10 Best Shopify Report Apps - [2024]
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10 Best Shopify Report Apps – [2024]

Last modified: November 29, 2023

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Data Export Reports
Data Export Reports
Report Pundit
Report Pundit
Better Reports
Better Reports
Lifetime Profit Calc & Reports
Lifetime Profit Calc & Reports
Advanced Reports
Advanced Reports
EZ Exporter ‑ Data Exports
EZ Exporter ‑ Data Exports
Metorik: Reports & Emails
Metorik: Reports & Emails
Accounting, Finance & Reports
Accounting, Finance & Reports
Slack Sales Report & Analytics
Slack Sales Report & Analytics
Metrics Box Email Reports
Metrics Box Email Reports
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One of the aspects of running a business that is often missed is reporting on current trends within the business. Yes, store owners will often look at the revenue, costs and the profits, but that doesn’t paint a complete picture of your business. You need to get further into the details. But this can be hard, especially with thousands of potential data fields in an eCommerce store. That is why you should use one of the numerous Shopify report apps.

What can Shopify Report Apps do for my Business?

When you operate a store, it is essential to know the finer details of your business. It isn’t just about the clicks, visitors, profit and abandoned carts. You need to know more about the lifetime value of customers, acquisition costs and much more.

Some of this information can be very challenging to analyze on your own. You could hire an accountant or business analyst, but these can be very expensive. Instead, you might want to install one of the Shopify report apps. These can collect, sort and export data into many formats making it easier to read and analyze.

As a result, you have all the information that you need to make better, more informed, business decisions for your store. This can help improve operations and make your business more successful.

Key Takeaways
Shopify Report Apps enable detailed tracking of sales, customer behavior, and inventory trends.
They offer customizable reporting, allowing for tailored insights specific to business needs.
Integration with other tools and platforms enhances data analysis and decision-making capabilities.

Best Shopify Report Apps – Here’s Our List:

Filter between free and paid

Lifetime Profit Calc & Reports

Lifetime Profit Calc & Reports

This free app is great at allowing you to collect all the vital information from your store and analyze it. Then you can see what you’re spending money on, the cost of goods sold and more. It offers one of the most accurate profit calculators on the market and the dashboard is easy to navigate and see the data.

This app allows you to see better financial reports with those that have been premade by the developers or customized by you for your store. There are three different categories within this app that you can use: profits, costs and orders. In each of these, you can highlight specific information to assess whether there are opportunities that can help you maximize returns on your business.

In addition, you can track all kinds of costs from different areas. For instance, you can find the costs for Facebook, Instagram and more. Or you can track taxes, custom spends and more. You’ll also be able to view expense patterns, savings and business profits that can help you see where problems might be within your store.

And if you have marketing ad platforms, you can integrate your store with your accounts there. This allows data to be automatically pulled from those accounts to be inserted into reports. Reports can be produced so they’re visual for easier reporting.

Lifetime Profit Calc & Reports Highlights:

  • Can integrate the app with other accounts so you get the data you need without manual insertion.
  • Intuitive charts allow you to explore data with graphs and pie charts with ease.
  • Filter information so you see the data you want to see and not everything at once.
  • Edit and export data as you need and track inventory so you know how much you have and the value.

Slack Sales Report & Analytics

Slack Sales Report & Analytics

This app allows you to receive clear, actionable daily reports on Slack. The data is pulled from your data on Shopify and you don’t need to do anything. The data can also be guaranteed to be accurate and more. The metrics are calculated based on your store’s own time zone and currency, therefore, you know the data is relevant for you.

There are lots of metrics that can be measured. This includes revenue, orders, average order values and more. You can also compare any of these values against the previous week’s or day’s data for comparison. Therefore, you can see how the store is performing in the long and short term.

You can also access marketing data with this app. See what revenue is being attributed to the top sources/mediums, landing pages and referring sites. This can help you plan marketing campaigns and budget. You’ll also be able to see what payment gateways your customers prefer.

Slack Sales Report & Analytics Highlights:

  • Receive actionable daily reports directly into Slack.
  • Compare results with the previous day or previous week.
  • See what marketing campaigns bring in the most revenue.
  • Analyze the performance of landing pages and payment gateways.

Metrics Box Email Reports

Metrics Box Email Reports

Metrics Box allows you to receive email reports every day that allows you to see what is happening on your Shopify store, without having to log into your store. You can see the sales performance and more. Each email is sent in the morning, and it has all the activity of the past 24 hours. You can see how many new customers are on your store, what items were performing best and more information.

The emails are completely automatic, and you can customize when you receive them. The app is free as well.

Metrics Box Email Reports Highlights:

  • See the top-performing products, customers and other items in a daily email sent directly to your store.
  • Completely free app. There is no obligation or credit card required.
  • Choose to have emails sent every day, week or month.
  • Choose the time when your emails will be received.
Keep Reading

Enhancing Shopify Reporting: Key Insights

Advanced Reporting Features

Shopify’s advanced reporting apps offer a range of features that cater to diverse business needs. From customizable reports to real-time analytics, these tools provide deep insights into sales, customer behavior, and inventory management.

Integration and User Experience

Integration with third-party apps and a user-friendly interface are crucial aspects of Shopify reporting tools. These integrations allow for a seamless flow of data across different platforms, enhancing the overall efficiency of business operations.

Cost-Effectiveness and Accessibility

Shopify reporting apps offer various pricing plans, making them accessible to businesses of all sizes. From free trials to premium plans, these tools provide cost-effective solutions for detailed analytics. This flexibility in pricing ensures that even small businesses can access advanced reporting features.

Optimizing Business Strategies with Shopify Apps

Customer Behavior Analysis

Understanding customer behavior is vital for any eCommerce business. Shopify reporting apps offer detailed insights into customer preferences and buying patterns. This information is crucial for tailoring marketing strategies and improving customer engagement, ultimately leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Inventory and Sales Tracking

Effective inventory management and sales tracking are essential for the smooth operation of an eCommerce store. Shopify’s reporting tools provide comprehensive data on inventory levels and sales trends, helping businesses avoid stock outs and overstocking while maximizing sales opportunities.

Performance Metrics and Growth Opportunities

Shopify reporting apps not only offer standard performance metrics but also uncover growth opportunities. By analyzing year-on-year performance and identifying best-selling products, these tools help businesses focus their efforts on the most profitable areas, driving sustainable growth and success.

Conclusion: 10 Best Shopify Report Apps

When it comes to managing your website, you can’t do it without some kind of data. By using one of the numerous Shopify report apps, you can be sure that you have all the information you need for the best business decisions. Which of the apps you choose to use depends on your needs, so which one will it be?

  • Can I automate the delivery of reports to specific team members or stakeholders?

    Yes, some Shopify Report Apps offer automation features that allow you to schedule and send reports to specific email addresses or team members at predefined intervals.

  • How do these apps handle data security and privacy, especially when dealing with customer information?

    Data security and privacy are paramount. Most Shopify Report Apps prioritize data protection and adhere to industry-standard security measures. They often use encryption and follow best practices to safeguard customer.

  • How can I ensure that the reports generated by these apps are compliant with tax regulations and financial standards?

    Shopify Report Apps typically provide reports based on the data in your store. To ensure compliance with tax regulations and financial standards, consult with a tax professional or accountant.

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