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10 Best Shopify Car Dealership Themes

Last modified: July 24, 2021

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Selling a car used to be based around the showroom/dealership with customers coming to you to see all the cars. Now times have changed and there is more time spent by customers online looking at the available cars. That is why now you must use one of the best Shopify car dealership themes for your Shopify store to ensure that you can grab the attention of your audience.

What are you Looking for in the Best Shopify Car Dealership Themes?

There are many things that you’re looking for when trying to choose from one of the best Shopify car dealership themes. The first thing that you need is speed. Customers will want to move quickly through your website and a slow site will frustrate customers. For every second it takes for your website to load, you will lose about 7% of your revenue. When margins can be very tight at dealerships, this can be a huge loss.

In addition, you want something very visual. Cars sell based on their looks and features. So you need to have good high-quality images and videos to help sell your cars.

To help customers find your website, you will also need to have good SEO potential on your website. Speed is part of this, but other elements can be so important for ranking. For instance, clean code, image optimization and more.

You might also want to have additional features for your website. For instance, Google Maps, reviews, testimonials, popup creations and more can be integrated into your website for a better user experience. You should also look at the navigation of your website. If customers can get around your website quicker then they will have a better experience.

So, what are the best Shopify car dealership themes? Here’s our selection for your consideration.

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If you’re a small dealership with only a few options available, then you might want to have this Shopify theme on your website. It is perfect for those with small catalogs with it modular-style design that is easy to customize and use. There are four different styles that you can utilize for a basic design. One of these is great for car dealerships and will be good at building trust and brand identity.

The theme actually concentrates on allowing you to build a rapport with your audience. There is a stylish testimonials section. This can be further enhanced with a review app that can increase trust. However, not using a review app won’t negatively impact your results.

You’re also able to showcase your cars through a wide layout. Great for those promotional images that car manufactures might send you. This can also allow you to showcase large imagery so customers can see the finer details of your vehicles. In addition, videos can be added to your store for better conversions. These are hosted on YouTube or Vimeo.

Startup Highlights:

  • Optimized for all devices, so your audience can interact with your website on any device.
  • This theme is optimized for search engines to help you grow traffic levels.
  • There are lots of free, professional images that are available for your store.
  • Four different styles that you can choose from to build a better website.



Supply is a great free theme that was built for larger catalogs. It comes with numerous features that allow it to be a great choice for any dealership looking to get online while retaining a tight budget. For one feature, there is a collection filtering sidebar. Customers can filter products based on collection, brand and price. You can also use other customizable options to change the filters.

In addition, you can use the slideshow options to display the best products you have online. You’re also able to showcase the branding of your dealership. This slider can be placed on your website. Finally, there is the option to display a featured collection on your home page.

Supply Highlights:

  • This is a free theme that is perfect for anyone on a budget.
  • Can showcase your products on the homepage through the excellent slideshow.
  • Filter products through various options.
  • Is perfectly optimized options.

Final Word: 10 Best Shopify Car Dealership Themes

If you’re looking to get your car dealership online then you need to be using one of these Shopify car dealership themes. There are ten of the best options above, which you choose is your decision, all will be good, helping you to grow your business online without disrupting your physical presence. Which option will you choose?

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