How to Remove Online Sales Channels from Shopify [2024]
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How to Remove Online Sales Channels from Shopify

Last modified: November 24, 2023

How to Remove Online Sales Channels from Shopify
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You can use Shopify to sell on many platforms. You can sell on Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Walmart, NewEgg and more. However, sometimes these online sales channels aren’t viable for you anymore, and you want to remove it.

Key Takeaways
Log in to your Shopify store to start the removal process.
Navigate to ‘Settings’ then ‘Sales Channels’ in Shopify admin to see your channels.
Remove a channel by clicking the trash can symbol, then state your reason and confirm.

Why Remove an Online Sales Channel?

There are many reasons why you might want to remove an online sales channel. For one, recent changes in commissions or processing fees might make it unprofitable. Or there might be a membership fee that is costing too much when you don’t have many sales.

Alternatively, you might find that you’re spreading yourself too thin and not able to work with all the channels. You might feel that you’re better off servicing a limited number of sales channels to a high standard than offering your services everywhere with a basic level of service.

It also might be more challenging to manage all the sales channels with the stock levels. Though there are stock synchronization apps, like this one, you might have a sales channel which is slower to synchronize.

Finally, you might have too much competition on specific channels. For instance, some products can be sold by half a dozen or sometimes even more sellers on Amazon and eBay. You might not want to face that competition with the costs. Therefore, you withdraw your product.

Step 1 – Login

The first step is to log in to your Shopify store.

Step 2 – Sales Channels

From the Shopify admin, click on the ‘Settings’ heading and then select the option that reads ‘Sales Channels’.

Step 3 – Remove Sales Channels

Now you will see a list of all the sales channels that you operate from your store. You can find the sales channels that you would like to remove and then click on the trash can symbol beside the channel.

Step 4 – State Reason

After signaling that you would like to remove a sales channel, a dialogue box will appear and request information why you would like to remove the channel. If there is a reason you would like to share, then you can type out the reason. If not, you can skip this step.

Step 4 - Click Remove

To complete the process, you can then click on the ‘Remove’ option.

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Conclusion: How to Remove Online Sales Channels from Shopify

There are lots of reasons why you might like to remove an online sales channel from your Shopify account. There are some simple steps, detailed above, that allow you to complete the process. Just remember to ensure that you don’t forget to remove the app associated with the channel to prevent incurring additional charges when you’re not using the sales channel anymore.

  • Does removing a sales channel delete historical sales data?

    No, removing a sales channel does not delete its historical sales data from your Shopify account. This data remains accessible for future reference and analysis.

  • Can I remove a sales channel if I have pending transactions on it?

    It’s best to complete or cancel pending transactions before removing a sales channel for a smooth transition and to avoid any potential complications.

  • Will removing a sales channel affect my existing customer orders?

    Removing a sales channel won’t impact existing orders. They will continue to be processed as usual, ensuring no disruption in customer service.

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