How To Edit The Footer In Shopify [2024]
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How To Edit The Footer In Shopify

Last modified: October 26, 2023

How To Edit The Footer In Shopify
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The footer on your Shopify page is an important marketing space. You can place all kinds of information there that can help visitors navigate your website easily or draw their attention to something specific, like trust signals.

You can also use the space to communicate vital branding aspects: such as brand tag lines and copyright information.

Key Takeaways
Log into your Shopify admin area and navigate to ‘Themes’ to begin customization.
Editing the footer is straightforward; modify the ‘Title’ and ‘Content’ columns for desired changes.
Ensure you save all modifications to successfully update the footer.

How To Edit The Footer

Editing the footer in Shopify is fairly easy. Follow these steps.

Step 1: Log In

Log into your Shopify admin area.

Step 2: Themes

Go to your ‘Themes’ area and then click on the ‘Customise theme’ option.

Step 3: Edit Theme Footer Block

If you want to edit the title of the footer blocks, you need to change the text in the ‘Title’ column.

If you’re looking to change the content that appears under each block, you can edit the ‘Content’ column with the right title.

There is sometimes a dropdown option for the block. You can choose between several options including None (which displays nothing within the block) and Footer (which displays foot links). There should also be a custom option which is where you can edit your own text.

Step 4: Save

When all changes have been made, you can click on the ‘Publish changes’. Your footer will now be edited.

How To Change The Footer Links

If you want to display the footer links and want to make changes to the pages that display there, you can do this following these instructions.

Step 1: Navigation Area

Go to your ‘Navigation’ area and then click on the ‘Footer’ list. You can then manage this by clicking on the ‘Edit Link list’.

Step 2: Add, Edit Or Remove

On the next page you can add, edit or remove links. If you want to add another link, be sure to click on ‘add another link’.

Step 3: Save

Click on the ‘Save’ options to ensure changes are saved on your website.

Keep Reading

Common Footer Customizations in Shopify

Removing the ‘Powered by Shopify’ Link

Many Shopify store owners prefer a more branded experience for their customers. One way to achieve this is by removing the default ‘Powered by Shopify’ link from the footer. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Shopify admin.
  2. Navigate to Online Store > Themes.
  3. Locate the theme you want to edit and select ‘Edit code’.
  4. In the Layout folder, open the theme.liquid file.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the file to find the ‘Powered by Shopify’ link.
  6. Delete this line of code.
  7. Save your changes to apply the modification.

Changing Font Size or Style in the Footer

To give your footer a unique look, you might want to adjust the font size or style. One method is using the “Custom CSS” feature in the Shopify Customize theme editor.

Alternatively, numerous third-party apps in the Shopify App Store can assist with this. If you’re adept at coding, direct template file editing is an option, but caution is advised to avoid potential site issues.


Footer Editing Best Practices

Importance of a Well-Structured Footer

A footer is more than just a section at the bottom of your site. It’s a tool for navigation, providing important information, and enhancing user experience. A well-organized footer can significantly improve site navigation and user satisfaction.

Essential Links to Include

Your footer should contain vital links such as shipping information, return policies, FAQs, and contact details. These links offer quick access to essential information, enhancing the user’s experience on your site.

Visual Appeal and Organization

A visually appealing footer, organized into columns or sections, can make information easily accessible. Consider adding elements like a newsletter sign-up or your company logo to enhance the footer’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Key Considerations when Editing Footer in Shopify

Consistency with Branding

When making changes to the footer, ensure that the design, colors, and fonts are consistent with the overall branding of the Shopify store. A cohesive look enhances the user experience and reinforces brand identity.

Mobile Responsiveness

A significant portion of online shoppers use mobile devices. Therefore, any modifications to the footer should be tested for mobile responsiveness. Ensure that links are easily clickable and that the design looks clean and organized on smaller screens.

Legal and Essential Links

The footer is often where visitors look for essential information. Ensure that links to policies, terms of service, and privacy statements are clearly visible. Including these can build trust and ensure compliance with e-commerce regulations.

Load Time Impact

Adding too many elements or heavy media files to the footer can impact the site’s load time. It’s crucial to strike a balance between aesthetics and performance. Slow-loading pages can deter potential customers and affect search engine rankings.

User Navigation

The primary purpose of the footer is to aid navigation. Ensure that the most sought-after links or information are easily accessible. Avoid cluttering the footer with unnecessary links or information that could overwhelm visitors.

Conclusion: How To Edit The Footer In Shopify


Give your website a unique look with a footer. Make sure that you include all the information you think is relevant to your brand. What you think is best in your footer is not going to be the same as a competitor. So be sure to create a footer that is right for you. One way to do this is to ensure that your footer matches meta data about your website.

  • Can I change the background color of my footer?

    Yes, you can change the footer’s background color. This option is typically found under ‘Theme settings’ and then ‘Colors’ in the theme editor.

  • Is it possible to add multiple columns to my footer?

    Absolutely. Many Shopify themes allow for multi-column footers. Check your theme’s customization options to adjust the column layout.

  • How often should I update or modify my Shopify footer?

    It’s essential to keep your footer updated, especially if you have dynamic content or seasonal promotions. However, there’s no fixed rule. Review your footer every few months or whenever there’s a significant change in your business or offerings.

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