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The 10 Best Shopify Profile Design Apps – [2023]

Last modified: May 13, 2023

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Profiles can have a profound impact on the customer experience. There are many ways that you can add profiles to your website. All of them can be done with one of the many Shopify profile design apps.

What can Shopify Profile Design Apps do?

There are a few actions that Shopify profile design apps can do. One of these is to add new fields and options to customer profiles. This can be beneficial because you can get a better insight into your customers and use this for marketing.

Other profiles can also be created. For instance, you can build business profiles that can build trust with your audience.

So what are the best Shopify profile design apps? Here are some of the best options.

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Customer Profile Editor

Customer Profile Editor

This free app is a great app that allows your customers to make changes to the customer information themselves. Therefore, you can save time by not having to do the task yourself. The app creates a registration space where a form is there that allows the customer to make any amendments they would like. This can include their login information, password, email, phone, first name, last name and more.

This can be integrated easily into your Shopify store by copying a pasting a short line of code. This is provided through the app. All you need to do is open up the liquid theme file and paste it in. There is also a ‘style’ tab where you can add your own CSS rules.

Customer Profile Editor Highlights:

  • Reduce the number of tasks that you have to do.
  • A free app that requires you to know some coding skills.
  • Add your own Custom CSS rules.
  • Customers can change lots of different details within their profile really quickly.

Petlytics: Pet Store Marketing

Petlytics: Pet Store Marketing

If you’re running a pet shop or vets, then you can use this free app that allows you to collect not the profiles of the customers, but of their pets. You can choose which page the widget will appear on with ‘home, collection’, product and ‘thank you’ pages all being options. Then there is a fun header that will appear at the top of the page for the customer to add information about their pet for them to subscribe to a good email marketing list.

You can collect all kinds of information about your customers’ pets including name, gender, age, birthday, breed, photo and more. And you can use a promo code to incentivize your customers to provide the information that you’re requesting.

You can personalize the email campaigns by exporting lots of information into your campaigns. And then you can offer personalized campaigns like birthday emails and more. You can also import pet sales data directly into your CRM.

Petlytics: Pet Store Marketing Highlights:

  • Can help you increase the lifetime value of your customers.
  • Export data to exactly where you need the information to be.
  • Connect data to your email marketing.
  • Get customers to fill in the data with ease.

Final Word: The 10 Best Shopify Profile Design Apps

Profiles can be a great way for your business to have a deeper relationship with your customers. Above are 10 of the best Shopify profile design apps that work on mobile responsive websites. Which one of the best apps will you install? Let us know in the comments below.

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