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The Top 11 Shopify Pre-Order Apps

Last modified: September 26, 2019


When you have products that are going on sale soon, it is great to get some pre-order sales going. Some popular products where this works is with music, DVDs and video games. Pre-orders allow you to raise revenues before the product comes out. This can help offset the costs of ordering products in before their out.

At the same time, pre-orders allow you to better predict demand for certain products. This can help you with purchasing decisions later on. Finally, pre-ordering allows you to upsell as you offer other products the customer might like in the run up to a release.

What Are You Looking For In Shopify Pre-Order Apps

There are many aspects you might need when deciding which of the Shopify pre-order apps to use. The first thing you need, obviously, is the ability for customers to put a pre-order product into their basket and make a purchase.

You might also need to have other functions that make it easier for the customer to know what is going on with their pre-order. For instance, there could be warnings about the dates for pre-orders or restricting pre-orders to certain locations/territories/customers.

You can also use many Shopify pre-order apps to showcase and sell products that are popular, out-of-stock and coming back in soon. This can help you keep revenues flowing into the business even if big earning products are currently unavailable.

There are are a lot of great Shopify pre-order apps. These are the top that we think you should checkout for your Shopify store.

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Back In Stock: Customer Alerts

Back In Stock: Customer Alerts

You don’t have to lose out on sales just because you’ve run out of stock. Use this app to notify potential customers when you’ve got new stock available at your store. This is great for those stores that have lots of very popular products that regularly go out of stock. All customers need to do is to sign up to a ‘back in stock’ alert. Then, when an item is available again, they are notified via email or SMS.

There is no manual work with this app. It can all be done automatically, making it a great time saver and there is a free plan available that can make it very cost effective. The email messages are detailed, aesthetically pleasing and are known to convert subscribers into customers.

Back In Stock: Customer Alerts Highlights:

  • Notify customers when popular items are back in stock with a simple email or SMS message.
  • All automated, so you don’t have to do a thing.
  • Free plan available, so great for those who are on a tight budget.
  • Easy to install and use. No coding or special training needed.

Final Thoughts: The Top 11 Shopify Pre-Order Apps

Pre-orders are an important part of a lot of businesses. They can help you generate revenues before stock has become available or when you’re waiting for new stock to arrive for a popular item. This allows you to keep on selling and see revenues come in. There are lots of Shopify pre-order apps available online to help you achieve long lasting sales. The few above are the best that we think will help your business go from strength to strength. Which one will you choose and install?

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