14 Best Shopify Page Speed Apps - [2024]
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14 Best Shopify Page Speed Apps – [2024]

Last modified: October 21, 2023

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# Image Name
PageSpeed Monitor
PageSpeed Monitor
Page Speed Booster
Page Speed Booster
Page Speed Optimizer Pro
Page Speed Optimizer Pro
AMP by Ampify Me
AMP by Ampify Me
SEO Image Optimizer & Resizer
SEO Image Optimizer & Resizer
Rocket Page Speed
Rocket Page Speed
Page Load Magic
Page Load Magic
Page Speed Optimizer
Page Speed Optimizer
Image Optimizer and Compression
Image Optimizer and Compression
Sales Rocket
Sales Rocket
Instant Pages - Speed Plugin
Instant Pages - Speed Plugin
Speedr ‑ Faster Stores
Speedr ‑ Faster Stores
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Speed is an important part of a customer’s experience in your store. A fast website indicates a trust-able brand that invests in its website. And this view is shown in revenue. For every second it takes for a site to load, you will lose 7% of your revenue. Therefore, a fast site leads to better revenues and more profit. That is why most brands need to utilize at least one of the numerous Shopify page speed apps.

Normal sites are often not optimized for speed. There are several factors that can influence speed. One of the most common problems with speed is image size. Images take up a lot of memory and so take a long time to download. Generally speaking, some images can make websites load in three seconds, which can often mean that 40% of your audience has left.

Another common problem is website code. Themes that have been poorly coded can take longer to load on a browser. You can adjust the liquid, HTML, and CSS to improve site speeds.

What Do Shopify Page Speed Apps Do?

Basically, Shopify page speed apps make your site faster. This is done by reducing the code and memory necessary to load your pages. How each app achieves this is different. For instance, some page speed apps will just reduce image sizes while others will reduce coding.

This has numerous benefits to your site. We’ve mentioned that they can help improve sales by increasing the conversion rate, revenues and profits. However, speed is an important SEO aspect. Google will rank your site higher when you’re faster, and this can lead to significantly higher traffic volumes.

The end result will lead to more sales, revenue, and profits again.

Finally, you can build better reviews for your brand because the shopping experience of customers will be better.

Key Takeaways
Speed is crucial for a customer’s experience, with faster websites indicating trustworthy brands and leading to increased revenue.
A common issue affecting speed is large image sizes; optimizing images can significantly improve page load times.
Shopify page speed apps enhance site speed by reducing code and memory needed, benefiting SEO and customer experience.

Best Shopify Speed Apps For Your Store

Filter between free and paid

Page Speed Optimizer Pro

Page Speed Optimizer Pro

With one click this app will help your site speed up. It does this by adding an important JavaScript file that will help to improve speed, increase conversions, rank higher on search engines and improve traffic.

The developers say that all this can be achieved in as little as sixty seconds.

Page Speed Optimizer Pro Highlights:

  • Free app.
  • Adds JavaScript to your website to speed up the website.
  • Helps to improve search rank.
  • Increases conversions.

Page Speed Optimizer

Page Speed Optimizer

This simple app will allow you to improve your store’s speed in just a few clicks and for free. Any store, of any size, can use this app and won’t be disappointed. There is no need to know any coding and if you want to switch the app off, you can do so within your Shopify store dashboard.

The app developers don’t reveal too much about the processes which this app works on. However, it has one of the highest number of reviews for a speed app and a very high rating. Therefore, it is definitely an app that should be on a shortlist.

Page Speed Optimizer Highlights:

  • Takes less than 60 seconds to install and get using, so you can see improvements in speed fast.
  • Can turn on and off within your Shopify store dashboard with a click of a button.
  • Highly valued by current users.
  • Free forever app.

Speedr ‑ Faster Stores - Inactive

Speedr ‑ Faster Stores

Speedr works very simply. It uses the ‘just-in-time loading’ technology to load pages quickly and reduce latency. Therefore, your site’s speed will be faster and this will improve customer experiences and lead to more sales.

This is all done through a small piece of code within the store. This preloads and caches pages quickly. This theme is free to install and use. And because of the way it is designed, there are no changes to your website’s theme or checkout process.

Speedr ‑ Faster Stores Highlights:

  • Free to install and use.
  • Installs code into your store that allows for pages to be preloaded for instant delivery when the customer wants them.
  • Leads to more sales and better customer experiences.
  • No changes are made to your theme or checkout process.
Keep Reading

Choosing the Right Shopify Page Speed Apps

Understanding Your Needs

Identifying the specific needs of a Shopify store is the first step in selecting the appropriate speed optimization app. Factors such as the size of the store, the volume of traffic, and the complexity of the website design play a crucial role.

A clear understanding of these elements aids in pinpointing the features and functionalities required to enhance the site’s speed and performance effectively.

Evaluating Features and Functionalities

A plethora of Shopify speed apps are available, each offering a unique set of features. It’s essential to evaluate these features against the store’s requirements. Key functionalities to look for include image optimization, code minification, and lazy loading.

Additionally, ease of use and the availability of customer support can be vital in ensuring the app delivers as expected.

Considering the Budget

Budget is a significant factor in the decision-making process. There are both free and premium apps available. While free apps can offer basic speed optimization features, premium ones provide advanced functionalities and dedicated support.

Balancing the budget with the required features ensures that the store gets optimal speed enhancement without straining financial resources.

Enhancing Shopify Store Performance With Shopify Speed Apps

Importance of Speed Apps

In the competitive landscape of e-commerce, every second counts. A delay in page loading can lead to a significant drop in customer satisfaction, engagement, and ultimately, sales.

Shopify speed apps play a crucial role in addressing this challenge. These applications are designed to optimize various elements of an online store, ensuring that pages load swiftly and visitors can navigate the site with ease.

Features and Functionalities

Shopify speed apps come equipped with a range of features tailored to improve site performance. Image optimization is a common feature, where the app compresses images without compromising quality, ensuring faster loading times.

Code minification is another essential feature; it reduces the size of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files, leading to improved site speed. Lazy loading ensures that images and other elements are only loaded when they come into the viewer’s sight, enhancing the initial load time and user experience.

Measuring the Impact

The effectiveness of Shopify speed apps can be measured through various metrics. Load time is a direct indicator of site performance, with faster times leading to better user experience. Bounce rate is another critical metric; an optimized site retains visitors for longer, reducing the bounce rate.

Additionally, improvements in SEO rankings and increased conversions are clear indicators of the positive impact of speed apps on a Shopify store. Implementing a systematic approach to monitor these metrics ensures that the performance enhancements delivered by speed apps are quantifiable and can be optimized further.

Conclusion: 14 Best Shopify Page Speed Apps

Speed is vital if you want to increase revenue in your store. A fast store will increase the conversion ratio, the traffic to your site and profit you can make. There are numerous ways that you can improve the speed of your store. This can include improving your store’s CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code to be more condensed.

Another key area is images. These can be compressed so they are less memory intensive. Or they can be lazy loaded, where they are load only as required.

Finally, there is preloading. This is where apps can predict where the users want to go and preload those pages to render them faster.

For any of these, you will need one of the top Shopify page speed apps we’ve mentioned in this article. Just which one, or group, will you use on your store?

  • How often should I monitor and optimize my Shopify store’s speed for the best customer experience?

    Monitoring and optimizing your Shopify store’s speed should be a regular practice to ensure optimal customer experience and SEO ranking. Utilize tools and apps to analyze and enhance loading times, making adjustments as needed.

  • Can I use multiple page speed apps simultaneously to enhance my Shopify store’s performance?

    Using multiple-page speed apps can sometimes lead to enhanced performance, but it can also cause conflicts and issues. It’s crucial to test the compatibility and effectiveness of each combination to avoid potential problems.

  • How do I choose the best Shopify page speed app for my specific needs and website?

    Choosing the best Shopify page speed app requires evaluating your site’s specific needs and comparing app features and reviews. Consider factors like ease of use, effectiveness, and support to ensure they align with your store’s requirements.

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