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Last modified: January 17, 2023

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Logging into your Shopify admin is different depending on the device you’re using. This article demonstrates how you can gain access to your Shopify backend from different devices like desktop or Andriod/iOS mobile devices based on how you want to use your Shopify shop.


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Shopify Sign in – Here We Go

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How to Log Into your Shopify Admin Via Desktop

Step 1: Login Page

Go to the Shopify login page at

Step 2: Store Address

Enter in your store’s address. It should look like

Step 3: Email

Enter in your email address that you used when you signed up to the service.

Be sure to enter in your correct email address. Otherwise you could find it difficult (or impossible) to log into your account.

Step 4: Enter Your Password

Enter your password and click on the Log in button.

If you’ve forgotten your Shopify password, you can tap on the Forgot password option after the log in button.

How to Log Into your Shopify Admin Via an Android/iOS Device (Mobile Device)

Step 1: Download

Download the Shopify app from the relevant store (Google play store if you are on Android or Apple store if you are using an iPhone). It is free to download.

Step 2: Open

After the app has downloaded successfully, open the app up.

Step 3: Log In

Tap the Log in button. Then enter your email address and password for your Shopify store.

How to Log Into Multiple Accounts on the App

If you need to log into multiple Shopify accounts, follow these steps.

Step 1: Store

After logging into the app, as above, tap on the ‘Store’ option.

Step 2: Account Name

Tap on the account name you wish to access.

Step 3: Existing Store

Tap Log into existing store.

Step 4: Email And Password

Use your email and password for the account that you wish to access.

Step 5: Log In

Tap on the Log in button.

What Happens If I can’t log into My Shopify inc Account

If you’re struggling with the login, and you can’t access your Shopify inc account. Then you might be worried that you will not be able to see orders that have come in and offer your customers the best experience. This is a natural reaction. However, there are options to help you gain access to your online store again. Here are some suggestions for you.

1. Check Your Browser

The first thing that you need to do is to check that you’re accessing the right page. Mistakes, such as typos can be made in an attempt to log into your Shopify admin panel. To get to the Shopify administration page, you need to be sure that the URL is correct. Common mistakes that are made include adding a space (i.e. shopify .com), using the wrong elements or text (i.e. https // login) or missing something out (i.e. www.shopify/admin).

So be sure that you’re not entering the wrong information to gain access to your online store.

You can normally tell if you’ve entered the wrong details in the browser because the page to access the Shopify admin panel will not display correctly.

2. You’ve Entered the Correct Credentials

There are times when you might have gotten the details to log into your Shopify inc account wrong. If it has been a while since you last accessed the account, this might be the case. Therefore, check you have the right details to access your online store.

If you are sure you have the right details, you can request a new password on the login page. You don’t need to contact the Shopify inc support team. They won’t be able to give you your password or username.

3. Check You’ve Not Been Banned

If you’ve not received an automated response for your password reset, then you might need to do more investigation into what has gone wrong. Therefore, you should try to reach out and make contact with the Shopify inc support team.

They can help you find out if you’ve been banned, which might have happened if you’ve not been active for a long time. Or they can tell you if there is no name registered under the email that you’ve selected.

They will not be able to tell you the password. Nor will they be able to take payments.

If you do gain access, be sure to check the click log for any suspecious activity.

Why is the Shopify Login So Good

When trying to access the Shopify Login page, there are many which complement the fact the backend is so user friendly. The access is simply through a URL that can be bookmarked on your favorite browser. At the same time, the online store software is available across desktop and mobile devices without a problem.

In comparison to other software options, this is much better. For example, some WordPress options are terrible on mobile devices.

And if you do have some problems, then the Shopify .com support team can help you out.

Watch Out For Scams

There are going to be times when you might accidentally fall for a clone site that will steal your Shopify login details. These sites can be very convincing, looking exactly like the login pages, but might be on another domain.

What happens is that when you enter your details to access the Shopify admin panel, you are provided with a screen that says your details are wrong. But what is happening is that your details are being taken for the thieves to access your Shopify administration panel and then mess around with your online store.

These scams can be very worrisome and cost lots of money. And there is very little that can be done if you are a victim of them.,

That is why it is important to always check that you are on the right page. Perhaps the next time that you are on the Shopify admin panel you bookmark the correct domain.

Another thing that you can do is to check that you’ve entered the right domain name before you enter the details. Some common mistakes include a typo within Shopify, like placing the y and f the wrong way round. When typing fast on a laptop or mobile this can be very common.

What to do if you Think that Your Site Details Have Been Stolen

If you are worried that you might have visited a cloned site and your details might have been stolen, then you need to action immediately. You don’t want to wait for scammers or fraudsters to make their move. Action by a fraudster can be quick, within hours of you entering your details, if not sooner.

The first thing to do is to log into your Shopify account on the legitimate site. Then you should change your password. You might also want to change your main email. If you use the same password for any other online activities, it is highly recommended that you change the password on those accounts too.

Then you should check for any actions that look wrong on your account. You might need to contact the Shopify support team as well. They might be able to check that there haven’t been any log-ins from other computers.

One of the biggest threats that might happen is that you have customer details stolen from your orders page. In many territories across the world, this means that you need to contact the authorities. They will then investigate. You might also need to speak to your customers directly.

It is a big concern. More than half of all companies that have had a data breach, which this is, will not survive for 12 months after the incident. Often there are lots of cases of the company being sued.

Insurance can prevent companies from going under in such cases, but it isn’t the safeguard many companies want. Therefore, it is best to not even want to have to rely on insurance. Good practice of data safeguarding is much better. You might also want to try using security apps on your Shopify website.

Knowing how to login to your Shopify admin is obviously crucial to being able to maintain your website for business growth. It might be best if you have the Shopify login page saved as a bookmark on your browser.

  • How to Login to the Shopify Admin?

    This is an extremely common question, more than you would think. For the full explanation follow the step by step explanation on this page.

  • I Can’t Log In to Shopify

    Not being able to log in to any site is a pretty common issue and the possible reasons are many. It’s very possible that you are:

    • Misspelling your username or password
    • Using a username instead of an email
    • Issues with capital letters or non capital
    • Cookies (try logging in via incognito)
    • More…

    There are many options, and even more answers, it all depends what the issue is.

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  1. Sandra Mason says:

    How can I cancel my account. All of a sudden Shopify will not accept my password to cancel this account, Garden-Gadgets & Goodies. I have spent money getting set up, monthly fees, no money coming in at all. Please cancel my subscription and do not charge me any more money. Thank You.

    1. Team says:

      I would refer to this post:
      But just so you understand, this is NOT the Shopify website. You need to contact them.
      We just offer information about the subject.

  2. Shazni Shaffy says:

    HI ! Im new to Shopify, i have already created a shopify account called Kids Store unfortunately i cant log in to my shopify account, when i try to login it says

    “Unable to access Kids Store lk
    It looks like you don’t have access to this store. Contact the store administrator for access.”

    would appreciate if u can help me to login to my shopify account

    thanx in advance

    1. Team says:

      If the tips don’t help and you are still unsuccessfully trying to login to your account, we would recommend contacting Shopify directly.

  3. Rhonda says:

    I have a return to make and the packing slip is from: DTP Florida Warehouse can you tell how to make a return label?

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    new business trilbys attic cant log in.

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