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Top 11 Shopify Calendar Apps – [2023]

Last modified: April 23, 2023

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Calendars on your website might be an important part of your online presence. They could show when events at your business are taking place, what availability there is for equipment/staff/rooms for hire and you could use one to plan for deliveries. There are numerous ways to display a calendar on your store, but one of the top options is to install one of the top Shopify calendar apps.

What Can Shopify Calendar Apps Do?

Shopify calendar apps are able to make your store a lot more interactive and informative. Customers can see at a glance at availability, deliverability and more information. They can also help prevent confusion. If customers can see on a calendar when you’re open, they won’t be disappointed when they visit your physical store.

Likewise, calendars can be used to build up anticipation for events or sales. And you can mark historical information on your website. For instance, when you sold to your 1000th customer or when you delivered a new product to your customers. A calendar can be made into a way to promote all things: past and future.

With these possibilities in mind, here are 10 of the best Shopify calendar apps available for you right now.

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Tipo Appointment Booking

Tipo Appointment Booking

This powerful, yet free, tool allows you to create a smooth booking experience on your store with quick and painless steps, fast loading and an aesthetically pleasing design. The app is suitable for numerous niches. This includes educational settings, doctor surgeries, professional services and more. The customer will find the appointment booking aspect very easy to use.

The app allows for synchronization between your website and the Google Calendar or Apple Calendar. This means customers can visually see available dates and they will never miss their appointment once they’ve made a booking. And you can track all appointments with detailed information such as the status, date/time, customer, employee and location. There are numerous filtering options you can use to get more access to the information you need.

Plus with all the analytic tools available, you can discover new trends and information that can help all marketing campaigns including email, SMS and push notifications.

The app allows for customizable designs. Therefore, your booking system can blend right into your current theme. At the same time, you can change the app’s font and background image.

Tipo Appointment Booking Highlights:

  • A free, yet powerful, booking app that you can use within numerous niches.
  • Change many aspects of the app’s display including the color, font, background image and more of your website.
  • Great suite of analytical tools so you can understand more about your customers and their behaviors.
  • Synchronization with Google Calendar and Apple Calendar.

Events Calendar

Events Calendar

Events Calendar allows you to add an aesthetically pleasing calendar to your website with one click that can promote all your upcoming events. You can add events to the calendar to include images, links, ‘save event’ buttons and more. And if you use anything like Google, Outlook or Eventbrite, you can connect those external calendars and display all the events on your site with ease.

You can display events in monthly, weekly or agenda view while at the same time customizing the fonts, colors, and the layout design to best match your branding and current website design. You can also display all text in up to 30 languages.

There is a free version of this software. This allows you to display up to five events for free on your site. Any more than that and you would need to have one of the premium options.

Events Calendar Highlights:

  • Can display up to five events for free on your website.
  • Link with numerous external calendars to display events on your website.
  • Manually add events to your store with text, images and buttons to attract audiences.
  • Can display information about events in up to 30 languages and more can be added if you contact the developers.

Final Word: Top 10 Shopify Calendar Apps

Whether it is for booking reservations or event tickets or just advertising sales/events for your business, using one of the Shopify Calendar apps can be a great choice to help you get the word out. There are numerous options available, but they all have different purposes. So what is your need and which of the apps above will you use?

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