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Top 11 Shopify Metafield Apps  – [2023]

Top 11 Shopify Metafield Apps – [2023]

Last modified: March 2, 2023

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When it comes to traffic online, there is nothing that works as well as SEO. Being found on Google and other search engines is really important for your revenue. The more people that come to your store, the more people that will convert. The higher you rank on search engines, the more traffic you will get. Therefore, you need to rank high and one of these Shopify metafield apps will help.

How will Shopify Metafield Apps Help?

When it comes to SEO there are many aspects to consider. The site’s onpage aspects are just as important, if not more so, than the number of links that are inbound to your website. One aspect that is very important is the metafields on your website. There are many locations and elements on a website that use metafields from images to videos and even the pages themselves with more information included on the products, like sizing guides and more.

Metafields help search engines bots to find out more about the products and pages. It is like a label. These are necessary for images and videos, because the content that is contained within the rich media is not readable by the search engine bots. Therefore, you can have a great video or the most perfect product images, but without the right meta tags on your website, then you won’t be ranked and no-one will see your site.

There are many different ways that you can manage the metafields on your website. You can use SEO apps or specific Shopify metafield apps. This list contains a mixture of the apps, those that are specific for metafield and those that can encompass a wide range of the SEO sphere to help you rank more.

You can also use metafields to add more information to website pages. For instance, adding new content to the product pages, collections, home page and more. This can be another way to improve SEO while also saving time. If you’ve got important information that needs to be added to products within a specific collection, you can use metafields that can be attached to every product within that collection. This not only includes that information, but it adds content to a page which will help it rank better.

So, what were the top 11 Shopify metafield apps?

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Metafields Custom Field Master

Metafields Custom Field Master

Metafields Custom Field Master is a great option for adding more information onto your website pages. As well as adding new content to your products/pages and more, you can also improve your site’s ranking through great changes. The app allows you to add global custom fields, which can be used over and over again or you can add specific metafields that can be used on one specific product. The choice of how you deploy the additional content is up to you.

You can make changes to any aspect of your website. For instance, you can add more information to products, variants, collections, pages and information as part of orders. You can also use the app to create more information on customers, with information only you can see.

Metafields Custom Field Master Highlights:

  • Can change all kinds of details on your website allowing you to improve conversions, give more information and improve rank.
  • Global and specific meta data can be used across products, pages and more.
  • Free and pro version available.
  • Can help make changes to pages that will help rank you higher on Google.

Smart SEO

Smart SEO

The app is about saving you time on your website’s SEO. According to the developers, you can spend up to 80% less time on your sites SEO tasks by having this app take care of some of the more menial work for you. For instance, this app will automatically populate metafields for you and alt tags on images. These are vital for good search results on your website.

Smart SEO can also help you generate structured data for Google. This is a great option as Google and other search engines rather pick a store with structured data than one that doesn’t. Smart SEO is also compatible with numerous languages and support multi-language websites, to help you rank internationally, not just in one country.

Smart SEO Highlights:

  • There is a free plan available, but the paid plan is better.
  • Creates SEO automation for your website, therefore, you’re saving time.
  • Structured data that Google will use to help rank your store.
  • Supports numerous languages and multi-language websites.

SEO King

SEO King

SEO King is a great app that allows you to update all your vital metafields to make them more aligned to the needs of your search console. You can also use the app to optimize images. This can help you improve the speed of your website, which has another impact on the ranking of your site. The app also allows you to align the photos.

If you’re stuck for what keywords you would like to use on your website, this app has an excellent keyword generation tool. These keywords can be used on your photos to make them appear in search results.

SEO King Highlights:

  • There is a free plan that contains most of the important functions to help you build a good search profile.
  • Can update your pages in bulk.
  • Change the metafields on your website with just a few clicks.
  • Keyword generation tool.

Final Word: Top 11 Shopify Metafield Apps

Whether you’re looking for an app that will help you change the metafields in the backend or something that will add information to the front end of your website, Shopify have numerous apps to help. Use one of these Shopify Metafields Apps to help you build the functionality into your store. Which of the apps will you use?

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