Looking for Shopify Shipping Apps? Here are 12 of the Best for your Store
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What are the 12 Best Shopify Shipping Apps? – [2023]

Last modified: May 26, 2023

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Shopify Shipping
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Shippo Shipping App
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Having an ecommerce store is a challenging business. There can be lots of competition that can make it hard to generate a working income. Of course there are ways that you can improve your business’ profits including raising your site’s rank on search engines or ensuring your prices are competitive.

However, there is one area that is even more challenging and that is shipping. There are numerous reasons why people might not like your shipping options. It could be price or it could be time for delivery. According to research, the second most common reason (23% of abandoned carts) why people will abandon their shopping carts on your site is because of shipping.

One of the best ways to overcome this problem is to be upfront about the delivery options straight away. Or to give further options.

Overcome Your Challenges With One Of The Shopify Shipping Apps

Another challenge is ensuring the experience you give to your customers is good. Customers always associate the delivery of an order with the brand, even if a courier is actually doing the work. If your customers don’t have the best experience they’ll blame your brand. This can cause lost revenues as unhappy customers negatively affect your reputation and spread bad news about your company.

There are numerous ways that you can improve your website’s conversion by having one of the best shipping apps. For one, you might want to consider offering free shipping and for this you need the best prices. By offering free shipping you can reduce cart abandonment by 18% and improve average order values by more than 100%.

Delivery speed is very important to shoppers. As many 85% of shoppers are unhappy with the speed that many orders are delivered. Some shipping apps might be able to help you with same-day delivery options. This can increase conversions on your website. More than half of US shoppers (56%) expect same-day deliveries from brands. And some apps can help you communicate better by offering tracking options and send notifications to customers, which 83% of customers believe should be improved.

The only solution to this is to make sure you’re using one of the best Shopify shipping apps.

Filter between free and paid

Shopify Shipping

Shopify Shipping

The first option we’ll start with is Shopify Shipping. It is an out-of-the-box solution that grants your business a discounted rate from several shippers in the US and Canada, including DHL, UPS, USPS and Canada Post.

The best feature of this app is that you don’t have to charge a flat rate for your shipping. Something that can really help if you deliver across the country. The customer can see their specific charge at your store’s checkout. Shopify Shipping works regardless of the subscription plan you’re working with.

There are some great discounts you can get through this app. For instance, savings on DHL Express can be as high as 72% of the standard cost. While other shippers aren’t as generous, all are over 23% with UPS offering 55%. These savings can be passed directly onto your customers that makes your shipping much more attractive to potential customers on your website.

Considering the great price point of free with your Shopify store, this app certainly has a lot of potential to satisfy businesses and customers.

However, there are limitations for the Shopify shipping app. For starters, the app is only available for stores that operate in the US and Canada. In addition, you can only have discounted rates for Canada Post if you live in Canada. So, if you operate an international ecommerce store, or are operating outside of North America, then you can’t use the app.

There are also problems if you have your own business accounts with some of the couriers as you can’t display shipping rates at the checkout unless you have the Advanced Shopify Plan or higher.

Shopify Shipping Highlights

  • Wide range of carriers to choose from.
  • Huge savings on shipping costs.
  • Limited to US only eCommerce stores.



Easyship is another free Shopify shipping app that can help you give your customers an excellent delivery experience. The advantage of Easyship is that the app allows you to ship internationally, opening up a world of customers to you without too many challenges.

The app will also display the exact amount it will cost, including any applicable import taxes, VAT, GST and any fees that may be required for the destination. This makes the Easyship shipping app super consumer friendly as it doesn’t allow the customer to be shocked, something that often causes abandonment at the cart.

Easyship is free, so you only have to pay for the cost of shipping. That is unless you’re using the Basic Shopify plan, when you need to pay an additional fee every month if you want the ‘Rates at Checkout’ feature. To do this, you need to activate the “carrier calculated shipping” option.

While there are many benefits of Easyship, there are also some drawbacks. For instance, you need to operate from the US, Netherlands, Australia, Hong Kong or Singapore. If you’re based anywhere else, then you’ll need to find another Shopify Shipping app.

EasyShip Highlights

  • Works out all taxes and costs for you.
  • Can ship internationally.
  • Can download for free.
  • Must be based in a limited selection of countries.

Shippo Shipping App

Shippo Shipping App

Shippo is a powerful little multicarrier shipping App that can be used with your Shopify website. There are lots of great benefits for your website that include printing shipping labels and automating paperwork for all international shipping.

The app can also facilitate returns, this can be a powerful addition to your ecommerce store. According to research, 80% of shoppers won’t complete a purchase if you have a bad returns policy. And, 30% of shoppers don’t want to pay for returning items, so this little feature can help you standout against competitors in your retail niche.

There are many shipping services that are available through this App, including some of the top rated ones available; including UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, Canada Post, Newgistics, OnTrac and Deutshe Post. The app also is offered both free and on a pay-as-you-go basis. And if you have significant volumes of orders, you can make additional savings and offer extra customer service.

While Shippo has a good reputation, there are some issues with the shipping app. For one, there are some reports that the app isn’t compatible with some other Shopify apps or themes. This can be frustrating and can ruin the customer experience and waste lots of your time trying to fix the problem.

Therefore, you need to carefully consider testing the shipping app before committing to it in the long run.

Shippo Highlights

  • Huge selection of carriers to use.
  • Can print shipping labels.
  • Some compatiblility issues.

Multi Carrier Shipping Label

Multi Carrier Shipping Label

Shipping is made easier with the Multi Carrier Shipping Label app. This app allows you to have automation embedded in your website for you to make fulfilment a lot easier. For instance, there is real-time shipping rate from numerous carriers who are international or just national. And you can print 100s of shipping labels for deliveries with a single click.

When you want to use the cheapest available option, the app can select the cheapest amongst all the shipping carriers. With any package, you’re able to add weight and parcel dimensions.

The app also includes live order tracking with emails sent directly to your customers so you don’t have to field constant calls from customers about where orders are. Tracking is also provided within a dashboard with the status for each order given.

Multi Carrier Shipping Label Highlights:

  • Choose between several different carriers who can ship nationally or internationally.
  • There are multiple packaging methods to help you efficiently pack products.
  • There are options to print return shipping labels, tax invoices and others documents.
  • Schedule when orders can be collected by the shippers.



NetParcel is a Shopify shipping app that is free to use and you only have to pay for the shipping costs. The app allows eretailers to access more than 40 carriers within the US. There are also discounted shipping rates for air freight.

The price is good, and the app is easy to use. However, there are numerous limitations for your ecommerce store. Firstly, services are limited to those estores that are based in the US and Canada. Plus some shipping is limited to US sending and delivering addresses.

In addition to these limitations, those who are shipping internationally are going to have to do a lot more work as international documents are not provided. So this could not be the app for you unless you want to spend time calculating all of the work and bearing the cost for the additional taxes or documentation.

NetParcel Highlights

  • Can choose from 40 carriers.
  • Limited to US and Canadian stores only.
  • Does not include international documents.
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Conclusion – Which Is The Best Of These Shopify Shipping Apps?

There are numerous Shopify Shipping Apps that can offer your site a lot of benefits that can help you reduce abandoned carts on your site. Most of them offer you cost savings on shipping, faster processing and other benefits for a reasonable subscription fee or on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Which Shopify Shipping App will you choose? Will you need to cancel another app, you can learn how to do that on our blog.

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