Which are the 12 Best Shopify CRM Apps to Help you Grow Sales
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What are the 12 Best Shopify CRM Apps? – [2023]

Last modified: July 4, 2022

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the most important aspects of marketing to help build loyalty with your customers. The more loyal your customers are, the more repeat orders you will have and the more profits you can generate. Returning customers are cheaper to convert and tend to spend more, which is why you should concentrate on finding good Shopify CRM apps.

What Are You Looking For In Shopify CRM Apps?

Shopify CRM apps come in many forms. Some concentrate on certain aspects of customer relationships, while others are more inclusive. Essentially, what you want from your CRM system is something that will help you do three things: identify, communicate and convert.

Identify is being able to find the customers who are ready to buy and what they’re interested in. Then you need to communicate with them in order to showcase deals that are relevant to them. Finally, you need to convert the customer into a return customer. Most Shopify CRM apps will have elements of these.

CRM apps are vital for all businesses. About 74% of businesses believe that a good CRM system allows them to have better access to customer data and offer a more personalized service. More than 90% of businesses that have more 10 employees use a CRM system.

Using CRM apps can also be a good time saver. About 32% of businesses have someone who spends more than one hour a day entering data manually. Part of this problem is that 22% of salespeople don’t understand what a CRM is.

So, which are the top CRM apps available? This is our top selection.

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HubSpot is a CRM software program that helps businesses to build a deeper understanding of their customers. It can be used by all businesses to collect data from customers and then use it in marketing campaigns. There are numerous HubSpot supportive apps on Shopify, however this is the official one for the software. And this app works with all versions of HubSpot, including their free CRM system.

The app allows you to connect HubSpot and Shopify, syncing customers, products and deals to maximize results through powerful marketing signals. Through personalization, you can then send campaigns to current, past and potential customers to help you sell more products and grow your reach.

Campaigns can be automated to make the best use of your time. Data can also be analyzed so you can see which campaigns are working, and which need improvement. You can analyze campaigns that are on content (i.e. your blog), social media, organic search and email.

HubSpot Highlights:

  • Discover more about your marketing channels and how effective they are.
  • Syncs your Shopify store with your HubSpot database.
  • Can find opportunities to sell more to customers through numerous different channels.
  • Improve effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

CM Commerce Email Marketing

CM Commerce Email Marketing

This app allows you to completely automate your email marketing to help you reach out to existing contacts and improve sales. The app allows you to integrate your Shopify store with CM Commerce, formerly known as Conversio.

This combines email marketing with content generated by users to create engagement points that help build trust with your brand.

The app contains ready to publish automation processes. All you need to do is to customize emails for your brand and set their triggers. Triggers can be abandoned carts, upsell opportunities or other behaviors. This prevents you from sending irrelevant campaigns to your customers which will often yield poor results and may even lead to unsubscribers.

This app can also help you build customer reviews with photos. Reviews are vital for the success of your brand.

CM Commerce Email Marketing Highlights:

  • Helps to build trust with audiences through reviews and good content.
  • Segment customers to help you send relevant campaigns.
  • Automate campaigns to get better, more timely results.
  • Use personalization to build revenues.

Final Word: The 10 Best Shopify CRM apps

When it comes to building your business, you really should look at getting one of the top Shopify CRM apps. They will help you to identify opportunities with your customers/leads and then communicate with them to complete sales. A good CRM system can therefore help you grow your business and sell more. So, which Shopify CRM app will you use?

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