10 Best Shopify Push Notification Apps
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10 Best Shopify Push Notification Apps

Last modified: October 10, 2023

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# Image Name
Consistent Cart
Consistent Cart
Smart Push Marketing ‑ WebPush
Smart Push Marketing ‑ WebPush
Abandoned Cart Recovery Email
Abandoned Cart Recovery Email
Mobile App Builder ‑ Vajro
Mobile App Builder ‑ Vajro
PushOwl Web Push Notifications
PushOwl Web Push Notifications
iZooto Web Push Notifications
iZooto Web Push Notifications
Customer Service Messenger Bot
Customer Service Messenger Bot
Better Web Push Notifications
Better Web Push Notifications
Abandoned Cart Notifications
Abandoned Cart Notifications
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Push notifications are becoming a significant part of marketing. They are the little messages sent by you that are displayed at the top of the browser or on a mobile phone. Push notifications are a permissible form of marketing, similar to email marketing, but are harder for the consumer to ignore. To get this marketing avenue on your website, you will need one of the Shopify push notification apps.

What Do Shopify Push Notification Apps Do?

Push notification apps allow you to collect permission from visitors to your website to inform them of the latest information. This content can then be sent to specific people who have opted-in. The information that can be sent will vary depending on your brand.

The most obvious information to send is when a product is back in stock. However, you can also send information about the latest sales, brand news, blog articles, or even recover abandoned carts. Within the push notification will be a call-to-action that will take them to the appropriate page.

Key Takeaways
Push notifications can significantly boost engagement and sales by re-engaging passive users and providing timely updates.
Choosing the right app involves considering features, ease of use, customization options, and the ability to segment notifications for targeted engagement.
These apps collect permission to send timely information, including restocks, sales, and brand news.

Top 10  Shopify Push Notification Apps

Smart Push Marketing ‑ WebPush

Smart Push Marketing ‑ WebPush

This app allows you to recover abandoned carts with a simple, effective push notification. This free app has a lot of great features but one of the best things about this app is that it doesn’t just allow for abandoned carts which have had details entered to be recovered, but also those who haven’t entered in an email address or telephone number. This is because it can all be based on the browser/device the visitor is using.

The app works across multiple devices, including laptops, mobiles and tablets. And works on all major internet browsers. What this app does that makes a real difference is that it makes the push notification visible at the best time according to the time zone and shopping habits of your online user.

You can set several behaviors, even to send out notifications to match the time when the user subscribed to your store. Using this strategy makes your push notification campaigns more successful.

And you can improve the conversions further by segmenting your audience into different groups. For instance you can have a price sensitive group, frequent visitor group, win-back group, etc.. And then you can create custom campaigns to target specific groups. And you can offer each group personalized discount codes.

Smart Push Marketing ‑ WebPush Highlights:

  • Send campaigns to those who haven’t even entered in an email address at the checkout.
  • A free app that can be used on a site of any size.
  • Segment audiences to get custom campaigns that are more relevant.
  • Build personalized campaigns with unique discount codes for your audience.

Abandoned Cart Notifications

Abandoned Cart Notifications

Browser notifications, another name for push notifications that are just for the desktop, are a great way to bring back customers who have abandoned carts. Using this app you can utilize this powerful marketing opportunity and bring customers back.

The best thing about browser notifications is that you don’t need to collect personal information, like email or phone numbers. And it reduces the work for you because it is all automated.

The app is perfect for a store with a small or large catalog. All you need to do is to install the app, which doesn’t need to have a developer or any knowledge of coding. Then you just have to edit notification text to suit your brand and start recovering carts. According to the developers it takes less than two minutes for the app to start working.

Abandoned Cart Notifications Highlights:

  • A free app that allows you to send push notifications to users who have abandoned carts.
  • Takes less than two minutes to install and setup.
  • No need to hire a developer or know any code.
  • Customize the text of the push notification.
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Key Features of Shopify Push Notification Apps

Automated Notifications

In our extensive experience with digital marketing and development, automated notifications have proven to be a cornerstone feature.

These notifications are triggered by specific events, such as cart abandonment or product restocks, ensuring timely engagement without manual intervention.

Customization Capabilities

Customization is a feature we’ve always prioritized. The ability to tailor notifications in terms of content, design, and timing enhances their relevance and effectiveness.

Look for apps that offer extensive customization options to align with your brand and audience preferences.

Analytics and Reporting

Data-driven decisions are at the heart of successful e-commerce strategies.

Apps that provide detailed analytics and reporting tools offer insights into notification performance, subscriber behavior, and engagement trends, empowering store owners to optimize their strategies.

Things to Consider When Choosing Shopify Push Notification Apps

Integration Ease

From our years of experience, we know that seamless integration is crucial. Consider how easily the app integrates with your Shopify store.

It should offer a hassle-free setup process, requiring minimal technical knowledge to ensure a smooth and efficient implementation.

Subscriber Segmentation

Segmentation capabilities are essential for targeted engagement. Evaluate the app’s ability to segment subscribers based on various criteria like behavior, location, and preferences.

This feature ensures that notifications are tailored, enhancing their relevance and effectiveness.

Cost and Value

Balancing cost and value is something we’ve always been attentive to. Assess the pricing structure of the app against the features and benefits it offers.

Ensure it provides value for money and aligns with your budget while meeting your notification and engagement needs.

Choosing the Right Shopify Push Notification App

Key Considerations

When selecting a Shopify push notification app, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and objectives. We’ve been in the digital marketing and development space for years, and we understand that each business has unique requirements.

Consider the app’s features, ease of use, and pricing. Reading user reviews and taking advantage of free trials can offer insights into the app’s performance and suitability for your store.

Top Picks from Our Experts

We’ve evaluated various apps and identified some that stand out in terms of functionality, user-friendliness, and value for money.

These apps offer features like intuitive push notification builders, detailed campaign reports, and automated pushes for different scenarios, ensuring you’re well-equipped to engage your audience effectively.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

One common feature we appreciate, and have utilized ourselves, is abandoned cart recovery. Various apps specialize in this area, sending customized notifications that remind customers of their abandoned carts.

This feature is straightforward, easy to use, and can be a game-changer in boosting conversion rates.

Multi-Channel Engagement

Some apps go beyond push notifications, offering multi-channel engagement options.

We’ve experienced the benefits of integrating push notifications with SMS and email marketing, creating a cohesive and comprehensive engagement strategy that covers all bases.

Conclusion: 10 Best Shopify Push Notification Apps

If you want to increase sales on your Shopify store, there are few better opportunities than with push notifications. Using one of the many Shopify push notifications apps will make this easy and will result in higher revenues and more profit for your brand. So, which app will you use on your store?

  • What are the ethical considerations in using push notifications?

    Push notification ethics: Prioritize user privacy, obtain permission, and create valuable, non-intrusive messages for a positive experience.

  • Is there a limit to the number of notifications I can send monthly?

    The limit on the number of notifications you can send monthly depends on the specific Shopify push notification app and the plan you are subscribed to. Some apps offer unlimited notifications, while others may have restrictions based on the pricing tier.

  • Can I integrate push notification apps with other marketing tools I am using?

    Yes, many Shopify push notification apps offer integration features with other marketing tools and platforms. Ensure to check the specific app’s integration capabilities to confirm compatibility with your existing marketing tools.

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