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Top 10 Shopify Quote Apps – [2023]

Last modified: April 23, 2023

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Not all products/services have a set price. Or you might have products that require more information before you can quote a shipping price for the customer. In these cases, you should look at getting one of the Shopify quote apps for your store.

What can Shopify Quote Apps help with?

When it comes to the products on your store, you generally want to make a profit. For some custom goods, or where there is significant manual work to complete the project, you might need to charge one customer different to another. This is where you might want to consider a quoting system.

Shopify quote apps allow you to take information from a customer and then develop your quote for presentation. From there you can sometimes take payment through your Shopify store or you can take payment another way (cash, card over the phone, Shopify Payment terminal).

Shopify quote apps allow you to customize and personalize your offerings to customers, so you can convert more enquires into customers. So what are the best Shopify quote apps? Here is a list of our favorite ten.

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Invoice Falcon

Invoice Falcon

Invoice Falcon is trusted by more than 4000 stores across the world. It allows you to create, print and send invoices and quotes to anyone across the world. You can send out up to 50 invoices a month for free, allowing those who are just starting out to have a cheap, low-investment way to get started.

From the app you can create, edit and send invoices with ease. All of this can be done without a single order being created on Shopify. In addition, you can change the quotes later on so they can have additional, special pricing that you’ve negotiated with the potential buyer.

All invoices can have a custom design that allows you to have your own branding to them. This includes colors, logos and a set of messages for your customer. The app also allows you to collect payments from the quotes via Stripe.

Invoice Falcon Highlights:

  • Send quotes out in bulk to save time.
  • Collect payments via Stripe without the need of the customer to visit your store.
  • Payment reminders can be sent to customers if they’ve accepted your quotes.
  • Brand your quotes with unique colors and logos.

Final Word: Top 10 Shopify Quote Apps

When you want to offer your customers special pricing or you sell specialized products, you might want to offer quotes to customers. To do this you will need one of the top Shopify quote apps. Above is a list of the top ten of these apps. Each offers you unique features, so which app will you choose to install on your Shopify website?

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