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How to Make Traffic More Relevant on Shopify

Last modified: December 5, 2021

How to Make Traffic More Relevant on Shopify
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While there are lots of articles about increasing traffic on your Shopify store, these articles don’t really talk about getting the relevant traffic to your Shopify store. There is a big difference when it comes to building relevant traffic to your Shopify and the results it can generate. So how can you make the traffic to your store more relevant?

What is Meant by Relevant Traffic?

There is lots of different types of traffic to your store and this can always be divided into lots of different groups. Traffic can also be consigned to different groups. Two groups which can apply to all visitors is whether they are relevant or not. Relevant visitors are those that are suitable for your brand, looking for the products/services you have and have the money.

For example, if you operate a small bakery in New York, you don’t want to have traffic from the UK, Europe or Australia to visit your store.

Why Does it Matter?

When you have irrelevant traffic to your website one of two things can happen. The first is that they make a purchase, realize that the purchase was wrong and then waste time with refunds and adjusting stock. Another problem is that it lowers your conversion rate and spoils statistical analysis on your website.

You want to know how many conversions you’re getting for relevant traffic on your website. This is the only way you’ll know how good your marketing is. Therefore, you’ve got to reduce the traffic down and focus on generating relevant traffic to ensure that you can accurately engage the performance of your website based on who should be buying from you.

How to Increase Relevant Traffic

There are several ways that you can increase the amount of relevant traffic to your website. Here are a few quick tips to help.

Focus Keyword – Be sure that you’re targeting the right keywords on your website. The wrong keywords can really make a difference in the audience that you generate.

Geolocation Apps – Consider using geolocation apps, like this one, that can help you block visitors from the wrong area.

Improve Marketing – Be cautious in marketing and target only relevant audiences. You can use tags, demographics and more to refine marketing strategies to target only relevant audiences.

Final Word: How to Make Traffic More Relevant on Shopify

If you want to improve website performance, you’ve got to look at the traffic you’re bring in. Bringing in more traffic won’t help if those visitors aren’t going to buy from you. Therefore, you’ve got to adjust the tactics of your marketing and website to ensure that you have better traffic coming to you.

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