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How to Add Product Customization on Shopify

Last modified: March 12, 2022

How to Add Product Customization on Shopify
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Product customization is one of the latest trends online. There are lots of businesses that are offering customization from customized clothing to adding your messages to gifts and cards. This can be a way that you can build a good relationship with a client. Customers like to feel that they can get something that is unique. In this guide, we look at how to add product customization on Shopify.

What Add Product Customization on Shopify?

There are numerous reasons why you will want to add product customization to your Shopify website. For one, it allows you to match the demand for unique and custom products that customers are craving. Research has found that 36% of customers are looking for personalized or customized products when they are shopping online.

This can mean that you’re missing out on sales if you’re not offering customization.

Customization also allows you to add more revenue to your store. Customers are often more willing to pay higher for unique products. And many regions waive the right for customers to return products that have been customized unless they are damaged. And damaged items are normally compensated by the printer as it is their pride about printing.

Therefore, you don’t have to account for product returns that you often have to do on your website’s standard product.

How to Add Product Customization on Shopify

There are numerous apps that allow you to add product customization on Shopify. Some of these have simple editors that require the customer to add just an image or the text that they would like to add to the website. Other product customization apps include a designer where the customer can preview what their product will look like.

Depending on what products you’re looking to offer for customization, will determine the app that you would like to use.

One of the top apps that you would most likely want to use is Customify and the other is Product Customizer. These are great options that allow you to offer personalized products to your customers. Both fit nicely in your Shopify website and can be installed just with the simple click that adds to your website.

You need to do some customization of the settings, but it is very simple.

If you’ve got a set of colors that a customer can choose from, then Product Customizer might be one of the better options because it allows you to have standard customer choices.

These apps allow you to have a better website with easy to use customization. In fact, with either of these two apps, you can expect that your customer acquisition costs can reduce as much as 50% and you can increase sales by between 5-15%. Finally, the marketing spend efficiency on your website can increase by approximately 10-30%.

Final Word: How to Add Product Customization on Shopify

If you wanted to know how to add product customization on Shopify, then you just need to add one of a few apps. There are lots to choose from, with two of the best listed above. Which app will you choose? Let us know in the comments.

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