9 Best Shopify GDPR Apps [2024]
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9 Best Shopify GDPR Apps [2024]

Last modified: October 23, 2023

shopify gdpr apps
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Pandectes GDPR Compliance
Pandectes GDPR Compliance
Free GDPR + Cookie Management
Free GDPR + Cookie Management
EU GDPR Cookies Notification
EU GDPR Cookies Notification
GDPR Cookie Compiler
GDPR Cookie Compiler
GDPR Cookie Notice Bar
GDPR Cookie Notice Bar
TinyCookie: GDPR Cookie Banner
TinyCookie: GDPR Cookie Banner
Sales Rocket
Sales Rocket
GDPR Data Compliance Banner EU
GDPR Data Compliance Banner EU
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When GDPR came into effect, many businesses were unprepared. Part of the problem was that many organizations didn’t understand the legislation, who it was meant for, and what was required to be compliant. Even now, there are numerous brands that aren’t compliant with GDPR laws.

The biggest issue is that although GDPR laws are created by the European Union, they apply to any business that gains traffic from the population inside the EU. Therefore, even if you sell products to just the US, Canada, or another country outside of the EU, if people visit you from within the trading bloc the law is still applicable.

And this has had major financial problems for the US companies. By 2022, About 27% of US companies have spent more than $500,000 to comply with GDPR regulations. But not every US company is compliant, over 20% have not taken the necessary steps to comply with legislation.

Of course, even big brands are facing huge fines for non-compliance when it comes to GDPR. Amazon has paid fines of more than $877 million. WhatsApp has paid fines that are more than $255 million.

What Are You Looking For In Shopify GDPR Apps?

One of the best things about Shopify GDPR apps is that they don’t need to do much. Therefore, the apps are actually lightweight but perform vital actions that make you compliant with EU laws. This does give several benefits. To be compliant, you won’t impact speed. At the same time, many of the Shopify GDPR apps are free.

Finally, you can easily add them to your store and then customize them to your specific needs.

Key Takeaways
Shopify GDPR apps are often free and easily customizable to fit specific business needs.
Non-compliance with GDPR can result in substantial fines, even for large, well-known companies.
GDPR apps aid in displaying cookie consent banners, essential for legal compliance.


Best GDPR Apps For Your Shopify Site

Filter between free and paid

Pandectes GDPR Compliance

Pandectes GDPR Compliance

Ensure that you’re compliant with GDPR laws with this app. The cookie consent banner can be added with just one-click and can be displayed to all visitors or just those who are in the EU. And you can be sure that whoever is visiting can read the message with all 24 official EU languages supported.

To ensure you’re happy with the design, there is a preview banner you can use before saving any settings in the banner. Customization can be with the text, alignment, font and size. Therefore, you can ensure that your GDPR notifications match your branding and necessary wording. You can also customize the look of the banner to better match your branding.

When policies change, and they should on a regular basis in order to better reflect your latest terms and conditions, you can reset the banner and re-display to those who have already given their consent. This prevents you from being sued for customers not realizing that there have been new terms and conditions.

GDPR Compliance Center Highlights:

  • An app that can help you be compliant with EU laws.
  • Customize the banner to get it to match your current branding.
  • Monitor and manage settings from a single page within your Shopify dashboard.
  • Select the position of the banner.
  • Cookie Consent and Store Scan
  • Data Subject Rights Management
  • Smart Blocker and Integrations

Free GDPR + Cookie Management

Free GDPR + Cookie Management

This is a more complex app than some of the others, which makes it a great option for those who want more control over their GDPR requirements. The app can track policy acceptances, therefore the notification disappears from their screens and won’t appear if the customer returns at a later time. You can also see any and all GDPR requests.

You can also edit customer account information. Therefore, if the customer has had a change of heart and doesn’t want data stored by you, then you can make that change for them.

The app itself has lots of features that make it very effective. It is responsive, so will look good on all devices and screen resolutions. You can also show the bar to all visitors to your store or only those that originate inside the EU. You can also translate all GDPR pages into English, German, French, Italian, Finnish, Bulgarian, Slovenian or Romanian.

Free GDPR + Cookie Management Highlights:

  • A highly functional app that has more control over the data collected.
  • Can see data deletion requests and act upon them easily.
  • Can block Google Analytics.
  • Can block Facebook pixels.

EU GDPR Cookies Notification

EU GDPR Cookies Notification

This is a simple to use and maintain Shopify GDPR app that is as simple as install, customize and enjoy. Once installed, you can customize several settings including the layout and the style. From there, you can notify customers that you are using cookies on your store and get their permission to keep data.

You can also set whether your notification is displayed to all visitors or those who are just within the EU. The app is fully mobile friendly, so will display on any device. And if you run into any trouble, don’t worry there is free support that offers 24 hour problem solving, on working days.

EU GDPR Cookies Notification Highlights:

  • Customize the look and position of your banner.
  • Display to customers who are across the world or just within the EU.
  • Free support available.
  • Free app that helps you to comply with EU law.

GDPR Cookie Compiler

GDPR Cookie Compiler

GDPR Cookie complier is another great free app that will allow you to notify your customers that you collect data. You can then ask for their permission to store this data. The easy installation requires no technical knowledge and there is no need to edit your theme or site.

There is a customizable banner that can match your branding, so the experience for the audience is seamless. If your customers want to hide the banner, it is done with ease. As with many other apps, this can support any language within the EU and you can hide it automatically to those not located in the trading bloc.

GDPR Cookie Compiler Highlights:

  • A free-forever app, that can be customized so it fits within your branding.
  • Hide the banner from those not in the EU.
  • Excellent support to help you should you need it.
  • Optimized CSS so it is responsive to any screen resolution.

GDPR Cookie Notice Bar

GDPR Cookie Notice Bar

Be sure your website isn’t fined by installing this app and keeping customers informed about your cookie policies. This app allows for a simple popup and bar to display informing customers that you use cookies to enhance their performance. The cookie notice can be displayed to only those within the EU and the coding is mobile responsive.

There is a popup behavior control settings panel, that allows you to determine certain settings of the app, perfect for tailoring the behaviors of the app and ensuring user experiences aren’t hindered.

For customization, you can match the branding of any notification to that of your website. You can change the fonts, colors and more to ensure that all blends seamlessly together. You can also control the position of the notification, ensuring that customers don’t miss it but also that it doesn’t cover up important information.

GDPR Cookie Notice Bar Highlights:

  • Position the bar/popup to ensure vital data isn’t hidden.
  • Show the notification to those who are in the EU only.
  • Adjust the look and style of the banner to ensure it matches your website’s branding.
  • Responsive, so will look good on any device or screen resolution.

TinyCookie: GDPR Cookie Banner

TinyCookie: GDPR Cookie Banner

GDPR Cookie Bar, Kooke, is a great free option that allows you to stay compliant with GDPR regulations whether you sell to Europe or not. This app is perfect as it is easy to install and takes just one click to work. The app will present a professional-looking banner each time a new visitor arrives on your website. It will inform them that you’re using cookies.

The app allows you to fully customize the bar, allowing your own branding to be utilized. This includes changing the background colors, buttons and wording. This app can also work alongside any cookie policy page you have.

GDPR Cookie Bar ‑ Kooke Highlights:

  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Can adjust the style and look of the bar.
  • Free app.
  • Works across themes and with other apps.

Sales Rocket

Sales Rocket

Sales Rocket is a multi-purpose app that includes more than 40 features that will help you manage your website and promote it. The app includes a cookie management system that will tell customers that you use cookies and how you use their information. This allows you to stay compliant with GDPR laws.

In addition, this app allows you to save on subscriptions by having numerous functions that would otherwise need several apps. Therefore, it can really help you improve your profits by reducing costs.

Some of the other functions included with this app are wheel of fortune games, form building apps, shipping bar, countdown timer and stock countdown. With these you can really increase conversions, helping you to improve sales and profits.

Sales Rocket Highlights:

  • There are 40 apps to help you make more profit from your website.
  • A notification bar about cookies can be added to your website.
  • Urgency features to improve conversions.
  • Build a strong mailing list with your email.

GDPR Data Compliance Banner EU

GDPR Data Compliance Banner EU

This app displays a simple banner that will ask for consent to track user behaviour. The developers have created an app that supports numerous languages for GDPR compliance including English, French and German. If a language isn’t supported, then you can contact their support team who might add it.

The app will display all cookie acceptance in the admin panel, so you can see who is accepting and who is not accepting cookies on your site.

However, if you’re looking for a complete package for GDPR compliance, you might need to look elsewhere. This app is only a part solution.

GDPR Data Compliance Banner EU Highlights:

  • A simple-to-use GDPR app that will tell customers that you use tracking cookies on your site.
  • Requests their consent to track their actions on your website.
  • Not a complete package. Other apps/actions might be necessary.
  • Supports numerous languages.



This is one of the few Shopify GDPR apps that is premium. That is because it contains lots of features that are very important for your site. First of all, it allows for a simple popup and bar to notify visitors about the use of cookies to enhance their experience. The notifications can be limited to those sessions that originate only within the EU.

The app collects all consents and stores them in an encrypted file so that you can prove to regulators that you are complying. Plus you can export user consent history as a CSV in case you are subject to an audit. To help with cookie management, this app also deletes 12 unnecessary Shopify cookies, making your site cleaner and faster.

Finally, you can block Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and Shopify Analytics until consent is given. This is an important part of the GDPR and is the most likely aspect to get you into trouble.

For the banner itself, there are customization options. These include where the banner is placed, the message and the style of the banner. This allows you to blend it seamlessly into your website’s design, to ensure a smooth experience for your audience.

GDPR+ Highlights:

  • Show only to those countries within the EU.
  • Can support all the languages of the EU.
  • Can generate a cookie policy automatically.
  • Deletes unnecessary cookies from your site.
Keep Reading

Enhancing GDPR Compliance

Understanding GDPR in eCommerce

In the dynamic eCommerce landscape, GDPR compliance is essential for online businesses. It represents a brand’s commitment to data protection and builds customer trust.

Our experience in digital marketing and development reveals a direct correlation between GDPR adherence and trust. Compliance is a continuous journey aligning with evolving data protection norms, not just a checkbox.

Strategies for Effective Compliance

Navigating through GDPR compliance requires a strategic approach. It’s not merely about implementing tools but integrating them seamlessly into the business ecosystem.

Optimizing online stores by aligning technology with legal requirements ensures that data protection is not an afterthought but embedded in the core business strategy. A comprehensive audit, regular updates, and proactive engagement with privacy norms are pivotal.

Global Reach with Compliance

In the global eCommerce space, GDPR compliance allows businesses to engage with a diverse audience while ensuring data integrity, transcending borders, and building customer assurance. Compliance is a universal language that bridges market access, not a barrier.

Implementing Shopify GDPR Apps

Selection Criteria

Choosing the right GDPR apps is integral to effective compliance. The criteria for selection are multifaceted, encompassing functionality, user experience, and adaptability.

Emphasizing the importance of aligning app features with specific business needs ensures that compliance is tailored, efficient, and unintrusive. The app’s rating, reviews, and ability to evolve with changing norms are critical parameters.

Optimizing User Experience

User experience is at the heart of GDPR apps’ effectiveness. It’s not just about compliance but enhancing the customer journey.

Integrating apps that not only meet legal benchmarks but elevate the user engagement level makes compliance a part of the seamless online shopping experience. Transparency, control, and accessibility are the touchstones of implementing GDPR apps effectively.

Adapting to Evolving Norms

The GDPR landscape is dynamic, with norms and expectations evolving. Adapting to these changes is not optional but essential.

Prioritizing adaptability ensures that GDPR apps are not static but dynamic, evolving with emerging trends, legal expectations, and technological innovations. It’s about future-proofing compliance, making it resilient and responsive.

Conclusion: 9 Best Shopify GDPR Apps

Whether or not you are primarily targeting shoppers in the EU, you should still be prepared to comply with regulations. Someone in the EU needs to give consent to have tracking cookies, this includes items like Google Analytics, Facebook pixels, and more.

All of the Shopify GDPR apps above will be able to allow you to at least partially cover your responsibilities of GDPR. This should allow you to receive customers from the EU, though you might need to take additional steps to ensure that you are fully compliant. The problem is, which of the apps will you choose?

  • What features should I look for in a Shopify GDPR app?

    Essential features in a Shopify GDPR app include easy customization of consent banners, multi-language support, and options for data access and deletion requests. They should also offer compliance monitoring and reporting to keep the store aligned with GDPR requirements.

  • How do Shopify GDPR apps handle data breaches?

    In the event of a data breach, Shopify GDPR apps initiate protocols to inform affected parties and regulatory bodies, as required by GDPR. They also assist in investigating the breach, mitigating risks, and implementing measures to prevent future occurrences.

  • How do I install and configure a Shopify GDPR app?

    Installing a Shopify GDPR app typically involves selecting an app from the Shopify app store, downloading it, and following the on-screen instructions to configure settings. Customization options allow store owners to align the app’s features with their specific compliance needs.

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