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How To Get Trust Badges On Shopify

How To Get Trust Badges On Shopify

Last modified: December 2, 2021

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Trust badges are an important feature on any eCommerce store. They help to build credibility about your store that make visitors comfortable with providing you with their sensitive financial information. Poor trust can lead to a significant number of potential customers abandoning carts with you. This can cost you a lot of money.

According to studies, about two out of every three carts are abandoned. The most common reason is related to shipping costs or that the user was checking out prices. However, a lack of trust within the brand is a very common reason for abandonment.

Building Trust With An Audience

There are numerous ways you can build trust with an audience. One is to have reviews on your website about your services. Product reviews are good, it does build some trust, but you need to have some reviews about your brand in there too.

That is why you need some testimonials or links to your TrustPilot page or another review site.

However, this doesn’t always cover you. You might also need to add trust badges onto your site.

What Are Trust Badges?

Trust badges are images and symbols that are added to your store to say how you accept payments. The idea is that because you can use these methods to collect payments, you are using a secure system to handle financial information.

For instance, having a PayPal logo on your site, shows that you can take payments using PayPal, which is a trusted payment solution online.

There are also other trust indicators such as the padlock that shows you’re SSL secure and the card processing logos like Visa and Mastercard.

How Can You Get Trust Badges?

There are many ways to get trust badges onto your site. One option is to get the images of these brands and add them to your footer. However, this is a long, untidy option. The better option is to use an app that can help you add these trust signals to your site.

Vitals is one of the best options for adding trust badges to your Shopify store because it has another 39 apps included. Some of these, like Live Chat, can help build more trust with your audience.

Or you can use a dedicated trust badges app. There are several of them listed in this article. If you’re looking for a low cost option, we recommend Free Trust Badges or you could use TrustBadges if you’re looking for a more comprehensive package.

Key To Building Success

The key to building success is to maximise the trust with your audience. This includes having all the right logos and security aspects on your site. You can improve this with simple aspects on your store like trust badges and more.

You can also add features like live chat, reviews and more to your store to improve trust.

Still, there will always be people who abandon their carts on your store. To get these back you need an abandoned cart recovery app. These can remind customers of their carts through SMS, email and push notifications.

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