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The 12 Best Shopify Trust Badge Apps – [2023]

Last modified: July 4, 2022

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Trust is a vital part of selling online. Without the respect and trust of your audience, they won’t be convinced to buy from you. There are several ways that you can build this with shoppers on your store including guarantees, reviews, live chat and trust badges. There are also several Shopify Trust Badge Apps that can help you build trust with your audience.

What can Shopify Trust Badge Apps Help With?

When it comes to building trust you need to showcase that you’re reliable. Trust badges show that you take the most acceptable payments, are SSL secure and offer accreditation. These brands and logos help you to build a positive relationship with your audience and tell them that you can take payments securely.

This can help with conversions. And it can also help to reduce abandoned carts on your website. It might also help with marketing as customers will be more likely to share you across Instagram and other social media channels.

There are numerous Shopify trust badge apps that you can use. One of the great advantages of them is that they don’t often cost too much. Therefore, you can really add to your site with some great trust badges without feeling like you’ve overspent.

So, what are the top Shopify trust badge apps for you? Here is a quick list of potential solutions.

Filter between free and paid

Ultimate Trust Badges

Ultimate Trust Badges

There are more than 100 free trust badges that you add to your website with this app. All trust badges can be customized with unique messages, colors, alignment, size and other aspects to help you align the trust badges to your store. There are also lots of stunning designs that you can utilize right out of the box within this free Shopify app.

You can add all badges to any product page, site footer, cart page, and other areas of your website. This ensures that customers know that you’re a respectable company and that they can trust you. Any badge that you install and display on your website can be viewed on any device. Therefore, even mobile shoppers will know that you can be trusted.

Ultimate Trust Badges Highlights:

  • A free app that allows you to build trust with an audience.
  • Change the design of the trust badge to ensure they match your website’s design closely.
  • Choose from more than 100 trust badges.
  • Use the badges anywhere on your website.

Crown Trust Badge

Crown Trust Badge

Crown Trust Badge is a free app that helps establish the legitimacy of your store to buyers on the internet. You can tell customers how they can complete their payment with ease with more than 200 payment badges that can be easily and effortlessly added to your store.

When you want to add a badge to your store, you can change the color, size and position of the badge. You can also make other style changes that allow you to integrate the badge to your store seamlessly.

All badges can be added to product pages and cart pages with no help from developers. The easy design settings are so simple, they can be applied in minutes.

Crown Trust Badge Highlights:

  • Takes just two minutes to set up and use, without the need of a developer.
  • Easy design settings can be used to customize the badges to make them align to your store design.
  • Quickly add badges to your product and cart pages.
  • More than 200 badges you can use.

Trust Hero ‑ Trust Badges

Trust Hero ‑ Trust Badges

You can improve your site’s sales and conversions with these trust and security badges provided with this app. By using a selection of those offered by this app, you can see a 15% reduction in the number abandoned carts on your site. This is because there are lots of concerns over payment security, especially if you’re a small brand.

The app allows you to also save money. You can buy many of the trust badges from other suppliers like VeriSign, Truste and McAfee, but this can cost more than $400 a year. Whereas using this app, for free, allows you to save that money for investment elsewhere in your Shopify store.

You don’t need a developer to make this app work. It simply needs you to load the app to your website. It works across devices and more.

  • Trust Hero ‑ Trust Badges Highlights:
  • Reduce abandoned carts by about 15%.
  • Save more than $400 a year on certifications.
  • Doesn’t need a developer.
  • Use trust badges to improve your store’s revenues.

Final Word: The 12 Best Shopify Trust Badge Apps

When it comes to building trust, there is nothing better than displaying the logos and colors of popular and secure brands that act as security checks on websites. That is why you need to use one of the Shopify trust badge apps for your site. There are numerous free and premium options. Which you install is up to you.

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