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The Top 11 Shopify GDPR Apps

Last modified: July 31, 2020

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When GDPR came in to effect, many businesses were unprepared. Part of the problem was that many organizations didn’t understand the legislation, who it was meant for and what was required to be compliant. Even now, there are numerous brands who aren’t compliant with GDPR laws.

The biggest issue is that although GDPR laws are created by the European Union, they apply to any business that gains traffic from the population inside the EU. Therefore, even if you sell products to just the US, Canada or another country outside of the EU, if people visit you from within the trading bloc the law is still applicable.

What Are You Looking For In Shopify GDPR Apps?

One of the best things about Shopify GDPR apps is that they don’t need to do much. Therefore, the apps are actually lightweight but perform vital actions that make you compliant with EU laws. This does give several benefits. To be compliant, you won’t impact speed. At the same time, many of the Shopify GDPR apps are free.

Finally, you can easily add them to your store and then customize them to your specific needs. So, which are the best 11 apps for your Shopify site?

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Free GDPR + EU Cookie Bar

Free GDPR + EU Cookie Bar

This free Shopify app is great for those looking to comply with the EU visitor laws. The app is simple, a banner, asking for permission to collect information via cookies is presented to the visitor. Once accepted, the banner disappears. It is that simple in how it works, but this app has a lot more functionality than is on the surface.

You can link to your terms and conditions and privacy policy. Therefore, customers can know what they’re agreeing to immediately. Also, the app works on all devices without any lag or problems. The app is also compatible with all Shopify themes.

Free GDPR + EU Cookie Bar Highlights:

  • Works with all Shopify themes and lots of plugins.
  • Comply with EU law with a free app.
  • Provide visitors with details of your terms and conditions.
  • Easy-to-use app.

Easy GDPR + Cookie Bar

Easy GDPR + Cookie Bar

Another free app that can make your store compliant with EU GDPR laws. Once installed you will be offered lots of great features including the cookie bar being translated into 24 EU languages and you can limit the cookie popup to only those in the EU, allowing those outside of the EU a better, more relevant shopping experience.

Users can also modify and delete data themselves. Therefore, they can be in control of what data you store, a much more effective way for you to offer services to the EU population. To do this, they will need to use the innovative private data access page.

You can also use the app to update your privacy policy, so it is more aligned with GDPR. And you can receive notifications instantly when you have a request to modify or delete requests.

Easy GDPR + Cookie Bar Highlights:

  • An easy-to-use and install app that will allow you to comply with EU laws.
  • Compatible across all devices and with both registered and guest visitors.
  • No need to use a developer, it is easy to customize the private data pages yourself.
  • Technical support available should you ever need any technical help.

GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page

GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page

Ensure that you’re compliant with GDPR laws with this free app. The cookie consent banner can be added with just one-click and can be displayed to all visitors or just those who are in the EU. And you can be sure that whoever is visiting can read the message with all 24 official EU languages supported.

To ensure you’re happy with the design, there is a preview banner you can use before saving any settings in the banner. Customization can be with the text, alignment, font and size. Therefore, you can ensure that your GDPR notifications match your branding and necessary wording. You can also customize the look of the banner to better match your branding.

When policies change, and they should on a regular basis in order to better reflect your latest terms and conditions, you can reset the banner and re-display to those who have already given their consent. This prevents you from being sued for customers not realizing that there have been new terms and conditions.

GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page Highlights:

  • A free app that can help you be compliant with EU laws.
  • Customize the banner to get it to match your current branding.
  • Monitor and manage settings from a single page within your Shopify dashboard.
  • Select the position of the banner.

EU GDPR Cookies Notification

EU GDPR Cookies Notification

This is a simple to use and maintain Shopify GDPR app that is as simple as install, customize and enjoy. Once installed, you can customize several settings including the layout and the style. From there, you can notify customers that you are using cookies on your store and get their permission to keep data.

You can also set whether your notification is displayed to all visitors or those who are just within the EU. The app is fully mobile friendly, so will display on any device. And if you run into any trouble, don’t worry there is free support that offers 24 hour problem solving, on working days.

EU GDPR Cookies Notification Highlights:

  • Customize the look and position of your banner.
  • Display to customers who are across the world or just within the EU.
  • Free support available.
  • Free app that helps you to comply with EU law.

GDPR Cookie Compiler

GDPR Cookie Compiler

GDPR Cookie complier is another great free app that will allow you to notify your customers that you collect data. You can then ask for their permission to store this data. The easy installation requires no technical knowledge and there is no need to edit your theme or site.

There is a customizable banner that can match your branding, so the experience for the audience is seamless. If your customers want to hide the banner, it is done with ease. As with many other apps, this can support any language within the EU and you can hide it automatically to those not located in the trading bloc.

GDPR Cookie Compiler Highlights:

  • A free-forever app, that can be customized so it fits within your branding.
  • Hide the banner from those not in the EU.
  • Excellent support to help you should you need it.
  • Optimized CSS so it is responsive to any screen resolution.

GDPR Cookie Notice Bar

GDPR Cookie Notice Bar

Be sure your website isn’t fined by installing this app and keeping customers informed about your cookie policies. This app allows for a simple popup and bar to display informing customers that you use cookies to enhance their performance. The cookie notice can be displayed to only those within the EU and the coding is mobile responsive.

There is a popup behavior control settings panel, that allows you to determine certain settings of the app, perfect for tailoring the behaviors of the app and ensuring user experiences aren’t hindered.

For customization, you can match the branding of any notification to that of your website. You can change the fonts, colors and more to ensure that all blends seamlessly together. You can also control the position of the notification, ensuring that customers don’t miss it but also that it doesn’t cover up important information.

GDPR Cookie Notice Bar Highlights:

  • Position the bar/popup to ensure vital data isn’t hidden.
  • Show the notification to those who are in the EU only.
  • Adjust the look and style of the banner to ensure it matches your website’s branding.
  • Responsive, so will look good on any device or screen resolution.

EU Cookie Bar ‑ Cookie GDPR - ** Currently not Published on Shopify

EU Cookie Bar ‑ Cookie GDPR - ** Currently not Published on Shopify

This app is simple and free. It basically presents your visitors with a banner that informs them that you use cookies on your store (like all websites). Once the customer has agreed to the terms of service for your website, it will be hidden from the website visitor. You can also direct visitors to your Cookie policy page to fully comply with EU law.

The ease of which you can use this app is great. Even those without any technical skill should be able to install it within once click, customize it so it matches your current branding and then activate it.

EU Cookie Bar ‑ Cookie GDPR Highlights:

  • A free app that helps you stay compliant with EU laws.
  • Banner can be customized to match your store’s branding.
  • One click install.
  • Optimized for mobile displays.

Final Word: The Top 10 Shopify GDPR Apps

Whether or not you are primarily targeting shoppers in the EU, you should still be prepared to comply with regulations. Someone in the EU needs to give consent to have tracking cookies, this includes items like Google Analytics, Facebook pixels and more.

All of the Shopify GDPR apps above will be able to allow you to at least partially cover your responsibilities of GDPR. This should allow you to receive customers from the EU, though you might need to take additional steps to ensure that you are fully compliant. The problem is, which of the apps will you choose?

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