4 Best Shopify Make An Offer Apps - [2024]
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4 Best Shopify Make An Offer Apps – [2024]

Last modified: October 25, 2023

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Make An Offer
Make An Offer
Negotio - Make Your Offer Now
Negotio - Make Your Offer Now
Request A Quote
Request A Quote
Request A Quote & Hide Prices
Request A Quote & Hide Prices
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Not all businesses have to have set prices for products or services. One example would be art sellers or those with limited edition items/collectibles. Sometimes, the best way to sell these products is to invite the customers to make an offer. There are only a few Shopify make-an-offer apps available.

What Do Shopify Make An Offer Apps Provide Your Shopify Store

There are numerous functions that Shopify make an offer apps will provide your store. The first is that they will often hide the price of your items on the website. Apps will also invite the visitor to offer you an amount for the product.
You don’t have to accept that price. So, if you don’t like the valuation the customer has put on the product, you can reject their offer. However many offer apps do increase conversions and improve customer engagement.

While collectible products are best suited for this app, that doesn’t mean that other industries can’t use this app. In fact, most eCommerce websites could make use of this app. As long as you set a specific level of discount that you’re willing to accept for any product, you can make a profit from these apps.

Key Takeaways
Not all businesses need to set prices; some invite customers to make offers.
Shopify Make An Offer apps can hide product prices on the site.
These apps allow customers to suggest a price that merchants can accept or reject.

Top Shopify Make An Offer Apps – Here’s Our Selection

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Make An Offer

Make An Offer

This simple app is easy to install, there is no code involved in the installation and the benefits that are on offer seem incredible. The app allows you to activate an exit intent popup on the cart page that can help convert those that have already shown they have an interest in buying. The popup and the button is designed by you, so it can match your branding and optimize the design for conversions.

When open, the app will allow the potential buyer to make an offer for the products. You don’t need to manually accept all offers made to your business. They can be automatically accepted or rejected based on settings you make. These customized discount rules are set by you.

With every offer that is made, the customer must enter an email address. Therefore, even if the offer is rejected, you have an email lead.

There are two ways that you can encourage offers. The most prominent is by having the exit intent option, mentioned above. The other is to place a ‘make an offer’ button on the product page.

Make An Offer Highlights:

  • The customer can be invited to make an offer if they decide to leave the cart page.
  • Collect email leads, even if the offer is rejected.
  • Can delay the showing of the ‘offer’ button on product pages.
  • Free to install this app.
Keep Reading

Enhancing Customer Engagement with Make an Offer Apps

Benefits of Negotiation in E-commerce

Engaging customers in price negotiation can lead to higher conversion rates. By allowing customers to suggest their price, businesses can tap into the psychology of value perception. This not only makes the shopping experience more interactive but also gives customers a sense of control and satisfaction.

Automated Responses for Efficiency

Some apps offer automated response features. This means that based on the discount rules set by the store owner, the app can automatically accept or decline customer offers. This automation speeds up the negotiation process and ensures that the store owner’s pricing boundaries are respected.

Strategies for Different Industries

While the concept of making an offer might seem more relevant to collectible or art products, it’s versatile. Any e-commerce business, regardless of the industry, can implement this strategy. The key is to set a specific discount threshold to ensure profitability.

Emerging Trends in Make an Offer Apps

AI-Powered Negotiation

The integration of AI in make an offer apps is revolutionizing the negotiation process. AI chatbots can engage in personalized interactions with customers, leading to instant deals that satisfy both parties. This not only enhances the customer experience but also ensures that the business achieves optimal sales results.

Enhanced Customer Interaction

Modern apps are designed to keep customers on the product page longer. By encouraging interactions, such as making an offer or negotiating a price, businesses can improve SEO performance and overall user experience.

Maximizing Lead Potential

Capturing user intent is crucial in e-commerce. When visitors are allowed to suggest a price or negotiate, they are at a pivotal point in their decision-making process. By engaging them effectively at this stage, businesses can convert them into loyal customers.

Conclusion: Best Shopify Make an Offer Apps

If you want to sell more on your mobile responsive Shopify store, you can allow shoppers to make offers against products. These Shopify make an offer apps allow you to improve conversions while offering unique discounts to each customer that visits your store. The four apps we’ve highlighted here are the best on Shopify, so which one will you use for your website?

  • How do make an offer apps integrate with the existing checkout process?

    Most apps seamlessly integrate, allowing offers to be processed like regular orders. Some might require additional setup or adjustments to the checkout flow.

  • How do make an offer apps impact the overall customer experience?

    These apps can enhance the shopping experience by giving customers a sense of control over pricing. It can also make shopping more interactive and personalized.

  • Are there any risks associated with allowing customers to suggest prices?

    Yes, there’s a risk of receiving lowball offers, which might undervalue products. However, merchants have the final say and can reject unsatisfactory offers.

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