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The 10 Best Shopify Themes with Sub Collections

The 10 Best Shopify Themes with Sub Collections

Last modified: October 2, 2021

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Some of the best selling stores online are those that are well organized. A well-organized store allows your customers to find the products that they want quickly and efficiently without trouble. One way to do this is to offer product filtering or search on your website, another is to use the Shopify themes with sub-collections.

What is Meant by Shopify Themes with Sub Collections?

When it comes to building a strong website, you want to have a store that helps customers find products with ease. The Shopify environment has one layer of sorting that is called collections. This is like having all your t-shirts under one title. However, stores are often not as one-dimension as this. You could have categories for boy t-shirts, girl t-shirts and gender-neutral t-shirts. A customer might want to shop in one, two or all three of these categories.

However, another customer might only want to shop in a small subsection of the category. That is where sub-collections can come and help. With a good design of collections and sub-collections, you can allow some customers to look through all of the collection (i.e. t-shirts) and another customer to look at a very niche sub-collection (i.e. gender neutral sub-collection). This can allow your customers to be more flexible and can you retain some more customers.

As with all websites, even those with sub-collections will need to have good SEO and perfect website speed. However, by having sub-collections, you can reduce the decision fatigue that is often experienced by customers who are shopping online. It might benefit you in the longer term as well because those who are suffering from fatigue are more likely to spend more money but are also more likely to return items.

Every item that is returned to you is going to cost you money. You sometimes have to pay for postage and you might receive an item that can’t be sold again for the same value.

With these points in mind, what are the best Shopify themes with sub-collections? Here is a list of ten options for you to try.

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Final Word: The 10 Best Shopify Themes with Sub Collections

When it comes to looking for the best Shopify themes with sub-collections, you’re going to find it tough. There are only a few options available, with the ten best themes listed above. Which one will you choose? Let us know in the comments below.

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