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How to Connect Pinterest to Shopify

Last modified: November 17, 2022

How to Connect Pinterest to Shopify
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Pinterest is a popular social media channel. Many businesses use Pinterest to showcase products and services. So how do you connect Pinterest to Shopify? Here are some instructions.

Why Should you Connect Pinterest with your Shopify Store?

There are many reasons why Pinterest is highly recommended for online Shopify stores. First, it is great for delivering visual content to customers. It can be used to bring new traffic and audiences to your business. It can also create engagement on your website that can lead to orders and more on your website.

There are also cost-effective advertising solutions on Pinterest. According to statistics, Pinterest offers a higher ROI than Facebook. Customers also seem to engage more with Pinterest than other platforms with many remembering the adverts they see on Pinterest better than Facebook, Twitter or other platforms.

Also, 39% of customers are willing to buy products from companies they’ve seen on Pinterest compared to the 29% that have said the same on Facebook.

Connect Pinterest to Shopify for Product Pins

What you need to do is to connect your Shopify store to Pinterest to get the most out of the platform. Once connected, you can be sure that you can create product pins on the platform that can be used as marketing posts that bring attention to your brand.

Product pins are considered to be Rich Pins. This is because they can contain rich data that customers can use to make more informed decisions. For instance, your pins can include up-to-date images, prices, and descriptions. These will be updated as soon as the product has been updated on your website. This does not happen on sites like Facebook and Twitter. This is partly because the lifespan of a Tweet is about 10 minutes and Facebook is about a couple of hours.

Once products have been made available on the Pinterest sales channel, as a store owner, it is easier to manage them. That is because there is automatic synchronization between Pinterest and product pins. However, any product pins that you have created are not connected to any pinboards.

Therefore, you need to understand more about Pinterest, pins and boards to get the most out of the platform. It isn’t something that can be picked up and be successful immediately.

To pin a product on your website to Pinterest you need to copy and paste the URL of the product into Pinterest. This will create the pin for you. It is really that easy. You can even make this process easier by using a theme that has a Pin function on it or find an app, like this one here to pin products directly from your website to the social media platform.

Final Word: How to Connect Pinterest to Shopify

Pinterest can be an easy way to market your products. Use the platform, especially on Saturday morning when more users are on Pinterest, to market your products. The process is very easy and you can spend very little time using the platform but get results.

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