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The 10 Best Shopify Subscription Apps

Last modified: January 11, 2021


One of the most successful online business models has been the subscription model. They offer a regular income for services or products on your website. There are many different products and services that you can offer on this model, including content, products and services. To help with your business on the platform, you can use one of the many Shopify subscription apps.

What do Shopify Subscription Apps Offer your Business?

There are several ways that subscription apps can help your business to grow. One is by ensuring that offers for customers are maintained. This is especially important if you have a content-based subscription where customers have access to special areas. However, it can also be a good way to get regular order reminders through the system. Some apps can send orders at the same time every month so you don’t miss out.

At the same time, the Shopify subscription apps can ensure that you have the payments coming in from your customers so you’re not chasing them. Regular payments are one of the top advantages of the subscription model as it allows you to predict costs and income more accurately for a time period.

Shopify subscription apps should also make it easier for customers to manage their monthly orders. They might be able to add products, remove products or cancel without speaking to you. This can be a huge time saver.

So, what are the best Shopify subscription apps for your store? Here are ten of the best for you to consider.

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PayWhirl Recurring Payments

PayWhirl Recurring Payments

PayWhirl is a powerful and free app that allows you to sell subscriptions and offer customers payment plans and more. You can create, manage and sell subscriptions with ease and other types of recurring payment plans through the native Shopify checkout. Once a subscription has been set up the customer can then login to their account on your website and manage many aspects of their recurring order and customer details.

Customers can use any major credit and debit cards for their transactions and these are saved to your website. And on a weekly, monthly or annual basis, the payments are taken automatically, leaving you with little to do other than servicing your customers with good services and products.

The app works with any theme, integrating perfectly so that it matches your site’s theme design. There is also complete language control and your site is built for mobile compatibility. The app has also been built so they work with Shopify’s built-in reports. And you can enable/disable customer features.

PayWhirl Recurring Payments Highlights:

  • Customers can have payment plans that allow them to pay for orders over a longer period.
  • Have recurring payments for subscriptions.
  • Your customers can manage their regular orders with ease.
  • Lots of customization options to make your subscriptions seamlessly integrate into your brand.

Final Word: 10 Best Shopify Subscription Apps

Numerous Shopify subscription apps can help you build a successful business online. The ten above are just some of the best Shopify subscription apps for you to use. The choice of which you install is up to you. So what is going to be your pick?

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