13 Best Shopify Multilingual Apps [Jul, 2024]
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13 Best Shopify Multilingual Apps [Jul, 2024]

Last modified: July 1, 2024

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Translate your shop GTranslate
Translate your shop GTranslate
Easy Language Translate
Easy Language Translate
Translate Your Store – Weglot
Translate Your Store – Weglot
LangShop - Language & Currency
LangShop - Language & Currency
Translate My Store
Translate My Store
Translation Lab
Translation Lab
Panda Language Translate
Panda Language Translate
Localize any Store‑Translated
Localize any Store‑Translated
Language Native Translate
Language Native Translate
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When it comes to growing your revenue streams there are two main options: moving to new territories or expanding your available products/services. While the latter is the easiest, often the best businesses sell a select number of products really well. This is because they can concentrate marketing efforts and therefore grow a following and leads for a set of products effectively. Therefore, sometimes the best option is to move into new territories.

When moving into new territories, you need to consider the language of your new audience. Even in the US and Canada, there are communities that primarily speak, read, and write in different languages (Spanish, French, etc.). And when moving into new countries, you’ll probably experience this too. That is why you need to look at the Shopify multilingual apps available.

What Can Shopify Multilingual Apps Offer Your Store?

Shopify’s multilingual apps allow you to translate your store into a number of different languages to appeal to a larger audience. They can also allow your customers to switch from your native language to another language. This can be done via a dropdown menu or flag selection.

There are many different types of Shopify multilingual apps available. Some will do the translation automatically for you. Others will not. Some will do a mixture of both where translations are provided free, but these are AI-driven. These can contain mistakes within them. Therefore, they also offer a translation proofreading service where a professional will tidy up the content for you.

In addition, prices can vary. Some Shopify multilingual apps are free but professional translations cost. Others will provide you with translations for a monthly subscription. It is determined by the needs, and budget of your brand to determine which is the right app for you.

Breaking the Language Barrier: The Importance of Multilingual Websites

There are many reasons why you might want to add some multilingual components to your website. One is that when dealing with an international audience, the language the content is in can be very important. Research has shown that 56% of customers think reading content in their native language is more important than price. 60% of customers will not buy from an English-only website either.

Another factor is that more languages equals more traffic. Neil Patel was able to boost his website’s traffic by 47% when he added more than 80 different languages to his website.

Key Takeaways
Shopify multilingual apps enable store translation, catering to a global audience and enhancing customer experience.
Multilingual stores attract more traffic, with customers preferring content in their native language over pricing considerations.
Multilingual websites are essential for international business, overcoming language barriers and boosting global reach.

List of the Top 13 Shopify Multilingual Apps for Your Store

Filter between free and paid

Translate Your Store – Weglot

Translate Your Store – Weglot

Weglot is a free to install app but there might be charges after installation. The app works in several ways. First it allows you to translate and display your store in numerous languages. You can then automatically redirect visitors to your store to the language they prefer. You can also translate the checkout process and any email notifications you send out.

As automatic translations aren’t always 100% accurate, then you have the option to edit translations or order a professional translator to correct any mistakes.

To make any of the translations work on your website, you don’t need to touch any source code. Which is great for those who aren’t very technical. To help get your site ranked in different countries, with different languages, the SEO features of this app are great. All pages have dedicated URLs and all meta tags can be translated into the correct language for good ranking.

To make it easy for your customers to read your content, there’s even the option to allow for auto-redirect. This will redirect visitors to the appropriate language based on browser language.

Translate Your Store – Weglot Highlights:

  • Get automatic and professional translations for your website.
  • SEO features to help get your site ranked across the world.
  • Redirect customers to the correct URL based on the browser language.
  • Translate many aspects of your website include the checkout pages.

Translate My Store

Translate My Store

Ensure your website can be read in the language that the user wants to read in with AI-driven, auto-translations. This app uses the Shopify’s native translation support framework to host all translations in your account database. Therefore, the translations offered are seamlessly implemented on your website without slowing down page loading or a 3rd party overlay.

This can help rank your store higher on search engines because your site is faster. Your translations will also be hosted on different URLs that are defined by their location.

The app is easy to install, use and free. There is an aesthetically pleasing interface to start translations from that offers you the chance to translate numerous elements of your website. This can include email and SMS templates, meta data, blogs, products and collections.

If you want to hire a professional translator for your work, you can actually have the translations stored within a csv file and then imported into your website. And there are times when certain words shouldn’t be altered, like brand/trademarked names. There is a glossary available with the app that defines what words shouldn’t be translated and kept in their native language.

Translate My Store Highlights:

  • This app periodically scans your website to report on the coverage of translations to report any that might be missing.
  • Use flags or language names to allow visitors to choose the language that they want to use.
  • One-click, easy install and no developer or coding knowledge needed.
  • Free to install and use forever.

Translation Lab

Translation Lab

Previously, multi-language Shopify stores were a challenge. Apps had to maintain a separate backend that held the translations and your store wasn’t very SEO-friendly. This is where apps, like Translation Lab can help. Now Shopify allows for native and seamless translations, but you still need an app to help manage the different languages on your store.

Translation Lab works with the Shopify native multi-language feature so that translations can be added to your store without any changes to your theme code or an external backend that can slow down your website or crash on you.

It is an easy-to-use translation program that allows you to translate your store into any language that you want. And you can retain complete control over those translations. It works with all major SEO apps as well.

Translation Lab Highlights:

  • A free Shopify translation app.
  • No changes to your themes coding.
  • Website remains fast.
  • Easy to install and use.



Translate & Currency Converter Pro is an easy to install app that doesn’t require any coding experience to use. The app uses Google translation that provides unlimited translation to 103 different languages. In addition to that, the app also has a multi currency converter which can convert your store’s prices to 164 different currencies all readily available upon installation.

This application has a user friendly interface which allows every store owners to easily customize the application to blend in the store. And with its translator and currency converter combined in a single menu, this application promotes convenience for both buyers and store owners, making it a lot easier to navigate and save a lot of time and effort.

The application has 8 different presets to position the menu and you can also use custom CSS to best fit your needs.


  • Supports 103 Languages & 164 Currencies
  • Includes Currency Converter (Use translator, currency or both)
  • Unlimited Translation & Currency Conversion
  • No coding required
Keep Reading

Enhancing Multilingual Capabilities

Shopify store owners understand the importance of catering to a global audience. The ability to communicate effectively with customers in their native language is not just a necessity but a competitive advantage.

In our extensive experience in digital marketing and development, we’ve seen firsthand the transformative impact of implementing multilingual features on eCommerce platforms.

Optimizing User Experience

One of the paramount aspects of enhancing multilingual capabilities is optimizing the user experience. A seamless and intuitive interface, coupled with accurate translations, ensures that international customers can navigate the store with ease, leading to increased engagement and conversions.

The integration of dynamic translation features that adapt to the user’s language preferences is a game-changer in this domain.

Boosting International Sales

By offering content in multiple languages, stores can effectively tap into international markets, breaking down language barriers that often hinder global sales. Accurate and culturally appropriate translations are essential to build trust and credibility among diverse customer segments.

This approach not only amplifies the store’s reach but also boosts its reputation on the global stage.

SEO Benefits

From an SEO perspective, multilingual features enhance the store’s visibility on search engines across different regions and languages. This diversification leads to improved search rankings, driving organic traffic from various geographical locations.

The strategic implementation of SEO-friendly URL structures and language tags is crucial in maximizing these benefits.

Implementing Language Translation Features

Implementing multilingual features requires a strategic approach to ensure that the translations are not only accurate but also culturally appropriate.

Automated vs Human Translations

While automated translations offer speed and efficiency, human translations bring a level of accuracy and cultural relevance that machines often miss. Balancing the two ensures that the content resonates with the audience while maintaining operational efficiency.

It’s a delicate dance of integrating technology and human touch to achieve optimal results.

Customization and Flexibility

Customization is key in tailoring the multilingual experience to fit the specific needs and preferences of different customer segments.

The flexibility to adapt language options, display settings, and translation quality is instrumental in enhancing user satisfaction and engagement. Every detail matters in crafting a personalized multilingual shopping experience.

Compliance and Accessibility

Compliance with legal and regulatory standards in different countries is another critical aspect.

Ensuring that the translations adhere to the legal requirements and are accessible to people with disabilities amplifies the store’s inclusivity. Emphasize the importance of aligning translations with legal and ethical standards.

Conclusion: 13 Best Shopify Multilingual Apps

When you want to expand across the world, your new customers will expect that your website is in their language. That is why you need to utilize one of the many Shopify multilingual apps for your store. These will help make your site more profitable. There are numerous options available, which one will you choose?

  • How do these multilingual apps affect the loading speed of my online store?

    Multilingual apps can impact loading speed, but many are optimized to minimize this effect. Evaluate the app’s performance and user reviews to understand its impact on site speed and user experience.

  • Is there a limit to the number of languages I can add to my Shopify store using these apps?

    The number of languages supported can vary between apps; some offer numerous language options while others are more limited. It’s essential to choose an app that caters to your target audience’s linguistic diversity.

  • How do I choose the best Shopify multilingual app for my specific business needs?

    Choosing the best Shopify multilingual app depends on your business needs, including the number of languages and translation accuracy required. Evaluate features, user reviews, and pricing to find a suitable option.

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