10 Best Shopify Related Products Apps - [2024]
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10 Best Shopify Related Products Apps – [2024]

Last modified: November 6, 2023

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Upsell Recommendations
Upsell Recommendations
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Related Products - Upsell
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Cross Sell Recommend Products
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There are several ways that you can increase conversion rates and order values in Shopify, such as creating a sense of urgency and the use of coupons to encourage customers to add more to their basket. Another option is to use Shopify related product apps to recommend products to customers.

What Do Shopify Related Products Apps Do?

Shopify related products apps add areas onto product pages and other pages, that recommend other products that are similar to the one the customer has expressed an interest in. For instance, customers who have a blue men’s T-shirt in their basket might be shown other colors in the same style. Or, a customer viewing a candy selection may be shown some alternative snack options.

The key to this is that if customers don’t like the product they’re looking at, a related product is offered to convert them. Or, the customer is shown other products that they might want to buy as well.

Therefore, Shopify related product apps allow you to increase revenues in your store.

Key Takeaways
Shopify related products apps enhance customer experience by showcasing relevant items.
One-click installation and no coding requirement make these apps user-friendly.
These apps use data mining for intelligent product recommendations, similar to Amazon.

Top Shopify Related Products Apps for Your Store

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Upsell Recommendations

Upsell Recommendations

This free app allows you to add related products to your store to upsell to your customers or get them to choose a different product to purchase. This app is perfect for increasing revenues on your store, without the need of marketing to find new customers. The look of the recommendations is heavily based on the Amazon frequently bought together aspect.

There are three widget placement areas you can utilize: home, product and cart pages. Therefore, you have a maximum amount of choice to recommend products based on algorithms such as bestsellers, intelligence and other options.

There are plenty of ways to customize the style and look of the widget. This can really create a seamless experience on your website.

Relevant recommendations are calculated by the app through the monitoring of buying and browsing behavior of past visitors. Then the algorithm can make predictions about what other customers might want to do.

Upsell Recommendations Highlights:

  • Doesn’t reduce the speed of your website, ensuring good user experiences across your site.
  • Analyses the behaviors of past guests to predict trends and what other customers might want.
  • Uses the familiar Amazon style to put customers at ease.
  • Three locations to position the recommended products, including on the cart page.
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Key Features of Shopify Related Products Apps

Automated Recommendations

Look for apps that automate suggestions based on customer behavior and purchase history. This feature helps in presenting the most relevant products to each customer.

Customization Options

Choose apps that allow customization to match the store’s branding and layout preferences. Flexibility in design ensures a consistent user experience across the site.

Analytics and Reporting

Ensure the app provides detailed reports to track the performance of recommended products. Insights from data help in making informed decisions for inventory and marketing.

Things to Consider When Using Shopify Related Products Apps

Alignment with Business Goals

Choose apps that align with specific business goals, whether it’s increasing average order value or improving user engagement. The right app should complement your sales strategy and help achieve your targets.

User Interface and Experience

Consider the user interface and overall experience the app provides. It should be intuitive and not disrupt the shopping process. A seamless experience encourages customers to explore and purchase more.

Compatibility with Your Shopify Theme

Ensure the app is compatible with your Shopify theme to avoid any technical issues that could affect site performance. Proper integration maintains site speed and functionality, crucial for retaining customers.

Conclusion: Top 10 Shopify Related Products Apps

When it comes to growing revenues in your store, there are lots of options. However, the experiences of many stores have found that showcasing relevant, related products is one of the best options. To do this you can try and code the related products into your store’s theme files. Or, you can use one of the top 10 Shopify related product apps as listed in this article. Which option will you choose and which app will you install?

  • How do Shopify related products apps impact page loading times?

    Shopify related products apps are designed to be lightweight and should not significantly impact page loading times. Optimization is key to ensuring seamless integration without affecting site speed.

  • Can Shopify related products apps handle large inventories?

    Yes, these apps are built to accommodate large inventories, using data mining to provide relevant recommendations efficiently across extensive product ranges.

  • How do Shopify related products apps use customer data?

    These apps use customer browsing and purchasing history to generate relevant product recommendations, adhering to privacy regulations to protect user data.

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