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The 10 Best Shopify Order Tagger Apps – [2023]

Last modified: July 4, 2022

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When it comes to managing your orders there are lots of features that are available on Shopify. One of those is tagging orders for important information and processing. This is when you can use Shopify order tagger apps.

What can you do with Shopify Order Tagger Apps?

There are many things that you can do with Shopify order tagger apps. The first thing is that you can label orders with important information that can help you manage them. For instance, you can add information like priority orders, fast delivery, not-paid, etc.

Another thing that you can do is that you can get this done automatically. This can save you time while you still get the management features to help you better fulfil orders for your customers. So what are the best Shopify order tagger apps?

Filter between free and paid

TagRobot: Customers + Orders

TagRobot: Customers + Orders

This app allows you to establish rules that can help with the automatic tagging of your orders and customers. This allows you to organize and streamline the management of your orders as well as segment your customers so you can manage them better.

The app works well with your current dashboard. Within the Shopify admin panel, you can add filters that can help you find orders and customers by the tags that are assigned to them. You can also save those filters so you can use them on another date.

Tags for orders and customers are also available within the notification templates. This does include the order printer settings. Therefore, you can make notifications more personal based on the tags that are assigned. This can improve your brand’s success in customer retention through personalization.

The app will look at every order and customer when there is a change. It will then look at what tags can be added or removed. This can mean that the tags to the orders and customers will be very relevant and not outdated.

TagRobot: Customers + Orders Highlights:

  • Free and premium versions of this app are available.
  • The app will add or remove tags for orders and customers whenever an action you determine is important is made.
  • Can work on customers and orders.
  • Easy to use admin section that is integrated with your Shopify panel.

Auto Tags Customer & Order

Auto Tags Customer & Order

This app allows you to tag your orders based on a series of criteria that you can set. For example, you might want to set all orders that were purchased with a discount code to be tagged with something special. Then you can use a filter to find all those orders at a later date.

There are many reasons why you might want to do this. One might be because you want to offer customers with certain criteria in their order a special gift. This could be a welcome gift for their first order or it could be some discount codes that could be sent with an order to get customers to come back to your website again.

The app allows you to auto-tag your previous orders as well. Therefore, you can look back at old orders and see if there are any patterns. For instance, you might see there is an increase in the number of orders under a certain value when a discount code is being marketed or that only products are bought during a Saturday.

Auto Tags Customer & Order Highlights:

  • Add tags to customer records and orders automatically.
  • Can then filter customers with ease thanks to the tags.
  • You can streamline your fulfillment process, highlight particular orders and much more.
  • You can create tags based on a variety of rules.

Ordersify: Automation Tags

Ordersify: Automation Tags

Ordersify allows you to automate giving tags to your orders to allow you to run reports and manage your orders more effectively. You can save time from having to manually add tags to your orders and you can offer a better service to your customers, no longer do you miss off vital information that can make the difference between a repeat customer or not.

You can choose the tags for orders and what rules enable them to be added to the order. These tags can also change over time as you get more information.

Ordersify: Automation Tags Highlights:

  • Free and premium plans are available.
  • Automatically tag orders based on your rules.
  • Run tagging exercises automatically based on your criteria.
  • Change tags over time to make tags more relevant for the order.

Final Word: The 10 Best Shopify Order Tagger Apps

Are you looking to manage your orders better? Then you might want one of the best Shopify order tagger apps that are listed above. Which one will you install? Let us know in the comments below.

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