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The 11 Best Shopify Customer Support Apps – [2023]

Last modified: July 4, 2022

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It doesn’t matter what you sell, whether it’s t-shirts or computer hardware, there are going to be times when you need to provide some form of support to customers. This can be done in several forms, such as live chat, forums, FAQ centers, ticketing support and more. However, to make this work, you’re going to need one (or more) of the best Shopify customer support apps available.

What are the Benefits of Using one of the Best Shopify Customer Support Apps?

Customer support apps can help you add a personal touch to your website that customers want to see. They want to know that if they have a question or problem, there is a support option available that can help them find a solution. It might be that they want to reorder something that they can’t find, do a return or make a complaint. Without Shopify customer support apps, this might be more challenging to complete.

There are numerous benefits to using an app. The first is that it becomes more manageable. With apps, records of the conversations and the outcomes can be connected. The apps can also collect vital information to save time like customer name, contact details and order information. This prevents you from having to request from the customer or find the information yourself in the sales history.

In addition, customer support apps can sometimes offer you some automation. This can save you time and therefore costs. Helping you to run a more effective and profitable business.

Finally, some Shopify customer support apps have been tested and found to improve conversion rates. This allows you to earn money from the visitors you have and not having to find new visitors to your website to earn more. This can be a more cost-effective solution and reduces costs associated with abandoned cart emails (i.e. discounts, sending emails, etc.).

So, what are the best Shopify customer support apps? Here is a quick selection for you to consider for your store.

Filter between free and paid

Live Chat & Customer Service

Live Chat & Customer Service

This free app has all the solutions you need for personalized customer service. It helps to reduce first response time, provide a proactive and personalized support to shoppers wherever they are at the purchasing journey. It can also help you by notifying you of when you should reach out to visitors in order to delight them. Therefore, you can also improve conversions and orders with ease.

This app allows you to use templates and Shopify macros to cut support time and improve customer experiences on your website. The app also has other powerful features like being able to offer discount codes to upsell and prevent cart abandonment, use an FAQ center on your chat.

When customers do chat to you, you’ll get a full, advanced set of data about the customer. This can include where they are from, purchasing history, browsing history, cart preview and more. Therefore, you can improve your answers. You’ll also able to synchronize all customer data with ease to make your responses more personalized.

Live Chat & Customer Service Highlights:

  • Improve conversations with personalized responses.
  • Find out about the customer and what they’re doing on your website while they’re in chat.
  • Issue refunds and more on your website’s chat with ease.
  • Easy to install and free to use.

Final Word: The 11 Best Shopify Customer Support Apps

When it comes to keeping customers happy, you need to use one of the best Shopify customer support apps on your store. There are lots of them available, with different features. Above are ten of the best apps you can use. Which one will you try out?

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