How to Arrange Products in Shopify [2024]
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How to Arrange Products in Shopify

Last modified: July 2, 2024

How to Arrange Products in Shopify
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When it comes to making sales on Shopify, or any other eCommerce store, it is important how the products are arranged. The better their arrangement, the higher your conversion rate can be. Here are some ways that you can arrange your products on Shopify for improved customer experiences and streamlined business operations.

Key Takeaways
Leveraging collections and custom sorting for arranging products in Shopify can improve user experience.
Manual sorting allows personalized arrangement of products, ideal for curated groupings or specific store layouts.
Utilizing best-selling sort creates urgency and FOMO, boosting sales, but may overshadow less popular items.
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What are the Product Sorting Options in Shopify?

There are numerous product sorting options when it comes to Shopify. These include:

Manual Sorting: The easiest option to arrange your items. This is based on your choice and can be a great method if you want groups of items to be listed together or have a feeling of how your products should be arranged on your store.

Alphabetically: This lists products from A to Z or Z to A based on their title. For those who aren’t dropshipping with apps like Oberlo, this can be a very easy method. But if you use Oberlo, you might need to ensure that all product titles are edited for ease of reading and better organization.

Best Selling: You can arrange items based on whether they’re a best-selling item. This will use the all-time number of sales. This is great for creating FOMO and urgency. However, it does mean that some lower purchased items might become less valuable to your store.

Price: Typical option, you can sort by lowest first or highest first. Many customers like this option as they normally have a budget, and they want to see products they can’t purchase first.

Date: This takes into consideration when the product was added to your store. Therefore, the newest or oldest products can be shown first on your store.

How to Arrange Products on Shopify

Arranging products on your Shopify store can be an enjoyable task. So here is how you can arrange your products with ease.

Step 1 – Login

Login to your Shopify store.

Step 2 – Products

Click on the ‘Products’ option to view your items.

Step 3 – Click on a Header

When you click on one of the headers, it will sort the page. For instance, you can click on inventory, and this will sort the number of products you have based on the number of stock you have.

Step 4 – Click on the Triangular Button

Now you can click on the Triangular button to make the arrangement you’ve set the way the products are displayed on the website.

There are some nice apps available too which can help you sort how your products look on the website. One of the best is Super Collections. Be sure to regularly check your product ordering, you might find that some products are selling better based on their location on the page. For instance, the shopper tends to focus on the top line and the left-hand side of a screen. Therefore, if you see products that are selling in these locations more, you might want to swap products with better profit margins to these areas.

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Enhancing Product Arrangement in Shopify

Strategic Categorization

Organizing products in Shopify starts with strategic categorization. Group items into logical categories, like “Men’s Apparel” or “Women’s Apparel” for clothing stores.

This simplifies navigation and enhances the shopping experience. You can also link an external page to provide additional information about specific product categories or collections.

Effective Use of Tags

Tags are crucial for product searchability. Use descriptive keywords for your items, like “moisturizer” for skincare products.

This helps customers find what they need through search, improving the likelihood of a purchase.

Optimizing Product Placement

Arrange products to highlight bestsellers and new arrivals. This not only improves aesthetics but also guides customers to popular or new products, potentially increasing sales.

Consider how Shopify shipping works when arranging products, as you may want to group items with similar shipping requirements together for easier order fulfillment.

Advanced Product Arrangement in Shopify Techniques

Creating Collections

Use Shopify’s feature to group similar products into collections. This could be based on product type, brand, or theme, aiding customers in finding products that meet their specific preferences.

Customizing Product Order

Manually rearrange products within collections for better control over presentation. This allows you to strategically place products in an order that may enhance visibility and sales.

Leveraging Product Sorting and Filtering

Utilize Shopify’s sorting and filtering tools to organize products by various criteria like price, best-selling, or alphabetically.

This enhances user experience by allowing customers to easily find products that match their needs.

Conclusion: How to Arrange Products in Shopify

You can organize products on your Shopify store to match your needs. You can do this yourself, or you can arrange the products in Shopify using an app.

  • Can I arrange products in Shopify based on customer reviews?

    Yes, you can sort products by customer reviews to highlight well-received items, enhancing trust and encouraging purchases. This method showcases popular products, potentially increasing sales through positive customer feedback.

  • Is it possible to arrange products based on supplier in Shopify?

    Yes, you can, which is particularly useful for stores with multiple brands or sources. This arrangement helps customers find products from preferred suppliers easily.

  • Can I automate product arrangement in Shopify?

    Yes, Shopify allows automation of product arrangement using various apps and built-in features. Automated sorting can be based on factors like sales, stock levels, or customer preferences.

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