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Top 10 Shopify Sitemap Apps – [2023]

Last modified: May 26, 2023

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Sitemaps are an important part of your site’s SEO. They show Google and other search engines around your site, making it easier for them to index and rank your site. Sitemaps also offer Google information about how often you update pages: important aspects when you want to rank highly on Google.

Creating one for your store means you should use one of the Shopify Sitemap apps.

What Do Shopify Sitemap Apps Offer Your Store?

There are numerous benefits for a sitemap app. And you can get these as a stand alone app or one that is part of a bigger SEO app. The need is dependent on you. However, many sitemap apps will automatically update every time you update your website and some will push the sitemap to Google and other online search engines.

This should be done in addition to adding meta tags to your website.

Sitemaps are also very useful for customers. They can offer them a structured way to find the pages and content they want directly. When you have a large store this can be very helpful. Therefore, you can improve conversions, reduce bounce rate and build revenues for your store. A sitemap can also improve your reputation and allow you to demonstrate to audiences which content is the most important on your site.

So, which Shopify Sitemap apps do we recommend? Here is our top 10.

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Final Word: Top 10 Shopify Sitemap Apps

Sitemaps are a vital, if be small, part of your website’s SEO. Without them, it is harder for Google and other search engines to index your store and this can result in poorer rankings on relevant searches. At the same time, it is harder for customers to navigate around your store if there is no sitemap.

Therefore, it is best if you utilize one of the Shopify sitemap apps on your store. This will lead to more traffic on your store as you climb the rankings on Google and more sales as customers can find and buy your products. Which of the top ten Shopify sitemap apps will you add to your store?

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