSS editor.

Happy Store Header Bar Highlights:

  • There are lots of customization options, including those which are often only found in premium apps.
  • A free app that can really help you earn more from your website.
  • No developer links or anything else that can harm your branding.
  • Can be made sticky, so will always stay visible on a page.

Simple Header Bar

Simple Header Bar

This is a free app that will allow you to create a notification bar at the top of your website about your holiday sales and free shipping easily. There’s no affiliate link, logo or limitations built into the app, that is a welcome change for free apps, and this allows you to have a distraction free notification bar.

The app gives you the chance to customize the header bar, allowing changes to the background and text colors. You can also edit the size and alignment of the text. The notification bar can also be made sticky. Those with HTML/CSS skills can edit the source code to have more control over the appearance and use of the notification bar.

The app is completely responsive. The header bar will appear and look professional on any device, screen size or resolution.

Simple Header Bar Highlights:

  • Create urgency on your website by informing customers of limited time sales.
  • Customize numerous aspects of the notification bar to ensure that it matches your branding/design of your website.
  • Make your notification bar more functional with HTML/CSS skills.
  • This is a free app, so it is great if you’re tight on budget.
Keep Reading

Enhancing Your Store’s Announcement Strategy

Customization and Flexibility

Shopify store owners know the importance of announcement bars. They guide customers to sales or new products. Customization is key.

Match your store’s theme for a seamless look. Flexibility in design ensures your message stands out.

Targeted Messaging

Effective announcement bars aren’t just about visibility. They’re about relevance.

Target your messages based on customer behavior or demographics. This personal touch can significantly boost engagement and conversions.

Quick Edits and Updates

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, agility is crucial. Choose announcement bar apps that allow for quick edits.

This ensures your store’s messaging stays current with market trends and customer needs.

Maximizing Impact with Announcement Bars

Strategic Placement

Don’t limit your announcement bars to the top of the page. Experiment with placement. Footer bars can be just as effective, especially for mobile users who scroll through your store.

Multi-Message Capability

Why settle for one message when you can convey more? Use sliders or rotating texts to share multiple announcements.

This keeps your content fresh and engaging for repeat visitors.

Conversion Optimization

Announcement bars are more than informational tools. They’re conversion drivers.

Include calls-to-action, countdown timers, and special offers to nudge customers towards making a purchase.

Conclusion: Top 10 Announcement Bar Shopify Apps

Using one of the top announcement bar Shopify apps is a great way to create a push for your store. You can use them to create urgency, inform customers about sale or free shipping or just to welcome them. They will help you convert more visitors, increase revenues and profits. The choice is good with this type of app, so the question is, which app will you install?

  • Is it possible to track the performance of my announcement bars?

    Yes, many apps include analytics features to help you track engagement and conversion metrics for your announcement bars.

  • Can I schedule announcement bars to display at specific times?

    Yes, scheduling functionality is common, allowing you to time your announcements for sales, events, or product launches effectively.

  • Can I customize the design of my announcement bar to match my brand?

    Most announcement bar apps offer extensive customization options to ensure the bar aligns with your brand’s aesthetics and theme.

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