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How to Merge Orders in Shopify

How to Merge Orders in Shopify

Last modified: July 31, 2021

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There are lots of features on Shopify that allow you to make managing your fulfillment process a lot easier. One of those is to merge orders into one on Shopify. This feature is useful for speeding up processing and saving costs on your website. In this article, we look at the reasons why you should merge orders in Shopify and how to do it.

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Why Would you Merge Orders in Shopify?

The scenario is that a customer has gone onto your website and placed an order for five products. Later that day they realize that they made a mistake and they need seven products. They will then place a second order with you later that day. The next morning they’ve got a phone call from a friend and then they want another product so they make an additional order.

This means that you’ve not got three orders to fulfil and this will cost you three lots of packaging and shipping. For those that have free shipping, you don’t even have the benefit of recouping the costs via shipping costs added to the orders.

That is why you might want to consider merging the orders.

In addition to you saving on the costs to send the orders to your customers, they only need to be in for one delivery. This is more convenient for them. You also might be able to refund them if they paid three times for shipping.

How to Merge Orders on Shopify

Merging orders on Shopify isn’t a challenging proposition. It can be done thanks to the help of an app, Order Merger. This app allows you to automatically merge orders on your store based on the customer ID and shipping address. Therefore, if the customer makes two orders, but one is for another address (like a gift for a friend) then it won’t merge the orders.

Alternatively, you can base the merge function with customer tag, order tag, shipping address, carriers and more. Customers can also be informed about when their orders have been merged for better experiences. This is something that big brands like Amazon automatically do as well.

If there are conflicts, the app has the perfect solution. It can handle all shipping costs, refunding, combining the shipping costs or using a hybrid of the two. It can also handle all order tags, adding new relevant tags and removing tags that are no longer relevant. Finally, it can handle cases where refunds have been made on older orders.

Final Word: How to Merge Orders in Shopify

Merging orders on Shopify is really easy. All you need to do is to use the Merge Orders App on your Shopify store and the process is done automatically for you. This reduces your workload and allows you to spend more time marketing and fulfilling orders rather than doing low-value tasks that will not support your business’ growth.

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