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Top 10 Shopify Country Redirect Apps – [2023]

Last modified: May 26, 2023

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When you operate a business there might be some restrictions in place. For instance, you might not have the ability to sell overseas due to the logistics of the business. Or there might be laws preventing you from selling in certain countries. Or, you might have a different store for certain regions. For instance, like Amazon, you have a .com,, .fr and hundreds more stores, each for a different country. To ensure audiences are on the right store or to keep customers from buying from your store, you might need one of the Shopify Country Redirect apps.

What can Shopify Country Redirect Apps do for your Store?

Online eCommerce is not challenging, but there are certain restrictions. For instance, while going global is enticing, sometimes there are restrictions. For instance, alcohol is illegal in many countries and you don’t want to be caught selling in those countries, even if you’re not there in person. Also, you might have contract obligations if you’re a franchise to sell only in certain countries.

Or, you might have a dedicated website for certain countries. Think about how Amazon works. If you’re living in the US and you went to the UK version, Amazon would remind you of the correct address and can redirect you to the correct page.

There are simple, cost-effective, apps that can block or redirect customers based on the country the visitor is originating from. So, here are some of the top Shopify country redirect apps for your website.

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Country Geo Redirects Lite

Country Geo Redirects Lite

This app is a free, lighter version of another app but it still has some nice features that can allow you to protect your store. It basically prompts customers to visit the correct store, provided you have multiple stores, based on the country where they’re based. You can direct to up to three countries using this app and a popup will display as soon as someone not from the right area lands on your website.

The app is optimized for SEO, mobiles and desktops. You can customize the popup button color, text and add an image to make it match your branding more carefully. The popup will display once per browser session. So, if the visitor makes the same mistake again, they will be shown the popup again.

The smart button links to redirect to the same page on the localized shop.

Country Geo Redirects Lite Highlights:

  • Smart button allows the visitor to see the same page on the correct regional website.
  • Prompts customers to visit the correct store.
  • Free app, but can only be used on three websites.
  • Can customize the popup.

Final Word: Top 10 Shopify Country Redirect Apps

There are many reasons why you might want to redirect customers or block them from your website. You might not want to sell to customers in that country, have a unique website for that territory or you might want to block certain products that aren’t available in another country. By using one of these Shopify Country Redirect apps, you can manage who sees your content and where they go if they need to go to another website. There are so many choices, which app will you choose?

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