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How to Use Seasonal Discounts on Shopify

How to Use Seasonal Discounts on Shopify

Last modified: February 9, 2023

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Discounts are an important part of your Shopify store. Discounts can help increase customer loyalty and can also help you improve conversions across your brand. However, global discounts that are always available aren’t a great way to increase sales because customers don’t feel the urgency. Therefore, you will want to try implementing seasonal discounts on your Shopify store.

What are Seasonal Discounts?

Seasonal discounts are those that are available for a set, limited period, often associated with a holiday season or time of the year. Common discounts that are seasonal are Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, etc..

Seasonal discounts work because they allow you to attach your brand to the current season. Those that love Christmas are going to be more receptive to your brand if you’re doing Christmas discounts, etc..

In addition, by giving deadlines on when discounts can be used by, you’re adding urgency to your website. This can increase the likelihood that a visitor to your store will complete a purchase. Urgency is very powerful. Some stores that using urgency can increase sales by over 300%.

And seasonal discounts can last for just a few hours to a few weeks, the details can be left to you.

How to Implement Seasonal Discounts on your Website

There are numerous ways that can you can implement seasonal discounts on your website. However, the best way is to automate the whole process. For instance, you could have a Black Friday discount that is run every year on Black Friday. Using some discount apps you can do this automatically and have it run at the same time every year.

You’ll also be able to pre-program your promotional bars or sliders to showcase the promotions for a set period every year. This way, you can minimize the work that you have to do every year.

There are several Shopify apps that can do this for you. You can have numerous sales and discounts that run throughout the year and you can automate emails that can remind customers of the discounts that are running.

Top Tips for Seasonal Discounts

There are several ways that you can improve the performance of seasonal discounts. The first is to ensure that you’re not always discounting. There are going to be times when you want the products on your store to be at full price. Or you could discount collections at different times. For instance, TVs could be discounted on Black Friday by Laptops on Cyber Monday.

This can be a good way to get the customer to spend a little more, while also offering a good deal to them.

In addition, you want to make sure that deals are not all the same. Have a good deal but then have a limited deal that comes on afterwards.

Finally, remember to promote your deals on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels. This allows you to get the most out of these channels as those on social media like to find out about deals and use them. They can also be shared by users on these channels more easily that can increase traffic to your website.

Final Word: How to Use Seasonal Discounts on Shopify

Seasonal discount on Shopify can be a great way to increase conversions on your website. They offer you a great way to offer customers a good deal which can increase their satisfaction and improve loyalty. And by using three or four seasonal discounts throughout the year, you can plan on when demand is going to be at its highest.

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