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Top 10 Shopify Messenger Popup Apps – [2023]

Last modified: July 4, 2022

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When it comes to communicating with your customers, nothing works better than messenger. That is why you should ensure that you have at least a live chat app on your website. However, if you want to go that extra mile, then you should use one of the Shopify messenger popup apps on your store.

What is the Difference for Shopify Messenger Popup Apps?

Generally speaking, most live chat apps will allow you to have a popup window for you to communicate with your customers. The popup works on both ends. For example, Facebook messenger is a popup messenger, so is WhatsApp.

They offer a seamless experience for the customer, allowing them to switch between pages as they speak to you. It is also a good way for customer service agents to interact with customers across platforms. Some apps will use Facebook Messenger, therefore, your customers can take the conversation off your store and you can continue it through Facebook at any time.

So, what are the best Shopify messenger popup apps for your website? Here is our list of the top options.

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WhatsApp & Messenger Marketing

WhatsApp & Messenger Marketing

Chat to your customers live with the WhatsApp and Messenger app. This app will help you build a strong relationship with your customers and improve the conversion rate and average order values. There are lots of prebuilt chat plugins, popups and more that you can use and setup within minutes. There is no coding needed for your site and therefore, anyone, even those without experience, can use this app.

This app offers not just live chat, but also a way to automatically deliver marketing campaigns to your customers and leads. This app is perfect for those who have lots of campaigns that include loyalty programs, product reviews, social media and referral schemes. The app is also good for those that have utilized push marketing, email and SMS in the past as it just expands your reach.

The app has lots of features and can really help you connect with your audience, for free. There are customizations that can be used to improve the integration with your store. It is easy to use and requires no knowledge of website development.

WhatsApp & Messenger Marketing Highlights:

  • Offer customers a live chat experience in a popup window that will build trust and increase conversions.
  • Offer coupons through integrated popups on your website.
  • Great for those who want to automate their marketing across the world.
  • Requires no knowledge of coding or website development.

Final Word: Top 10 Shopify Messenger Popup Apps

When it comes to Shopify messenger popup apps, there are lots of choices for you. Some of them use their own system, while others will use WhatsApps and Facebook. Therefore, what you use is up to you and depends greatly on what you’re familiar with. So, which of the apps will you install?

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